Villain Summoning in an Eroge
45 Agni“s special treatmen
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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45 Agni“s special treatmen

With her arms hanging around Lucifer's lean neck loosely, Agni slowly lost all her grievances and shock about her supposed past as she unconsciously started to follow Lucifer's past instruction.

With their lips connected, she started to feel him, his rhythm, his likes and dislikes. Long gone were her apprehensions of the physically long tongue of the devil as her curious mind quickly enticed her to experiment and experience various kinds of reactions evoked by her amateurish techniques.

Her hands moving towards his cheeks, pressing forward without any care in the world.

While Agni closed her eyes and experienced the joy of losing all her worries, Lucifer's crimson pupils calmly stared at her ecstatic expression.

Releasing an inward sigh, his hands moved up from her boneless waist and cupped her curvaceous bust, feeling her soft bunnies while the tip of his tail sliced her dress below her waist and the leaf-like, trident tail rubbed against her moist inner thighs.

"Let's take you to a bed."

He broke the kiss and whispered softly, unhesitatingly picked up Agni's body into a princess carry she deserved while his tail kept on teasing her lower body.

Since each of the chambers held a separate bed, Lucifer quickly placed her onto the luxurious bed and sat right above her, his knees locking her waist while his hands clutching her hands above her head, making her fall into a defenseless position once again.

"Why didn't you attack?"

He suddenly asked with narrowed eyes.

"Hmm? What?"

Agni's blushed face showed incomprehension as Lucifer asked once again.

"You should've attacked others behind my back the moment you woke up. Why didn't you?"

He closed the distance between their faces and looked into her golden pupils, matching his own crimson brilliance.

"I... couldn't. I don't know why. Maybe I have some issues."

Agni gazed away and then looked at him once again.

"No, I definitely have some issues. But instead of running from them, I would rather face them or indulge in them.

I guess, I chose the latter."

She spoke with a sad smile while her eyes conveyed her complicated emotions.

Smiling, Lucifer kissed her forehead tenderly, greatly surprising Agni.

"You are damaged, definitely. But from now on, your only defect, according to the world, will be falling for the devil."

Lucifer's smile was accompanied by a flash of purple as he transformed into his demonic self, save for his large wings.

"The others might think its a defect. But in reality, it is simply my own foolish choice."

Not hiding her thoughts about her own actions, Agni smiled sweetly.

"Foolish, indeed."

With a smirk, Lucifer immediately kissed her neck while his hands went on with disrobing the lustful Demi-God.

With her hands released, Agni reciprocated as her dainty little hands started to shuffle through Lucifer's clothes, slowly revealing his pale, muscular physique that gave him the confidence to make a woman's heart flutter by the mere sight of his body.

"Hey, I forgot to ask you. What is your real name... as an infernal creature?"

Her hands trying to evoke emotions on his calm face by rubbing the end of his tail, but failing miserably, she kept her gaze on Lucifer's and moved her hand up his back, trailing his vascular body.

"Me? To he honest, back in the day, Uriel... your biological father, was kind of afraid of me. Well, he is even now, but he doesn't know of my existence."

Agni heard his explanation and her hands immediately stopped.

"So you are like... extremely old?"

Lucifer smirked and looked at her naked breasts in front of him.

"Older than your father."

He spoke before his tail pushed open her interior and started to move while one of Agni's eyes closed in pain.

"Hey, hey. Look at me."

Lucifer whispered as his trident of a connected tail entered into her virgin garden, letting out a minuscule amount of blood while Lucifer felt his flesh tail wrapped by a heat furnace.

"I am looking at you. From now on, I will always look at you."

Agni's hand finally reached his neck and slowly pulled him in, initiating a tender moment of her own accord. Their lips connected once again as Lucifer's rod kept on poking at her abdominal muscles, making her feel weird ever so slightly.

The miniature Katharos, on the other hand, kept her gaze on the interconnected duo and carefully observed each of their actions.

Thinking for a while, she looked at the space right next to her and a purple glow flashed from her body, turning into another clone of her's.

Both the miniature Katharos looked at each other. Understanding the original's intention, the clone walked up to Katharos and placed her arm over her hips and kissed her tenderly while the original followed Agni's impression and hung her arm around the copy's neck.

Slowly, the miniature duo carried out the same actions as the Demi-Goddess and the Devil.


Agni groaned as Lucifer's rod piercing into her moist and warm catch, flooding her senses with a painful sting.

This was normal, taking Lucifer for your first time is definitely not recommended.

Taking her lips once again to placate her pain, Lucifer moved slowly and gently, unlike his first time with others, giving Agni a special treatment in exchange for the slow and steady conquering of her heart that Lucifer had planned previously.

As Lucifer's tip reached her internal gates, Agni let out a gasp while Lucifer himself couldn't describe the feeling of being in a Demi-Goddess.

Her pussy was the very incarnation of a furnace that raged with a passionate heat, wanting to smelt and connect with the Devil's rod. Even though Lucifer was prepared for such sensation for Agni was the Demi-Goddess of Light and Fire, he couldn't help but let out a soft grunt of pleasure.

As if her body was created to adapt to the Devil, Lucifer didn't have to go through the series of slow pumps as Agni's catch quickly shaped-up in accordance with the Devil's rod that couldn't be smelted as her painful grunts slowly transformed into pleasured moans that tingled Lucifer's ears ever so lightly.

Not wanting to stop the sounds, Lucifer let got of her mouth and shifted his attention to the jiggling peaks left unattended while his hands gripped on her hips, pounding her furnace and making her back arch up accompanied with a continuous tremble.

Kissing her moving nipples, Lucifer took her left nipple in his mouth as his tongue's tip twirled around the pink bean while Agni's eyes couldn't help but open wide in pleasant surprise.


The original Katharos copied Agni as she wanted to train to be the type of person that her master likes as she laid on the duplicate's breast and gave her a 'weird' look.

On the other hand, Agni's sweat covered body laid on Lucifer's chest as she looked at his chiseled face lovingly.

"You really are a bad mistake, master."

Her melodious voice akin to soft jingles pleased Lucifer's ears as he nudged her nose with his and chuckled.

"You called me master on your own accord. Well, this is definitely an improvement."

Kissing his cheek, Agni laid back down, letting her exhausted body rest on the warm bed.

"I am not going to lie. I still think that you are wrong about my grandfather. But at least, it is fun staying with you as I don't have to hide my appearance.

... and that felt great."

She spoke of her feelings openly with a light flush on her cheeks.

"Hey, Lucifer?"

She looked to her side once again. Not caring about the change of title, Lucifer looked at her with a smile.


"Did you know about my true appearance before you approached me?"

Lucifer shrugged as he knew why this question was important for the confused princess.

"Of course. When I saw you at the library, I could see it, your beautiful heart that should belong to me.

I could see the blazing passion hidden in your sapphire eyes and I could definitely see the fire of rebellion burning inside of your body, making your appearance extremely beautiful."

Agni couldn't help but narrow her eyes and pout her lips.

"Sweet talker! Hmph!"

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Covered in sheets, she hid her face as she felt that she didn't need to ask more. All this time, aside from his true origins, Lucifer had hidden nothing from her. Not even his appearance.

Based on his previous actions, she chose to believe him this one time.

"So? What's next?"

Lucifer mouth turned into an arrogant arc as he whispered.

"In one month, I'll conquer this kingdom."

He kissed the stunned Agni before entering his cultivation session as the pure element energy received from the Demi-Goddess was extremely potent. His consciousness moved at lightning speed, carving skills on the nine-faced pitch-black jewel.

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