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56 An Empress Conquered 2

With a dispassionate front, Rani, disguised as Viarth, took a step forward and entered the Ancestral Hall with an open ceiling that allowed the visitors to gaze out of the mountain. However, unable to find the beautiful and curvaceous physique of her ancestor, Rani narrowed her eyes while her golden eyes considered Lucifer's beautiful face for a moment.

Suppressing her rising... emotions, she easily copied Viarth's tone and voice, her statement filled with regal charm that the previous Viarth failed to establish during his entire life.

"What have you done to my Ancestor?"

Not even for a single moment she believed that her ancestor, the glorious founder who defeated and sealed the Lucifer of the olden era would be transformed into a sultry vixen, whose nails dug on Lucifer's back whenever he started pounding her needy flower.

"Your highness, it is time that we made proper introductions. My name is Lucifer... the previous origin of pride, the current progenitor of Lust."

'Viarth's' sharp brows took the shape of a frown as Rani's heart couldn't help but jump in uneasiness.

"I don't understand what is going on but your antics just cost you your life.

Be careful who you frolic around with in your next incarnation."

With her suffocating elemental energy released completely, the chamber's temperature rose at an alarming pace.

"Impatience isn't a likable trait in women... especially mine, your imperial highness— Rani Blaze."

His words set deep tides of anxiety within her heart as she didn't even continue to engage in a conversation with him. Her thoughts and rationale wanted the man in front of her dead due to her secret getting exposed.

Rani slammed her palms together as a phantom image of a beautiful flaming phoenix appeared behind her back. Within the translucent phoenix, a crimson skill chart could be seen.

'Phoenix's Cry!'

Rani's skill shot towards Lucifer with a beautiful and melodious cry. The heat intolerant items inside the chamber had already melted and yet, Lucifer sat on his seat with a calm smile on his face.

It would be a lie if he didn't like a feisty woman.

Spreading his arm, a glacial blue skill chart appeared in front of his body, immediately transforming into an icy demon summoned from hell.

'Rank 4: Ice Spawn'

But it didn't stop here! As the Ice Spawn melted under the prowess of Phoenix's Cry, Lucifer snapped his fingers and a pitch-black skill chart spread below the crimson phoenix and sapphire spawn.

'Rank 5: Swamp!'

A pitch-black swamp appeared below the two skills as tendrils of dark swamp stretched towards the Phoenix, pulling it in while another tendril shot towards the stunned Rani, still in Viarth's disguise, failed to process such a skill set from someone she thought to be a novice in cultivation.

Dragged by the tendril, she struggled fiercely as her body lit in crimson flames.

'Rank 5: Spark Exhaust!'
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And yet, her attack failed to destroy the tendril wrapped around her body. With a frown, she wished to analyse the whole situation. It would be incorrect if to say that Rani did not feel distressed over her current situation. But being an all-powerful Empress, it was imperative to keep her calm until...

A suffocating pressure, far greater than she had ever felt in her life, suppressed her thoughts as her eyes were attracted to the glorious form Lucifer had transformed into.

His figure floating as his luxurious pitch-black feathered wings unfurled, showing his might. A set of long and curving and his ears elongated. His face carrying a demonic charm that finally broke the dams holding the juices inside her body.

At this moment, she failed to notice the crimson mist spreading around her as sultry whispers filled her mind. She failed to notice that the god-like figure in front of him happened to be an infernal creature... one of the worst kind of the race itself.

With a last shudder, she lost control of the elements inside the chamber. The struggling Phoenix erupted a loud cry and slowly dispersed, which signified Rani's defeat and her eyes finally lost their focus. Her thighs trembled as her juices gushed. In the corner of her mind, she felt grateful that she was held tightly by that particular tendril as it would a disgrace for her to flop on the floor while she squirted all around the chamber.

Rani's disguise tore apart as her breathless figure was simply brought closer to Lucifer. His crimson eyes gazing at her as a woman she deserved to be. His eyes measuring her body cruelly while his smirk gave her no chance of gaining back her face.

But even so, her body couldn't help but feel pleased by such small details.

After all, the devil lies in the detail!

