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50 Below Treasured Masters, I am Invincible 1

Lutheran and other women of the clan were already numb as they witnessed Nisk getting pounded with both, Lucifer's and Nisk's special places connected right in front of their eyes.

While Lucifer sat on his throne without any intention of moving, he gripped Nisk's head while he locked her legs in between her arms, exposing her dripping pussy to the whole clan while he started ravaging her insides in a full nelson position.

Her eyes could barely maintain focus while her brunette hair already dishevelled and drool leaked out of her clenched teeth, as she tried to maintain her sanity for as long as she could.

With each motion, her mind would slowly lose a part of herself that would make her crave for another pump of Lucifer's generous member, making her fall into a virtuous cycle of lust from where she couldn't find any exit.

"That's right, sweetie. Just let it all go."

Lucifer softly whispered as he gave her another swift pump, scratching her itch for the third time, making her tremble in the holy orgasm that finally made her lose her mind.

Her moans turned into a roar of lust while her pulled up legs lost all of her strength as she could fell her innards turning hot by Lucifer spraying his demonic seed all into her body.

Since she was a Rank 1 cultivator herself, her fate wasn't of demise, but glory.

The demonic seed started to change her talent while her own Elemental Energy, though extremely shallow, became a light tonic for Lucifer.

"Good girl, just rest for now."

Lucifer finally kissed the hardworking girl's forehead. She actually earned that special show of affection. After all, Lucifer didn't go easy on her from the beginning. He did not even show her innocent flower even a bit of gentleness as he shoved his dick right into her cave while Nisk took it like a champ.

"Stand up, Narvar."

His next words caused a tremble to pass through the bodies of the couple as Lutheran's red eyes stared at the ashamed Varnar slowly standing up, unable to refuse Lucifer's commands.

"No! Please, stop!"

Lutheran's face had already lost all the previous valor while her naked body jiggled in distress. Her face beautiful than most of the women kneeling behind her while her figure could equally compete with Varnar's.

"Nah, I don't want to stop."

Lucifer could feel that Katharos was already satisfied as he slowly controlled the dark barrier to slowly shatter as the dried corpses of the trio shook the hearts of many while Katharos innocent eyes looked like a death god's watch to the remaining clanswomen.

Katharos looked at the unconscious Nisk on the throne and her body moved quickly towards her semen covered body.

Sniffing, she felt the familiar scent as she stuck her extraordinarily long tongue inside Nisk's trembling flower, waking her up once again.

Of course, the familiarity in the changed Nisk restrained the slightly mature Katharos to suck her completely dry.

"Clean it."

With his unholy rod covered in the ecstatic juices of the previous round, Lucifer commanded grandly as Varnar was forced to kneel. Her hands reluctantly moved through the motions as she felt disgusted by the scent of the fluids and the feeling left on her hand.

"I said, clean it."

Lucifer grabbed Varnar's head and forced his unsheathed sword into her warm mouth as her tongue was forced to taste the lowly maid's and the infernal filth's love juices.

"Oh, I intend to truly enjoy you."

Her lips felt extremely good as they kissed the base of his penis with every forced shove while her gagged noises pleased Lucifer's ears.

Lutheran, on the other hand, only felt complete and utter despair gripping her feeble heart. Her vision shook at the sight of Varnar gagging on Lucifer's shaft while her hands had already moved up to Lucifer's butt unconsciously, making genuine efforts in vacuum sucking the devil's dick.

With her naked pussy already squirting juices after each motion, Lucifer let out a deep load right inside her tight and flesh throat. Her eyes widened in disbelief as the load felt too great! After all, Lucifer had already let out four huge loads before and even then, he didn't seem to have extracted all his essence.

Her hands quickly tapped onto his thighs, signalling her complete defeat as she failed to gulp all of his unholy essence. Her eyes revealing pure ecstasy as her composed mind was already eroded by Lucifer's skill.

"My wife? I am sorry! I am extremely sorry!"

Tears of anguish leaked through Lutheran's eyes as she couldn't help but feel a sense of loss. The only time she felt such emotion was when she found out the fate of Layla's mother and how she wasn't there to help both of them in their darkest hours.

With a chuckle, Lucifer looked at Lutheran with an amused expression.

"Your wife?"

He smiled devilishly before speaking.

"Lutheran, why don't you share a kiss with your wife?"

Even though he asked, his tone held no room of negotiations as Varnar quickly complied and immediately closed the distance between her former lover, sharing a deep kiss and also Lucifer's unholy seeds.

Lutheran's eyes widened in extreme rage and shame as she tried to push Varnar away, and yet, Lucifer had easily constricted her strength.

The bitter taste emerging from her wife's mouth assaulted her senses as Lutheran's body felt sensations that her previous body wasn't capable of feeling.

"Already feeling it? We are just getting started."

Lucifer smiled as he went down on his knees and placed his hands on Varnar perky butt that wasn't any way worse than her step-daughter, in fact, they were a bit rounder.

