Villain Summoning in an Eroge
46 The Golden Flame Clan 1
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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46 The Golden Flame Clan 1

"Sure, I will accompany you on your trip."

Lucifer smiled as they ate a healthy breakfast. Of course, this morning, Agni had joined the table as a new member.

"I didn't even ask you?"

Layla pouted and immediately bit on her eel cake. Agni, on the other hand, felt completely stunned when she found out Gloria's true origin!

The founding ancestor!

"Then why would you bring it up? You usually do most of the stuff alone and only bring up the things when you require my support.

But if you say so, I'll just stay here and wish for your well-being."

He smiled while Layla immediately flustered.

"No! You already gave me your word! You have to come with me... I mean... sure, you can tag along."

She lowered her head while Perenna ate the food without giving any comments. From her body, Lucifer could feel her energy growing purer, evidently, she has increased the number of her spell on her cultivation sphere.

Gloria, on the other hand, is already peak rank 1 cultivator.

Layla, on the other hand, was showing a slow progress on the curse element, which was quite natural. If curse element could be quickly cultivated, it would've been one of the most popular paths of cultivation.

Since there is no curse element resource in the Nirvan Continent, Layla had to rely on meditation and sexual sessions with Lucifer to increase the quantity of elemental energy of her cultivation sphere.

"Am I supposed to hide in here? Away from all the eyes?"

Agni suddenly spoke up with a frown.

"Ease your tone, newbie."

Perenna placed her spoon on the table and looked at Agni coldly, making her shiver under the cold purple eyes.

"Ease your tone, newbie!"

A slightly immaturish voice tried to imitate Perenna as Lucifer chuckled while touching the head of the miniature Katharos, feeding the little devil some of his pure vitality as breakfast.

Meanwhile, Perenna's expression froze while Agni had a weird expression.

"Tch, whatever. Tou won't hold that kind of tome for long!"

Perenna snorted and started eating once again while Gloria and Layla nodded at her words. Sure, each of them had their own characteristics but when it came to Lucifer, oftentimes, they were the ones to compromise.

Agni frowned and looked at Lucifer.

"So? What am I supposed to do? I understand that you won't let me go back. But you cannot keep my hidden forever, too."

Lucifer smiled and let go of the doll Katharos, allowing her to roam on the dining table aimlessly, tasting the various dishes spread out.

"I don't need 'forever'. And keeping your beautiful self and prowess hidden is never my goal.

You wish to know the truth and I have the means to expose your origin using a witness. After all, there is only so much you can believe from my word alone.

For now, cultivate. Soon, you will come face-to-face with your mother.

But before that, be sure to be prepared to face the vile side of the humanity, that can even embarrass the infernal creatures."

He spoke before standing up as Katharos, quick on her feet, jumped into his robes, snuggling against his chest while Layla also took her leave with her arm around Lucifer's right hand.

Before leaving, she made sure to give Perenna and Gloria a smug wink.


In the centre of Nirvan Continent, there lays an entity that is forgotten by the whole continent for uncountable years.

Forgotten because it was destroyed under the joint siege of Humans, Monsters and Infernal Creatures. In this vary location lay the ruins of the Holy City— Golden Wings.

Once filled with descendants of gods and demi-gods, the citizens of this empire were both feared and revered.

Alas, with the threat of seven sins gone, the saviours in the forms of holy angels became the next target of oliberation.

"Truly... all humans should be eradicated. Only then, the seven virtues can rule supreme.

Only then, our revered father will accept our prayers."

The carriage stopped on the outskirts of the looted ruins as even the lowest beasts and infernal creatures refused to stay in this location due to the sheer amount of blood and holy element in the atmosphere.

Even though the blood element is a great tonic for quite a number of creatures, the holy element is simply cancerous to everyone other than the holy beings themselves.

"Master, this place is extremely dangerous for you. We have to take care of your health."

In a pure white robe, Nari knelt on her knees and kowtowed at the brilliant, white-eyes youth and spoke softly. Her expression gentle, alas, her beauty couldn't be witnessed by the blind young master. Relying only on his ears and nose, the white-eyes youth smiled happily and 'glanced' at Nemu and Nari.

"You two have my gratitude. Leaving your noble and luxurious life to follow me on this holy endeavour.

Your names shall be passed down to generations to come."

He looked at the ruins and a greyish image was quickly formed in his head. Even though he couldn't recover from his blindness using his current cultivation, he was talented enough to not let his blindness become one of his weaknesses.

"Nari, you will hide away and cultivate. This place is not right for you. When the fate guides you, a hero... a young one will encounter you.

Help him. He is the one we all are waiting for."

A teardrop fell from the corner of her eyes.

"Master, I—"

"Nari... younger generation like you have a burden far heavier than old people like me. You have to prepare. The young hero will definitely need your help.

Do not feel sad for me, for we shall meet again. Take the carriage and return. Nemu shall stay with me."

The youth spoke once again as Nari nodded while her cheeks were covered in tears of reluctance. Driving the carriage away, she left the region and travelled down the safest path while the youth looked at Nemu with a sad smile.

"Old friend... thank you for all this time. I owe you a big one."

As Nari left, Nemu's revering expression receded while he looked at the white-haired youth with emotions welling inside his heart.

"No, we are finally on equal terms. What you wish to do now... you owe me for that."

Nemu smiled, albeit sadly.

"You knew?"

The blind youth asked once again.

"From the moment you made me kill Nari's maid."

"Yeah, I guess so."

Nemu sighed and sat down on the ground with his legs crossed.

"Are you ready? To become the vilest being.

Do you have the determination to slay your family?"

Nemu's words struck the youth's heart.

"No, I can never be that strong. But fate... sigh. I am fated to step on the mountain of corpses and become his stepping stone.

I may be the vilest... but that's for now. Compared to what's to come. I am a mere toddler.

Goodbye, old friend. I'll meet you in the infernal realm, soon.

Sooner than you might expect."

With that, a cold blade sliced Nemu's neck as his blood spurted onto the blind youth's slippers.

Feeling the desolate environment around him, the youth lightly nodded as seven pitch-black scriptures appeared on the various parts of his body.

"The seven virtues shall be inherited to the younger generation while the old generation shall bear its residue.

That's what you always wished for, right, honey?"

His voice turned softer as he whispered to himself.

"I really wish I hadn't met you that day. Well, then again, it was fate... it was always you."


"Calm down... I am right here."

Lucifer whispered softly and looked at Layla's nervous expression.

"But, Lucifer. I haven't met the man for ages! Even if he treated me wrongly, he is still my blood."

Leaning in and kissing her cheek, Lucifer whispered softly.

"If I were a nice guy, I would've said— don't worry, everything is going to be alright.
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But it's fortunate that I am not. Take my advice and wreck the whole place apart right after you meet someone you don't like. For what it's worth, you would love that feeling."

He smirked and spanked her round bottom.

Sporting a red robe carved with golden phoenix, Layla looked nothing but exceptional. Her tanned face did not require any makeup as the brown mark, similar to Lucifer's crimson mark on the forehead was all she needed to decorate her face.

While her dark hair was tied up with a jewelled clip holding them well.

"And may I say, you definitely look ravishing, my lady."

Lucifer's soft words tickled her ears as she immediately gripped his other arm tighter.

"Not here... well, not now. Then you can praise me all you want."

She whispered as she stretched her toes and gave a soft kiss on his pale cheek.

"Thank you... this means a lot to me."

Gazing into her dark blue eyes, Lucifer didn't reply as he gave into his own temptations and kissed her lovely forehead.

"Let's go."


She smiled brightly and walked alongside Lucifer.

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