Villain Summoning in an Eroge
48 Master“s Order
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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48 Master“s Order

At the performance stage constructed on the southern end of the hall, right in front of the wall of Continuity, a young teen stepped up and politely bowed.

Of course, Lucifer's and Layla's sat were turned towards the direction of the platform before the performances began.

"Kyle Blaze, Rank 2 Fire Elemental Cultivator would like to perform a rare demonstration of an elemental dance."

Even though his face failed to show any charm and grace of a dancer, the elders and Lutheran were attracted to his overflowing menacing aura of bloodlust.

This meeting set by Layla was appreciated as it not only gave Lutheran a chance to act on his past regrets, but also prepare a stage for the younger generation of the clan to showcase their talents to the upper-tiers of the clan.

Kyle bowed once again as he looked up and he immediately converged fire element around his clenched fist as a skill chart emerged on both of his fists, encasing his fists with balls of the cruel blaze.

"I call this dance— Repentance."

His shivering words slightly stunned the entire crowd, including Layla, as none of them had even imagined that the first performance would be extremely domineering.

"I have been hurt, I have hurt."

His gruff voice continued as he entered a horse stance while his arms stretched out while his wrists rotated, leaving a trail of blaze in the air, brightening the eyes of the crowd.

"Kyle... the warsinger."

Lucifer smiled in plain fascination as he concentrated on Kyle's voice and the sizzling of the ball of blaze on his fists, creating an extremely strange yet enticing rhythm.

"I haven't apologised for my mistakes; I haven't been apologised to for the mistakes."

The dripping of blood awakened the crowd out of their stupor while Lucifer was enthralled even more. He could feel it... feel the arrogance hidden in the warsinger's tone.

Even if my blood flows, I shan't apologise, neither do I care for other's apologies.

Lowering his fist and bending his elbow, he entered the most basic punching stance.

"I don't appreciate the world; Neither do I need your appreciation."

His roar shook the heart of the listeners as they were unconsciously captivated by the sizzling rhythm of the blaze and the continuous dripping of his passionate blood.

Kyle punched out as the flame spread from his fist to his body while they even covered the blood from his fist that dripped down the floor.

"I shall only repent!"

His voice reached out to the hearts of listeners as the blaze slowly receded into his body, showing his hairless figure.

Bowing, the youth stepped down while the members present still remained consumed by the performance.

"A good repentance."

Lutheran's heartfelt words gained the nods of everyone except Layla and Lucifer.

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Lucifer appreciated the performance, alas, he wasn't the kind of person who can relate to the emotions that Kyle wanted to express while it could be said that out of everyone in the room, only Layla understood Kyle's intentions.

Her mood turned complicated and she looked towards Lucifer, itching to ask for his help, and yet, she kept her troubles to herself.

"Do what you wish to do. If you don't wish to humiliate and get on with your life, then simply accept the fact that deep inside your heart, you have already outgrown your previous resentment."

Layla's eyes glowed with comprehension as Lucifer's words rang inside her head.

"How did you know?"

She whispered softly.

Looking sideways, he couldn't help but smile.

"All this time, Kyle's gaze never left you. His blood dripped in repentance.

It doesn't take a genius to understand that you both have misunderstandings in the past. Most probably, he would've bullied you. If he had gone excessive, he wouldn't dare repent."

Being able to control his elements, Lucifer didn't need to rely on the contract to transmit his own voice to Layla's consciousness. But even so, using the contract was far more efficient method of communication and so, he kept the practice.

"You are right..."

She couldn't help but slump back on her chair. Kyle and Layla did have some misunderstandings in the past, inducing Kyle to bully Layla because of her shady background. But that was it.

"A good repentance indeed."

Layla muttered while she slowly leaned on Lucifer's shoulder, shocking the surrounding members once again.

"Maybe, I really don't harbour any resentment towards them. It sucks to feel so mature."

She pouted and publicly showed her affectionate side to Lucifer.

"Don't worry, I am here, so be immature all you want in the future. But you wouldn't mind me controlling your clan, right?"

He whispered and softly kissed her cheek, making her think carefully before nodding.

"You would do it even if I mind."

"Come on, now. You know that you are my little precious."

He chuckled as the miniature Katharos within his robes let out a piercing crimson glow while a purple blaze erupted from his body, quickly spreading to all the core members of the Golden Flame Clan.


"Where is Lucifer?"

The old director sighed lightly and asked Perenna. His expression was haggard.

"Teacher, are you alright?"

Perenna's expression turned concerned as she asked with a worried tone. Through her expression, the director could feel genuine care and yet, he kept his problems to his own.

"Nothing to worry about. You still haven't answered my question."

"Yes, Lucifer and Layla were invited by the Golden Flame Clan to discuss some important topic. Since the meeting was held in such a short notice, Lucifer was unable to inform the teacher beforehand."

"I see. If Lucifer is already being called, then it won't be long before you are invited by other noble clans."

The old director touched his beard and muttered before looking at Perenna once again.

"Today, I might as well teach you about the various powers of the world and their history."

"Yes, teacher."

Perenna nodded and took a seat, showing an expectant expression belonging to an eager student wanting to learn something new.


"Mistress, the Clan Head has called for you to the Comrade's Hall."

Laying on her luxurious bed with her flowing aqua hair covering the upper half of the bed, Varnar had a tranquil expression until her personal maid passed down Lutheran's command.

While she still felt disgruntled by Layla's very existence, she didn't feel that Lutheran's decision was unfair. If anything, Lutheran has always been a saviour to her.

Sitting up, she adjusted her hair before walking out of her personal chambers and walked towards the Comrade's Hall with a dignified gait, her hips twisting with every step as her robes accentuated her mature curves.

Opening the door of the hall, her senses tingled due to an unprecedented sensation spreading throughout her body while her vision could only see the hall filled with dark crimson mist.

"I am extremely sorry, Mistress. These were the Master's orders."

The maid apologised before entering the mist-filled hall and closed the doors of the hall, sealing Varnar fate as her consciousness was soon flooded by a domineering entity.

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