Villain Summoning in an Eroge
58 I Cannot Accept...
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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58 I Cannot Accept...

"You really are THE Lucifer..." Rani muttered as she found herself warmly tucked in a luxurious bed while Lucifer sat beside her on a chair. His eyes closed while he remained in his true form.

Of course, for the sake of convenience, he had already retracted his long wings but his outlandish charm couldn't be hidden anymore.

"Flesh and blood."

Lucifer whispered as he kept his eyes closed. Rani sighed heavily at the declaration. With her emotions stabilised, it wasn't hard to understand and calmly observe her new situation.

With the fleeting thoughts and emotions of always pleasing this demon of a God distracting her ever so lightly, Rani, a scholar of her own right, finally experienced what it felt like to be in a contract of servitude.

"Rani Blaze... you should know that I am always rough to certain girls... special ones, if you must give them a title.

But me being rough doesn't mean discarding them after having one session.

Indeed, there are servants in my life that are only treated as meat slaves and cultivated for one particular goal.

But you do possess a certain qualification to gain my attention."

Lucifer finally opened his eyes as he looked at Rani sitting up with covering her naked body with the blanket.

To her surprise, Rani failed to notice any deceit or mock in the blazing crimson pupils that lit nefarious blaze within her heart. Only solemnity occupied his calm and focused gaze.

Rani had experienced many things. Her first kiss, her first pregnancy, her first homosexual relation and even her first emotional breakdown. But never in her entire life did she experience such a gaze that set butterflies in her stomach and made her already erratic heart beat through her chest.

'Is this what... I used to fantasize? My prince charming's gaze...'

It was her first time feeling like a pure and innocent damsel that had encountered a beautiful and honest man. Someone, who wasn't afraid of treating her like a mess she deserved to be at night and also, making her feel safe and warm.

Although, Lucifer himself hadn't acted in a way that could make her feel warm and safe, Rani was sure that anyone who could proclaim of his own dirty actions had what it took to tame her emotional wreck of a heart and even organise it thoroughly through regular and loving sessions.

Taking a deep breath, Rani still failed to calm herself. With wavering tone, a question that caused chaos in her subconscious had finally escaped her lips.

"How?... How did you know that I am disguised as the current Emperor."

"Quite simple."

Lucifer leaned back on his chair and replied with a smile.

"Out of you twins, only you, Rani Blaze, possess the heart to serve this Empire. Your sister is indifferent towards the world while your father wishes to dominate all.

Out of the Imperial couple, only the Emperor has the highest say for the benefit of the Empire and in both of their eyes, you assuming the late Emperor's position is the most fitting compensation... for your sacrifice."

Rani's gaze dimmed, soft whispers resounded in the silent room.

"You know... everything?"

A happy chuckle escaped his lips and he nodded.

"I can only imagine Uriel's expression if he found out that his... target of 'affection' and his own offspring has submitted to me.

Sadly, he doesn't have the heart to care for anyone... just like others."

"Offsprings? Agni? Agni is here?! With you?!!"

Rani's body shook at the newfound information as she immediately let go of her blanket and stood up hastily. Ignoring the fact that she exposed herself once again, she immediately gripped Lucifer's hand and her calm expression was replaced by an anxious and frantic one.

"Of course, she is. In fact, she wanted to meet you for quite a while now.

Let me call her in."

Lucifer immediately called for the similarly anxious Agni, who waited by the door, to enter the room.

Before Rani could cover herself up, a beautiful and youthful figure with crimson hair similar to Rani walked inside the room. Her face looked similar to her detestable elder sister but the divine aura around her couldn't be mistaken.

A Demi-Goddess.

My Demi-Goddess!


Failing to notice Lucifer covering her upper body with his outer robes, Rani's stunned eyes never left Agni's confused ones.

Still knelt on the floor with shock, Rani couldn't muster her courage and the energy required to stand up while Agni slowly walked towards her.

"Are you... really my mother?" Agni's quivering voice made Rani's heart shudder in pain and sadness. No child should be unfortunate enough to ask her mother such a question in such a nervous tone and the gods... devils forbid that any other mother should suffer the same fate as her's.

It would have been better to die from her essence getting drained than living till the day where her own daughter failed to recognise her.

Rani's memories with Agni flooded her consciousness as the present Agni was replaced by a small toddler. Short crimson hair settled on her round and cute head while she crawled with a toothless and happy smile.

Slowly, the toddler grew up and instead of crawling, she would walk carefully, measuring each step seriously while her smile would emerge once again as she looked back at Rani. With a beautiful and melodious voice, the youthful girl would call her "Mother".

The young girl was then finally replaced by the current Agni, who kept her anxious gaze on Rani, disregarding the fact that she was still half-naked. Her voice raised lightly while she questioned once again.

"Are you my mother?!"

Rani's gaze became focused once again while she seriously focused on Agni's question.

Was she really Agni's mother?

After losing her for the better part of her youth, the most important years of her life, could she really bring herself to call Agni her own daughter?

Her mouth opened slightly before she closed it and looked at Agni with a desperate gaze.

"Answer me?! Tell me! Are you my mother?!!!"

Her body shuddered at the gaze as Agni finally couldn't contain her emotions anymore. Tears started forming on the corner of her eyes as she looked at her own 'mature version'.

She was sure... in her heart, that this woman... the current Empress was her mother.

Rage filled her heart as she had already gazed upon Empress' beautiful countenance various times and yet, she failed to notice such an obvious similarity in appearance.
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This finally made Agni hate her grandfather, who, according to Lucifer, played with her memories almost every day!

But even when she came to various conclusions in her heart, she wished for Rani's agreement to fill that small void in her heart.


Trembling herself, Rani couldn't speak anything as she found her body getting wrapped by Agni's thin arms. Her young face buried into her chest while Rani looked at the empty space in front of her, stunned.

"I *hic*- I wanted to meet you for so long!!!


"Please... don't say that..."

Rani's quivering voice emerged as she fought hard against her own tears. She could already feel Agni's warm tears moistening her breasts, but her arms simply wouldn't move and hug Agni's trembling body.

"Always! Always have I wondered! I wondered *hic* *hic* about you! I missed you so much, mom!"

Rani shook her head, alas, her refusal couldn't be seen by Agni, neither her tears, that overpowered her will.

"I cannot accept you! I cannot accept your forgiveness! I haven't been a good mother.

Leave me!"

Rani whispered. Her heart broke into pieces when she heard herself say something so cruel and yet, her daughter still kept her shattered heart from dispersing. Agni's hug grew tighter as the sounds of her sobs broke down Rani's emotional walls.

"I cannot..."

Continuously muttering her denial, Rani found herself wrapping her arms around Agni's 'tiny' body that kept on trembling. Tears had already flooded her face while she slowly stopped speaking and simply embraced the only thing that she ever loved and the only thing that had loved her back.

Her daughter, Agni Blaze.


"Don't tell me, you got uncomfortable?"

Layla wrapped her arms around Lucifer's waist and smiled playfully. Gazing at her sly smirk, Lucifer nodded seriously and sighed.

"Devils are emotional creatures after all. If someone cries in front of me, my sadist nature couldn't be covered, you know.

Now, let's get you all tucked in, too."

Lucifer's debauched smile made Layla giggle charmingly as Lucifer wrapped his hands around her waist and brought her to her own chamber, shared by Perenna, to give both of them some good and rough tucking.

Clothes were quickly ripped apart as moans of pleasure soon escaped from the room. The spectators, of course, could see Gloria's enthralling figure entering the room with a calm gait before another set of moans erupted from the chamber.

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