Villain Summoning in an Eroge
47 The Golden Flame Clan 2
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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47 The Golden Flame Clan 2

The royal elevator is allowed to travel throughout the mountain's interior except for the inner mines that held an innumerable reserve of Sun Gold ores.

Going down the third floor from the highest, Lucifer pressed the second horizontal button on the third level, making them travel to their right. Since the third level only comprises of four destinations, there were four extra buttons on the elevator that could allow horizontal movement on the same level.

The doors to the elevator opened up to a neat hallway with lamps installed in the appropriate distance to lighten up the place. Even though the beautifully painted walls evoke reactions of the visitor, they were incomparable to the grandness expressed by the Dawn Academy's architecture.

In front of them, a blue-robed maid with her brown hair tied into a modest ponytail, bowed with awe and respect reflecting on her expression.

"Young Mistress, welcome! Master has been expecting your visit."

Her melodious voice echoed in the empty hallway as Layla's grip around Lucifer's arms tightened unconsciously.

Still keeping her head bowed, the woman spoke gently once again.

"Mister Lucifer, your visit has graced the whole clan. I wish that our hospitality can quench your expectations of our clan."

Hearing her words, Lucifer smiled widely as he replied with a gentle tone himself.

"Oh, I definitely hope that the Golden Flame Clan is just like what I've heard. Only then, this visit can turn out interesting enough to satisfy me.

Of course, if we bargain, I'd rather have you to satisfy all my curiosity."

His other hand touched the woman's face and placed his index finger on the base of her chin, slowly pulling her up.

"How about my offer? Interested in finding out if I can do the same for you?"

He spoke while Layla pouted as she felt all her nervousness dissipating. With a glare, Layla restrained the almost nodding maid, who quickly blushed and turned back, leading the devilish duo down the hallway.

"You'll have to double your effort. After all, you are letting a good woman go to waste."

Lucifer let go of her grip and place his arm over her hips, pulling her closer and whispering in his own roguish ways.

Nodding, confident in her own beauty, she spoke boldly.

"Only my normal effort is enough."

With her head held high, her pitch-black gaze charmed Lucifer's crimson, showcasing her charm as a true sorceress.

"Of course, I will still have her."

Lucifer winked and pointed at the maid's swaying hips, who seemed to be quite pleased by Lucifer's earlier offer.


She hissed and immediately placed her own hand around Lucifer's hips, trying to mark her own territory.

Smiling, Lucifer did not impede her actions. Her explosive personality was something he was charmed by. Taking that away from her would be foolish as it would only transform the Phoenix Sorceress of the future into a plain, devil dick loving woman of today.

Of course, he definitely had thoughts of turning that maid into one of his loyal followers.

Soon, they reached the main chamber of the clan that held all the meetings and celebrations.
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"You'll stay by our side. Until I dismiss you personally, you are not allowed to move."

Lucifer lightly touched the brown-haired woman's butt and whispered as Layla had to reluctantly take herself off from Lucifer.


She stammered, but willingly followed.

Entering the famous 'Comrade's Hall' of the Golden Flame Clan, Lucifer's eyes brightened at the sight of the painting of the four stages of war on the four walls that imprisoned a whole battlefield into their small dimensions while the dome covering as the ceiling took place of the cruel sun that exposed the hard facts of the war.

Hope, Destruction, Despair, Continuity.

The hall itself was occupied by the core members of the clan irrespective of their cultivation.

Sitting on a dignified throne, the family head of the Golden Flame Clan— Lutheran Blaze looked at Layla with bright eyes while his gaze completely ignored the youth, whose looks attracted the attention of everyone else, regardless of their gender.

"Layla is fortunate to witness the rumoured Comrade's Hall of the Golden Flames. I wish your lineage long and lasting glory."

Layla curtsied and while her words were gracious, they only felt grating to each and every member present, except for Lutheran himself.

"Lucifer greets the war hero. I have heard much about your accomplishments in war and family alike."

Lucifer's tone, although gentle, embarrassed the whole clan on the get-go.