As Rani's face grew closer to Lucifer's, she anticipated her lips getting ravaged. Long gone were her thoughts of preserving her imperial dignity. Long gone were her apprehensions of getting her body pillaged by the infernal creature.

All these useless thoughts went out of her mind when she gazed at those eyes that refused to look at her as the Empress and only looked at her as a woman that needed to be taken.

Her expectations were finally fulfilled. Her prayers answered not by the deities, but the devil. Her lips encased by another pair of soft lips while her mouth razed by the impossibly long tongue that sucked the entirety of her mouth juices.

Oh, how she wished to claw at his broad and strong back. But this time, she found herself getting bounded by the tentacle even tighter. But even in such pain, she managed to find her own pleasure. Her eyes closed as her face pushing against Lucifer, who was happy to accommodate the lonely Empress.

But still, he did not initiate any kind of service other than the masterful kiss while he restrained Rani from touching him and relieving her frustrations. No, he wished to make her beg for it. And even then, he wouldn't fulfil her wish and satisfy his own selfish needs. For he isn't a deity, but a devil in the flesh.

As Lucifer dropped on the ground, Rani was brought down at a similar speed. Her body writhing against the accursed tentacle while her lips and tongue already numbed by Lucifer's cruel love.

Breaking the intimate moment, Lucifer gazed at Rani's beautiful face that glowed with passionate sex appeal while her eyes looking back at him with despairing eyes. Her lips bitten as she tried to jump forth and embrace the most beautiful existence that broke her dams just by existing in front of her. She couldn't even wonder how he would feel inside of her.

Deep down, she could bet on the fact that if she would be able to score the devil in front of her, the night spent with the deity would simply be overshadowed by the monument of a penis she could gaze as she swallowed her saliva, that contained a hint of the devil.

Her eyes were immediately attracted to a particular index finger extending towards her. She immediately opened her mouth, wishing to suck on it and yet, the focus of her attention moved below her chin and lightly traced down her neck, making her whole body shiver in delight.


A simple word made Rani's eyes snap open as she gazed at Lucifer wordlessly. His figure resembling a certain someone and yet, Lucifer managed to surpass that someone's towering image in her heart simply by exposing his erection.

"Beg for the rewards you desire."

The tendril slowly loosened around her as Lucifer's words nailed Rani to her location.

"Only by begging will you feel it. Only by begging will you reveal it, how much of a whore you are.

Only be begging will you realise it, that you were never meant to be an Empress.

My dear Rani, you were always destined to be the queen of my slaves. Losing yourself in the sins bestowed upon you.

Losing your senses to passionate nights that you will gain with being by my side.

But for that, Beg!

For you aren't an Empress, not now.

For you are a slut... created by the world for me to conquer."

His words impacted her feeble mentality that failed to reorganize as her knees unconsciously bent while her hands supported her body by placing on the floor. Her eyes focused on the longest tent ever while her pants signified her status.

A slave!

As Lucifer's words reverberated inside her subconscious, her soaked pussy gushed forth with a newfound strength as she slowly moved towards Lucifer while being on her fours.

"Plea- please... I... *gulp*... I am your... slu- slave!"

She exclaimed as her hands reached out towards Lucifer's shaft, wanting to unravel her reward and yet, a strong hand grabbed her wrist and yanked her away. With a growl, Lucifer gazed at Rani cruelly and whispered.

"Try again."

Rani shivered as she felt those pair of eyes. Unknowingly, she had already succumbed to the devil as she did not even resort to using her skills. Taking a moment to compose her... as what her new master called, slutty body, Rani slowly took off her clothes, revealing her unblemished skin and flawless figure... much mature than Agni, and raised her hands and placed her palms behind her head.

Her unruly crimson hair cascaded on her body as she shook her hips while her moist pussy was completely exposed.

"Ah... please do as you desire... to me...

to your slut!"

She exclaimed as her face was immediately covered in a maiden's blush while Lucifer finally nodded and smiled gently. His tail immediately flicked around as his mood turned upbeat while he extended his index finger and motioned at Rani to come forth. With his hands on his hips, he left everything to Rani, who immediately disrobed his lower body, revealing the mighty rod that eclipsed the belief of deities in her heart.