Villain Summoning in an Eroge
44 Sun“s Child, why don“t we try getting one?
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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44 Sun“s Child, why don“t we try getting one?

"Master, is it safe to assume that your new element is Space Element?"

Gloria asked curiously as Lucifer sipped a glass of cool tea without stating any response while Katharos looked at the blue bracelet on Layla's hand with her large and curious eyes.

Her body garbed in a loose and translucent black-coloured nightgown as her raven hair was tied into a ponytail with few of her bangs falling on the side of her head.

But someone else was extremely stunned by the series of events as a particular crimson-haired girl finally hissed, attracting the attention of the remaining four devil servants.

"What the hell is going on?!"

With her true appearance revealed, Agni's beauty didn't falter even when compared to the indifferent Holy Succubus— Perenna. In fact, a certain type of charm illuminated her brighter than others, placing her spectacular face under the observation of Lucifer's incarnation of purity— Katharos.

Looking at her raging expression while her gold eyes stared into Lucifer's with defiance, a devilish smile appeared on his face.

"Speak, Agni. I'll try and clear all your doubts."

Responded by such a kind attitude, a bit of Agni's indignation was placated while she spoke in a harsh tone.

"Master, I want to— Wait, no! Luci— Master! Stop this now... please!"

Though unwilling, her actions clearly showed her loyalty while she still showed her reluctance through her expression.

Chuckling at her expression, he let Gloria, Perenna and Layla leave as they looked at Agni with varying degrees of expression.

"Let her leave, too... Master!"

Agni hissed as she pointed at Katharos while Lucifer ignored her complaints and spoke calmly.

"Katharos will stay... she is still in her nurturing phase and it is in the best interest that she learns everything from me.

But, momentarily, you should disregard her presence."

Lucifer tapped on his armrest while Katharos immediately smiled happily and her body immediately condensed into a miniature version of herself while the gauze nightgown fell on the floor.

"What in the god's name—"


Lucifer smiled and placed a finger on his lips, signalling her to keep her silence as he gently picked up the palm-sized Katharos and placed her on his lap. Letting out a comfortable expression, she simply leaned back on Lucifer's abdomen with a huge, yet, literally small smile.

"We don't speak of his name, not in here."

Agni frowned and coldly snorted.

"Why are you so angry? Did I cause you any harm? Did I hurt your loved ones?"

Agni frowned and shook her head.

"You abducted me and you violated my dignity. That is something I cannot tolerate."

"Fair. We can push blames all day and even then, I would emerge the villain because I am one.

Let me ask you something.

Living your life till now, aren't you even a little bit curious as to who your parents are?"

Lucifer's eyes glowed a mischievous light. He loved doing this! He loved confusing others, especially the people that held potential. It could be called his own sickness, but even in his previous life, Lucifer simply played it off as finding fun in life.

As expected, the moment he uttered those words, he hit the nail in Agni's heart and she immediately asked out in a heartbeat.

"You know about my parents?!"

She immediately closed the distance between the two and looked at his face closely, wanting to find any flaw on his peerless face that may crush all her hope of finding her true origins.

"You're not lying... master."

Not as reluctant as before, Agni exclaimed as she only found unending confidence in his crimson pupils.

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"A devil is a manipulator, yes. But lying isn't in my arsenal."

He smirked, crossing his legs as Katharos adjusted herself again.

By now, Agni already understood Lucifer's true origin. But honestly, she wasn't that repulsed by him. After all, what he said is absolutely true. Despite the reputation of infernal creatures, Lucifer's actions did not harm her loved one's life at all.

"Agni, you already know about your constitution— Sun's Child, correct?"

He gazed into her nervous eyes as she nodded.

"What exactly do you understand about your constitution?"

Lucifer smiled as he let her mind go through all the legends of this legendary constitution.

"Sun's child... just like the name depicts, a literal child of the archangel of light, Uriel— the God's light."

She spoke as her mind was flooded with various comprehensions and yet, she couldn't understand one particular point. Looking at Lucifer, who has finally successfully gained her trust, she narrowed her eyelids and asked gloomily.

"Why couldn't I understand that I am a Demi-God before meeting you?"

"First of all, try being a Demi-Devil, it's way too fun that way.

Secondly, the answer to all your mental incomprehension lies in your own grandfather, your mother and your aunt."

Lucifer's words once again destroyed her viewpoint of the world as she immediately roared.

"Impossible! Grandpa has taken care of me since I was a little kid! He loves me deeply! Don't you point your roguish fingers towards him, scou— Master!"

She gritted her teeth and glared her eyes off while Katharos immediately hid behind Lucifer's thigh, her young mind deeply scared by her expression.

Spreading his hands, Lucifer shrugged without any care for her feelings as he crushed the feeble mirror that allowed her to live happily in an illusion.

"Rank 6 Artefact— Mirror of Lies, currently held by your own mother, the current Empress of the Rising Sun Empire— Rani Dawn. All your answers lie there."

He spoke calmly while her expression sunk.

"Why should you speak in such a complicated manner? Why cannot you simply answer all my questions?"

Agni felt defeated as she couldn't believe anything anymore. She felt the memories of her laughing happily with her grandfather breaking ever so lightly, as if they were nothing more than cheap glasses filled to complete the complicated puzzle her mind was.

But her heart held onto her emotions and still left a small part of her beating heart to be occupied by the hope.

Hopeful that Lucifer is simply lying and twisting her minds by his words... his cruel words.

"Why I can't answer straight?"

Lucifer chuckled at her words and smirked.

"Then you tell me, why doesn't sun rise from west but east?

Why doesn't a lion let go of his prey?

Why doesn't the world stop cultivating?

Why doesn't the population simply stop mating to erase the wars by letting humanity go extinct?"

Each of his words crashed into her ears and mind akin to a hammer, making her head buzz.

"It's simply the nature of things... and I'm a big believer of the natural order of things."

He smiled once again and spoke solemnly.

"If you wish for truth, then submit."

The sudden change in expression and tone took Agni off-guard as she looked at Lucifer suspiciously while she tried to calm her heart from the acquisitions placed on her grandfather.

"Submit what?"

She asked while taking a step back. Seeing his solemn expression caused an uncomfortable feeling rise in her heart.

"Submit your mind and body."

He stood up as he placed the stumbling Katharos on the chair and walked forward. Looking at her peerless face and haggard expression.

"Never! Hell, no! Nuh-uh!"

She immediately shook her head and stepped back on the rhythm of Rito's step.

"In a perfect world, the devil would've agreed to your words.

But this isn't a perfect world. Your words mean nothing, only my desire does."

A burst of crimson smoke escaped his body as his racial smoke started to cover the entire floor of the room while Agni felt various sensation spread across her body.

Her face inadvertently turned red as Lucifer let out his signature smirk while his words caused raging waves of emotions crash into Agni's already tired heart and mind.

"Sun's Child? Why don't we try getting one for ourselves?"

Being a gentleman, the devil asked before taking her stunning lips, his hands wrapped around her boneless waist and a pitch black tail moving towards Agni's special place ever so slowly.


Alternate Title:

Devil's Romance.

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