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The four noble clans include the Golden Flame, Blue Flame, Red Flame and the Black Flame clan.

The Golden Flames has a long history of producing accomplished military commanders that led the Kingdom to rounds of expansion, always returning victorious.

The Blue Flames controlled the economy of the country and their clan is especially known for their blue hair and exotic genes that usually allow the clansmen to have beautiful faces. Varnar, the clan mistress of the Golden Flames happened to be the eldest sister of the current head of the Blue Flames.

The Red Flames took part in the administration of the empire. Aside from the Imperial family, their clan had the highest number of ministers in the imperial court.

Meanwhile, the Black Flames comprised of the major guards in the palace alongside the famous assassins directly under the command of the Emperor.

"You have done well."

Lucifer whispered into Varnar's ears, who smiled sweetly but her expression immediately crumbled into a broken mess that she was by Lucifer's unhindered pounding. Her blue hair disheveled while her waist tightly held by Lucifer, who admired the ripples on her butt cheek with every smack.

Besides her laid a grey-haired beauty whose pussy leaked Lucifer's demonic spunk as her insides weren't large enough to accommodate his loads. If someone saw her in this state, they might think that the head of the Blue Flames is quite a beast in bed for she is the clan mistress of the Blue Flame Clans.

Her husband? She was currently giving company to an equally distraught Lutheran, who had to go through the same fate as his.

Lucifer suddenly felt a soft hand on his shoulder as he looked to his side, his gaze peering into Layla's sultry expression as they sealed each other's lips. Gloria, on the other hand, taught her successor, the light Demi-Goddess, the art of cum eating as Agni's lips kept on stroking Gloria's filled pussy.

Perenna, on the other hand, actually refused to join the fun this time around. Her exact words were: Master, as much as I would enjoy the 13th consecutive sessions, I need to research on skills for my Holy Element.

Since most of the women around him already had quite a bit of knowledge regarding their elements, they decided to keep on having their fun. Of course, Varnar and Ginli, the clan mistress of Blue Flames, a Rank 4 Light Element expert, who had come to report their progress with Lucifer's new servants also got their share of loving.

As much as Lucifer would love to deprave the remaining two clans of the Empire, he had his own considerations as the Red Flames were quite active in the Imperial Court while the Black Flames are used to contacting the Emperor in disguise often. If Rani's twin sister found out his schemes, he was sure that the old director would be immediately informed and the two treasured masters would not hesitate to join hands and eradicate the threat he had already become.

But the old elders of the Blue Flames did allow Lucifer to get hold of light element and earth element, bringing him to a total of seven elements.

"But is there a limit?"

Perenna softly muttered as he sat on her luxurious bed while her fingers were lit with a white and pure glow. Making various skill inscriptions in the air, she started to test out various skills she slowly came up with while her thoughts wandered towards Lucifer.

Even with her limited knowledge regarding cultivation, she still couldn't believe the difference present between her master and herself. Yes, she is able to cultivate Holy and Infernal Element together, which is impossible for Lucifer himself, but this knowledge does not give her the satisfaction it should have.

With her heart literally mastered by Lucifer, her obsession for him was barely recognisable, even to herself, as she would often wonder if there was something wrong with her.

No... there was something terribly wrong with her.

Her thoughts grew more chaotic as the holy element gathered around her body collapsed while the skill immediately diffused, leading to a major headache.


She muttered as her eyes slowly turned red with the pain she bore, yet, without recognising the pain wrecking her mind as a barrier strong enough to stop her from cultivating, she continued.

After all, she was determined enough to finally stop having fun with Lucifer after the 12th load and presented her wish to cultivation, which to her surprise, was surely appreciated by Lucifer.

Although he did not openly praise her, with the connection she had with her master, the feeling was all the more recognised.

Maybe, deep inside, she knew that making Lucifer her goal would be quite disastrous. His growth was off the charts and he could wield multiple elements. By now, she had already understood the type of cultivation Lucifer wanted to pursue.

Not only her, Layla, Gloria and the newbie had already understood Lucifer's plan, too.

"But I have the holy element... I am the only one with the holy element. If I can't stand up to his expectations..."

She feared the thought of disappointing Lucifer, a thought on which she didn't ponder much... at least in the past. But now, she was forced to change her priorities and look for long-term goals.

By now, she was the one sponging off Lucifer by actively dual-cultivating with him. But she understood that if she couldn't produce better results, she might be stranded by Lucifer to cultivate on her own. And frankly, she would rather enjoy her master's deep pounds... love, instead of a boring closed-door cultivation.

As she thought of such pressing matters (pun intended), Perenna was struck by a thought as she immediately closed her eyes and reorganized her mind.

Soon, her eyes opened with greater clarity and a seductive smile emerged on her face.

"Master wish to cultivate each element to its greatest use. Fire is destructive so it is likely that all the fire element related spell would cover large areas and be more destructive. Wind element would be used for movement skills while earth element could be used for defensive skills.

Then, why can't I do the same? I have two elements, Holy and Infernal. Master's weakness, in the near future, would be his racial weakness against the holy element... something that I can cover for."

Her eyes glowed brighter and brighter as she finally made a thought of her first skill.

Many cultivators were used to the practice of carving rubbish skills on their cultivation sphere without giving much thought to hasten their cultivation.

Logical, this practice increased the efficiency of cultivation, but, it was not recommended. As one reaches a certain rank, the energy required to carve each skill would require element energy far greater than the total amount of the previous rank.

In such a manner, the cultivator stuck with rubbish skills would be destined to remain in the ranks of mediocrity while those cultivators who slowly and steadily carve better skills through their own practice can finally rise and topple the reigns of these mediocre cultivators.

Of course, with the energy held within her cultivation space, Perenna could easily use the strategy of carving mock skills to raise her ranks until Rank 3, but she refused to use such methods.

Each of the skills would slowly allow her to accumulate more experience, which she severely needed.

Taking a deep breath, Perenna started testing out her new skill while the enjoyable feast Lucifer held was still continued. After some time, Ginli woke up once again and rode Lucifer until her butt felt sore while the itch within her was fully scratched.

"Yes! Ah ah.... mmmmmh!"

Ginli's body shuddered for the umpteenth time and her sloppy tongue was taken by Lucifer's demonic ones as Varnar and Layla fell on the bed, exhausted. It was one of the rare moments when the stepmom and the stepdaughter entered into a temporary truce while the ancestor and the successor slept soundly.

"She... hah... hah, doesn't feel tired?"

Layla questioned Ginli's race as a human as her body, as if already accustomed to Lucifer's dick, kept on pounding her large butt, that covered for her modest breasts, and kept on muttering Lucifer's name as is she was practically praying to him.

"My brother once told me.... hah... hah, she actually did it with him for a whole day..."

Varnar huffed as her chest rose and fell, causing her beautiful breasts to jiggle.

"You... talk such stuff with your brother?"

Varnar was forced to recall the moment where she, the female Lutheran, her 'female' brother and Ginli shared Lucifer together... just yesterday.

"Believe me, at this moment, talking about such stuff is the least weird stuff we have done together."
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Layla's eyes drifted towards Ginli, whose eyes had lost their focus long ago but to Lucifer's fortune, her body kept on begging for more.

"I believe you."