Villain Summoning in an Eroge
49 Long Day Ahead
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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49 Long Day Ahead

Layla's bright expression spread across the kneeling members of the Golden Flame Clan including her step-mother and her biological father.

"Him, him and him."

She quickly pointed out three youths, who immediately trembled after getting pinpointed by their new mistress.

"Just three? I thought I could get a lot of new members to satisfy my appetite."

Lucifer muttered before the violet flame erupted from his body, covering the trembling trio.

Under the terrified eyes of the clan, the trio scions quickly lost all their masculinity while their naked and buxom appearance enticed the hearts of quite a number of young masters who don't have much of morality binding their hearts.

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"You bast— Master! Stop it! Right now! An infernal creature will definitely be hunted down!

If you cease your actions, I cam send you off quickly and painlessly!"

Lutheran snarled as his majestic Comrade's Hall was already corrupted with Lucifer's desire arousing mist.

Letting out a devilish smile, Lucifer took out the miniature Katharos, who had already stopped glowing after achieving her own objective. Even then, Lucifer's actions drained her out by a lot of margins.

"You three, step out."

Lucifer's cold words left now space for arguments while he gently tapped Katharos' head, making her eyes bright in expectations as her hungry eyes swept past the trio's lustrous and thick body.

A wonderful meal!

She jumped out of Lucifer's hands and quickly returned to her normal size while a large penis quickly emerged transformed from her skin.

"Wait- please, I beg you! Please don't do this!"

One of the girls couldn't keep control of her emotions anymore as she fell onto her knees and kowtowed to Layla.

"I was wrong in mistreating you in the past. Please, you don't have to do this!"

Layla's expression turned hesitant as she looked at the other two, who quickly fell to their knees.

"Are you willing to do anything I wish?"

Her voice commanding and yet, nobody dared question her tone, not even Varnar, who deeply resented Lucifer more than anything.


Meanwhile, the trio finally saw a ray of hope and quickly grasped the opportunity, shouting loudly.

Layla fell into deep thoughts before looking at the hungry Katharos, restricted by Lucifer's will, who waited for Layla's decision.

"Fine, then I wish that you three serve my sister."

She spoke plainly, crushing all the hopes and expectations that the trio felt while Lucifer let go of Katharos completely, who immediately shot towards the newly transformed black-haired girl, ripping her robes with her extraordinary strength and immediately piercing her innocent flower without giving the screaming girl any chance.

Truly a savage!

Lutheran's eyes turned red by the sudden display of such savagery while he glared at Lucifer and Layla furiously.

"Layla! What have you done! Siding with an Infernal filth, do you have any idea that this may cause your death?"

His voice grave and his earlier pride towards her daughter crushed with bitter disappointment towards her decisions.

Meanwhile, Lucifer covered the four of them with a barrier of darkness element. Their screams and Katharos pleasured moans were simply a distraction to this wonderful drama slowly unfolding in front of his eyes.

Layla looked at Lutheran indifferently before sighing.

"Lucifer... I— I am sorry—"

As she spoke till here, Lutheran's gaze turned bright while even Varnar appreciated Layla's existence for the first time.

But being a hope crusher, her next words ruined the expression of the whole clansmen under Lucifer's expectations.

"– I can't watch what you have planned for this family. While most of them are corrupt and do harm to ordinary citizens, there are many that have changed.

There are many that do not deserve the worst of all the fates you have planned."

Layla hugged Lucifer tightly as a drop of tear fell from the corner of her right eye while Lucifer hugged her waist gently, letting her depend on him.

"I got it."

He spoke plainly as Layla took her leave, giving Lutheran one last look before leaving.

Lutheran immediately roared as the doors closed once again.

"Stop! Come back! Why?! Why?!

I never mistreated you! I cared for you after your mother departed from this world, I—"

"Dude, shut up. She's already left."

Lucifer's sarcastic voice cut his indignant speech as he sat on the clan's throne while he forced others to keep kneeling.

"Layla is a kind girl. Her heart is something you cannot comprehend. Of course, you already know that."

He chuckled as he looked at the four walls of war.

"How did you do it?! Every infernal creature's racial skill is limited by their cultivation ranks. How can a Rank 2 cultivator affect me, a Rank 5 expert?!"

Lutheran spoke with clenched teeth, wanting to understand the entirety of the situation.

"That's right. This limitation even applies to the ruler of infernal realm himself. But what if there was an existence that could enhance the effect of racial skills?"

He smiled widely.

"Impossible! Every single cultivator of a high race who tried to create an artefact to effect his racial skill has failed without any exception."

Lutheran immediately rejected Lucifer's assumptions.

"Yes, that's true. Many Goblins and Elves ventured the continent in hopes of creating an artefact to enhance their bloodline and racial skill.

But they couldn't accomplish this task because their thoughts were limited.

They assumed that each and every artefact is a piece of dead equipment without any soul.

But what if there is a chance to create a living artefact? An artefact modelled after your own body to amplify your own racial skills."

Lucifer crossed his legs and let out a long sigh.

"You don't mean?!"

Lutheran's eyes widened in disbelief as he looked at the dark circular sphere with hidden fear in his gaze.

"That's right. You should cherish being the first one afflicted by the very first living artefact ever created— Katharos."

He spoke as he waved his palms, immediately covering each and every male member of the Golden Flame Clan in the purple blaze.

The old elders were filled with vitality as they quickly got younger while the core members of the clan had their genders changed.

"Now, it's time to start our banquet."

Lucifer smiled and looked at his first target of affection, the brunette maid that received the devilish duo at the clan entrance.


She stammered as red quickly crept up her cheeks. Even though Lucifer's identity instilled her body with fear of the unknown, she still felt attracted to that devilish smirk as she slowly stood up and bowed.

"If this is m-master's wish."

She spoke while Lucifer nodded with satisfaction and motioned with his index finger, making her walk forward.

"What is your name?"

"Nisk, master."

She replied with a bow as Lucifer narrowed his eyes.

"As a servant, you shall be the one to serve me. Here's your chance, if you do well, I might as well take you with me."

He spoke while Nisk's glazed eyes were attracted to the bulging rod under his robes. Gulping, she slowly unrobed the seated Lucifer as his impressive member was finally revealed to the group of Golden Flame women, who lowered their heads in shame as they looked at the location where their own rods used to erect from only to see an innocent flower that numbed their thoughts.

Letting her hands wrap around the wide rod, Nisk started licking Lucifer's dick right below its head while her hands slowly motioned vertically, giving a slightly stiff handjob.

With her tongue slowly lubricating the little devil, her motions grew fierce and she finally took the tip into her cute little mouth while her hands moved downwards and covered Lucifer's full balls by her hands, trying to entice a reaction by experimenting as much as she can.

Even though her mouth was already full, she tried to move her face as her cheeks started to feel a little stretched.

"This won't do... you clearly need a hand."

Lucifer spoke out of pity and his hands grabbed Nisk's head and immediately pulled on her head, making her eyes widen while she went through a surprise choke from Lucifer's little partner in crime.

"Just like this, try and hold it in."

Lucifer muttered while Nisk's hands grabbed his thighs tightly while the air couldn't reach her lungs, making her eyes roll up.

"There you go."

Rough gasps leaked Nisk's mouth as tears leaked from her eyes while she greedily breathed in the air as much as she can.

"Come on, now. No time to waste. We have a long day ahead."

Lucifer's dreadful voice shook the hearts of spectators as Nisk's mouth took Lucifer's member once again as her choked cries rang inside the silenced hall.

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