But the scions present in the hall held their breaths as they didn't wish to offend the personal disciple of her highness.

All his excitement drowned by Lucifer's stinging words, Lutheran's heart turned calm as he let out a deep sigh.

"My daughter, it—"

"It is Layla."

Before Lutheran could speak, Layla immediately snapped and spoke once again. Her tone rude, and yet, no one wished to step on the landmine that is this failed father-daughter relationship. Not even the official wife of Lutheran, a blue-haired woman also kept her tongue close to her mouth.

"Fine, Layla. I am extremely grateful that you decided to visit your—... visit this clan.

I've heard a lot about your accomplishment in the borders."

"I am certain that those accomplishments would be the number of men that I have gone out with, right, Miss Varnar."

Layla chuckled and looked at the blue-haired beauty sitting to Lutheran's right, Layla's stepmother.

"Miss Layla, I don't understand what you mean."

Although her expression crumbled under the accusation, Varnar Blaze replied calmly.

"Layla, please don't—"

Before Lutheran could finish, Layla smiled coldly.

"Don't what? Don't speak and tarnish the Clan's reputation? Guess what, Lutheran— the war champion, I am Layla!

My words, my emotions and my life are not confined by the strings of this Clan.

Not now... not ever."

Her fierce words rang throughout the silent hall as Lucifer felt grateful to Layla for allowing him to witness such a great image of herself.

Her confident self that knew what she wanted and couldn't care squats for the impact brought to others, not even her own family.

Lutheran's gaze turned extremely sad and helpless for an incomprehensible reason. This was a rare moment when not even the war champion could muster his boisterous attitude and arrogant smile.

"How dare you?!"

A domineering voice boomed as Varnar stood up from her seat. A sapphire blue glow erupted from her body and reached the ceilings while her pitch-black eyes glared at Layla.

"Do wish to rebel, Varnar?"

Before Layla could lash out, a cold voice spread across the trembling hall. Lucifer's crimson pupils glowed cruelly as a pitch-black energy laced out of his body, moving around in an eerie fashion.


Akin to a lion's roar, Lutheran's elemental energy easily subdued the Rank 4 Varnar and the Rank 2 Lucifer while his hand yanked at Varnar's, pulling her back into her seat.

Standing up, the bright gold glow receded into his body as the minor characters in the hall gulped, their foreheads filled with cold sweat.

"Dear, you can't possibly ignore your own child's words, right?"

Varnar spoke with righteous indignation as all of her goodwill towards Lucifer, gained through his good looks, vanished due to him opposing to her noble self.

"Unable to calm your own emotions and getting your judgement clouded by the past, Varnar Blaze tried to harm the members of the Imperial family.

She shall be punished by our own clan rules. I humbly beseech the two imperial disciples to not take any offence."

Lutheran's words shocked Varnar and the other clan members while Lucifer admired his actions.

This decision was probably the best course of action.

If Varnar really did something stupid in her wrath, she would lose everything and even Lutheran would be affected by her actions.

His decision playing the best scenario, the personal maids of Varnar quickly took her away under the commands of Lutheran as she left without showing any resistance.

Wrath is only a momentary impulse as even Varnar understood the implications of her own actions while Lucifer's specific word— rebel, implied too much that she wasn't willing to bear.

"Even though this meeting went off to an awful start, I wish that the royal disciples would hear what I have to say."

Lutheran motioned them to take the seats placed in the middle of the hall while he took a seat on his own clan's throne.

"It is true that I wished to repair the relationship with Miss Layla and myself, but it is understood that my wishes are a mere pipedream.

But even then, I would like to forge a new relationship with the Royal Disciples."

He spoke of his intentions honestly while the remaining members also felt relieved when the surroundings became less tensed.

"But before that, let's enjoy the performances prepared by the youngsters of my clan and uplift ourselves from our previous... argument."

Lutheran spoke sincerely and a natural smile remained on his face. Even now, nobody could understand if this was a real or a fake smile.

And if it was real, then nobody could guess the reason for him being happy.

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