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51 Below Treasured Masters, I am Invincible 2

"No... this is simply ridiculous..."

Lutheran muttered as she could barely keep her focus. In front of her laid the dried out corpses of once who were the prideful rank 4 elders of the Golden Flame Clan as Lucifer sat cross-legged near their corpses, his body flashing various colours while the surrounding members of the clan stayed away from Lucifer, their eyes filled with fear for the unknown.

"Ridiculous? No, it is a fact."

Lucifer smiled as the tired miniature Katharos laid on his laps, sleeping soundly.

"Mast— you... shouldn't be able to tolerate the burden of multiple Elemental spaces. This is impossible!"

She hissed.

"Sadly, I can."

Lucifer smirked as the fifth elemental space was quickly formed and his fifth cultivation sphere appeared inside the space.

Darkness, Space, Fire, Water and Wind.

These were the entirety of his elemental space as he took the life essences of the six elders and easily took over their cultivation cores, filling his body with an unprecedented amount of Element Energy.

His racial skill allowed simultaneous growth of element energy between two partners going through intercourse or simply drain the opposite party and rob everything.

This trait was inherited by his living Artefact, whose body was modelled after him, Katharos.

"But even an Infernal creature should not have... so much vitality to create two elemental space. Only those legend..."

"How should I say without sounding like a braggart?

I guess there is no other way to say it."

Lucifer smiled and looked at Lutheran and winked mischievously.

"I am a living legend."

He looked at the remaining clanswomen who immediately lowered their gaze and instantly imprinted his will on them.

Since he had already broken through Rank 3 darkness element, he did not have any need to go through the process of using Katharos to amplify his ability as the only remaining rank 4 Varnar and Rank 5 Lutheran were already under his servitude.

From the beginning, he did not expect to slave all the experts of the clan because he did not have the capital to do so.

But he could definitely use Katharos to control them temporarily and then enter into a forced unorthodox contract with his seed as a medium.

Of course, he could also do the same with the elders, but their talents did not warrant such a reaction.

Since they had already reached the peak period of their life, Lucifer held no expectations towards the elders of the clan to reach newer heights while Lutheran and Varnar were still potentials that were yet to be fully explored. The same could be said about the remaining members of the younger generation.

Standing up, Lucifer adjusted his hair and wore his robe before looking at the disheveled women on the ground.


"Yes, Master."

Blue-haired, cum covered Varnar immediately spoke up reverently.

"From now on, Lutheran won't show herself to the world. Varnar, you will represent the clan while all the elders and Lutheran himself has entered into closed-door cultivation.

Is that understood?"

Varnar tried standing up, alas, her thighs were still numb.

"Yes, master."

As for Nisk, Lucifer couldn't care for a random maid. She was just a random flick for him. But of course, he had already taken her first time and she wasn't going to be anybody else's.

"Allot each and every member equal resourced based on their ranks. Right now, everyone present only has one status— Servants.

You don't have any right to differentiate each other based on your past status.

If you wish for my preferential treatment, then show your worth."

Lucifer picked up the sleeping Katharos and left the Comrade's Hall.

"And Varnar, be a doll and get the whole thing cleaned."

"Yes, master!"

She replied dutifully while Nisk's focus remained on his arrogant back. She could already feel her affinity with earth element growing higher as Lucifer's unholy seed started to change her physique, making her look more lovely.

Alas, the changes weren't recognisable in her dishevelled state.


"You returned earlier than expected."

The old director looked at the silver-haired youth and noticed a peculiarity.

"You look frustrated, did something unfortunate occur during the trip?"

He asked calmly while Yassak bowed politely and replied.

"No, master. As it turns out, Princess Nari returned to the palace out of her own accord while no trace could be followed regarding her previous disturbance.

The strangest of the fact is that the Princess speak of an unknown master that is most likely the culprit behind this all incident."

Yassak reported while Old Director frowned.

"And Nemu?"

Yassak took a moment before reporting back.

"Military Leader Nemu's status is still unknown. But most likely..."

Yassak didn't complete his words while Old Director understood his reply.

"What do you think about this whole incident?"

Old Director asked out while he let his hand flow through his beard, leaning back on his chair, he looked at Yassak with his eyes narrowed.

"Most probably, this is one of the conspiracies of the infernal filths before the start of alliance war."

"And the least likely?" He looked at Yassak.

"Internal conflicts and the use of mind manipulating artefact on the Princess." Yassak promptly replied.

"Hmm, what about the infernal summons in the district of Kannon?"

Old Director's sharp gaze fell on the calm Yassak as he replied in a heartbeat.

"All the lust demons were promptly exterminated while the whole district and the surrounding regions were thoroughly investigated. The probability of any lust demon growing to the point of kidnapping a rank 5 expert is simply a pipe dream."

"I understand that you did not have the authority to investigate the borders, right?"

While Yassak's heartbeat quickened, he still replied calmly.

"Yes, master. But I did go through some corners of the border secretly to ensure that no accidents take place."

"Good. Start preparing for the alliance war. And this time around, a new disciple would he joining under my name, Perenna Moriah.

Be sure to keep a close eye on her safety."

"Yes, master."

Yassak replied after a deep and long bow.

As Yassak left the door, the old director looked at the mirror attached to the large drawers and asked calmly.

"Did you find any traces of Agni?"

Meanwhile, his reflection came to life and shook his head bitterly.

"No. I did find traces of space fluctuations in the vicinity but I couldn't find any leads because we do not know her disguise as a common student.

But based on the fluctuations, the skill used is not more than Rank 2 and the distance of escape is not far."

The old director sighed out loud as he waved at his own reflection.

"Keep on searching. Be sure to keep an eye on those two unfilial daughters of mine. I am sure that they have a hand in all of this."

The reflection nodded before adjusting his position similar to the director and disappearing while the Director called for another blue-haired disciple.


The blue-haired, light element disciple bowed while Old Director spoke out.

"Leave for the Dusk-Dawn Border and search around the District of Kannon. If you find any abnormalities, report back to me immediately.

Remember, this mission is sensitive and even your senior brother Yassak is not to be informed."

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"Understood, master."

The blue-haired disciple smiled before leaving.

As he left, he couldn't help but frown as an uncomfortable feeling crept up to his heart.

'Strange... should I meet Sis Varnar before leaving. Nah, I am just being stupid.'

He shook his head and cleared his heart before leaving for his master's task.