His rod pierced her twitching and expecting pussy, making her exclaim into Lutheran's mouth while Varnar's hand slowly massaged Lutheran's breasts, just like she used to do to Varnar in the past.

Unfortunately, Varnar's squeeze got tighter as Lutheran's body suddenly shuddered, she let out a huge scream as she felt something coming out of her body. Her squirt covered the whole floor while Lutheran's eyes couldn't help but lose their focus for a moment.

Varnar, on the other hand, already used to handling some huge stiffs, kept on accepting her new Master's love while her butt rippled as Lucifer's balls kissed her garden again and again.

Unconsciously, the crimson mist slowly seeping into the bodies of the other clanswomen induced them to explore their feminine self as the headmistresses moans only made them feel more lust building into their bodies.

The previous moral relationships were quickly disintegrated as many elders now turned young and the young girls started rubbing each other as their soft and flowery lips kissed each other.

The whole meeting slowly devolved into a degenerate orgy where the incestual relationship between grandma, sister, daughter and mother could be seen simultaneously.

"I am sorry, my wife... I am helpless."

Lutheran spoke sadly as she stood up and immediately grabbed Varnar's mouth and placed her lolling tongue into use as Varnar started licking Lutheran's amateur flower, rocking her former husband's word using oral techniques once again.

The sound of Lucifer's balls and thighs smacking against her peachy butt surpassed the moans of amateurs trying to please each other as Lucifer spanked Varnar's begging ass, making her yelp into Lutheran's pussy.


"The alliance war?"

Perenna asked, perplexed by the sudden emergence of war. Since she wasn't familiar with the cultivator world before, and of course, she did not know anything about the Nirvan Alliance or the recurring war that shook the whole continent, albeit secretly.

Director nodded and replied.

"The other two disciples must've been called to discuss and negotiate the terms to get them to represent the Golden Flame Clan in the alliance war.

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After all, the disciples of the ancestor must have pretty great talents and if the two represent the Golden Flam Clan and get extremely good results, Lutheran's clan would be allotted more resources than others.

Now coming back to you."

The old director gazed at Perenna seriously and spoke softly.

"It won't be long before you are called in by other noble clans. At this juncture, you have a choice to make.

Do you wish to represent your own academy or the noble clans?"

Startled by the sudden question, Perenna thought for a few minutes in absolute silence before replying.

"Since my master has not mentioned anything about this event, it must be her decision to leave this choice to my own preference.

Teacher, I wish to represent the academy, but I feel that there are more eligible candidates other than me."

The director smiled and nodded.

"Don't worry about eligibility. There is still some time before the war. Before that, I will be sure to train you while I keep on teaching you about entertainment."


"You unfilial scoundrel!"


A crisp sound rang inside the empty throne as Naga lost his control in pure rage and slapped the recently returned Nari across the chambers.

"You still wish to conceal the facts?! Tell me, who did you elope with! And what did you do to Nemu!


His roar shook the hall while Nari slowly stood up with blood leaking from the corner of her lips.

She had already returned the Crimson Delusion to Naga but she could never speak of her experience with her master, afraid that her loyalty would be questioned if she was fortunate enough to meet her master once again.

"This daughter did not meet Uncle Nemu."

She repeated the sentence for an umpteenth time while Naga snarled in anger. Showing his rare side of rage, Naga couldn't control his emotions when it came to his daughter.

"Dear, please calm down."

Lauren came to Naga's side and placed her hand on his shoulder before smiling sadly at Nari.

"Nari, return to your chamber. You are not allowed to leave until told, understood?"

Nari nodded calmly and curtsied.

"Yes, mother."


"Dear, just mmmmgh, just like this!"

It was Varnar's turn to make use of Lutheran's tongue as her cum soaked pussy was eaten by Lutheran while her mind couldn't focus on anything as Lucifer's deep pounds shook her entire body.

After what felt like an eternity to Lutheran, she suddenly felt Lucifer's already generous member swelling as her recently renewed garden was filled with hot and passionate seed that stuffed her insides.

"With this, I can finally start taking over others."

Lucifer smiled as she took his penis out of Lutheran's twitching little sister and looked at Katharos, who had become hungry again.

But still, restrained from eating Nisk, Lucifer gave her a bit of vitality to continue his reign of control over the other elders.

As it turns out, all his control and gender bend ability on Rank 3 and above experts were temporary. While he fully converted Varnar and Lutheran by pounding them, he still couldn't remove his ability or else, the six rank 4 elders would not take his acts kindly.

Looking at all the lustful women in front of him, Lucifer smiled while his consciousness was almost overloading as he kept on upgrading his rank 1 skills to rank 2, slowly reaching a point of breakthrough while the vast emergy received from rank 4 Varnar and Rank 5 Lutheran was quickly condensed into a tiny part of darkness element, increasing his cultivation at a quick pace.