Villain Summoning in an Eroge
43 Something“s best left untouched 2
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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43 Something“s best left untouched 2


Kissan's naked body trembled under the cold wind of the night while he felt mentally suppressed by the glowing crimson eyes that managed to overwhelm the lustre of the moon.

But the thing that terrified the blazing demons out of him was the fact that despite being a capable male, he became a functional female.

Looking at the soft and pure flower covered by the bush of his own natural hair colour, Kissan felt dizzy every time he experienced the strangeness of his own body.

"H-hey? Please, help me! I didn't cross your path even once, why do this?

Come on! Let's forget any unfortunate event we encountered."

Unwilling to be shamed further, Kissan spoke with flattery in his tone and tried to negotiate his way out of this situation.

"Buddy, don't force my hand!"

His words unable to force out even a single word out of the devil's mouth, Kissan finally resorted to his cultivation only to feel his Cultivation Crystal completely destroyed.

His eyes widened in disbelief and his mind fell to the encroaching insanity that waited for the opportunity to pounce and shred Kissan's mentality apart.

"This can't be right?! My rank 3 Cultivation Crystal!

Where is it?! Where the hell is it!!!!!!!"

Kissan shouted as his eyes grew more and more resentful while his hate-filled eyes gazed at Lucifer's calm face.

"You! What in the empire's name did you do to me?! Speak, you mutt! What did you do to me?!"

Waiting at the secluded section of the capital's border, Lucifer did not care about Kissan's shouts as his cruel eyes slowly lifted towards a particular direction.

"It's time."

He spoke softly as Kissan's body felt a shiver pass down his spine due to the chilly winds in the open forest. Long had he forgotten about his little brother replaced with a new little sister while he kept on muttering incomprehensible words.


A soft exclamation sounded out as a red-skinned figure emerged from the camouflage of the thick bushes. Sporting long and curving horns on her forehead while her red skin failed to reduce the charm of her curvaceous and buxom figure, the strange Infernal creature gazed into Lucifer's crimson eyes with her pitch-black one's.

Her untamed purple hair fell over her large breasts that jiggled at her every single movement.

As if calling out for confirmation, the red-skinned devil let out a soft exclamation once again.


She took a step forward as the hungry traveler's eyes immediately fell on the bush-covered pussy while the muttering Kissan trembled for unknown reasons.

The demon's eyes immediately turned crazed as she beheld the sight of a luscious meal ready to be consumed.

A drool escaped her mouth while her body naturally caused a large dick to grow above her crotch as she immediately bypassed the 'familiar' Lucifer and pinned down Kissan, whose only feminine characteristic was his ability to produce a child with his new dungeon.

"W-what? Wait! Hey!"

A fortunate sharp stone managed to pierce Kissan's back as he finally regained his clarity with the help of the pain but the sight of a raven-haired infernal seductress with luscious lips looking at him with crazed eyes almost forced him to lose consciousness once again.

Before he could arrange his thoughts to present an intelligent statement, Kissan felt a piercing pain from his lower region as his mind immediately felt dizzy when his body transmitted an unfamiliar feeling of something penetrating his lower half to his brain.

His eyes immediately looked past those round and uncharacteristically soft bosom and found a dick, bigger than his previous self's, entering his own body.

Before he could shout, a thick tongue immediately entered his mouth and started playing with his tongue and throat while he was penetrated until he felt full. His stomach and 'new organ' aching, he failed to scream as his mouth was already occupied by the hungry seductress.

His eyes focused on Lucifer's face, begging him to help him out of the current ordeal and yet, his hope was crushed with a cruel smirk on the devil's perfect face.

"Remember, something's best left untouched."

As if the cruel and cold statement marked the beginning of his punishment, the transgender creature started to ravage his innards while his immature little sister constantly sent the aching feeling to his mind.

Lucifer, on the other hand, smiled as he saw this infernal creature lose her bearings during the act and cut his palm open with the Lethal Dagger and immediately walked closer to the bouncing beauty and let his blood fall on her body.

A ball of purple flame exited his bleeding palm and quickly covered the trio of them in the secluded forest as Lucifer immediately found his scenery change.

Instead of the dark forest, he found himself standing in a crimson world with a visible partition that is connected to an empty and vast space of unknown origin.

"Her soul is broken."

Lucifer looked around without any ripples on his perfect face as a burst of purple mist quickly formed into the silhouette of the lustful creature that is presently, claiming Kissan's untapped body.


A soft whisper resounded in the crimson space as the voice was immediately cut-off whenever it travelled towards the empty space.

"Yeah, I am your master."

With his winged form presented in its full glory, the infernal creature felt a sense of belonging towards Lucifer as she failed to notice the sliver of crimson mist, that could be hardly differentiated in such an environment, floating towards her at a rapid pace.

Smiling, Lucifer's form took a step forward as he gazed at the gullible expression of the creature confidently and waved his hands, letting out the pure vitality trapped within his form.

Of course, only a whiff of his true vitality could he felt from his soul form and yet, this kind of pure and delicious meal enticed the creature, making her growl in a low voice as she slowly moved towards Lucifer with a hungry expression.

"A pity that you aren't complete."

Not wanting to show any kind of leniency towards this wild beast that contained sky-shaking potential, Lucifer decided to tame her in the most direct manner.

With his soul burning violet once again, Lucifer's figure flashed towards the hungry lust demon and immediately slammed his palm on her forehead, causing her vegetable self to shout in pain.

As the violet self of the demon screamed in pain, the sliver of crimson finally covered its body and started to convert her into a crimson version of her violet self while Lucifer immediately pulled out another soul from a different space.

Sporting a male body with a unique feminine organ, Kissan looked at the sudden change of scenery with a startled expression.

Alas, Lucifer held no further use for him except for venting his anger and immediately crushed the feeble soul with his devilish violet flames.

A pure soul essence was carefully mixed together with the converting demon and slowly, Lucifer reforged the soul of this demon.

Most of his actions, such as manipulating souls, would not have been possible if he wasn't the Lord of the Devil himself.

Soul Torture, being one of the most notorious bloodline skill of the demons originated from the Soul Manipulation present in Lucifer's heritage.

Looking at the blunt cracks in her soul space that connected to an unknown world, Lucifer thought for a while before shaking his head lightly.

Utilising some time and effort, he could definitely find the other half of her soul, but that was completely unnecessary. The path Lucifer had chosen would definitely make him cross paths with such an ambitious person that dared to combine with the lust demon of the strongest rank.

With a surge of powerful vitality meant to heal the soul, Lucifer easily repaired the soul space of the demon and finally, focused back on the crimson cocoon filled with cracks inside the soul space.


With a burst of strength, a crimson figure broke through the cocoon and knelt in front of Lucifer, with her ethereal voice resounding in the empty soule space, the lust demon finally spoke out.

"This servant greets master."


Looking at the dried-out corpse of the pitiful Kissan, Lucifer looked back at the naked raven-haired beauty that looked at the ant crawling up the leaf with a serious expression and spoke out.

"Katharos, let's go."

Lucifer held out his hand as the Lust Demon Katharos looked at Lucifer with a blank expression and then held his hand.

"Katharos... is my name?"

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A soft voice emerged from her lips once again.


Lucifer smiled and nodded as he looked at the small pitch-black winged-tattoo right in between her forehead and then appreciated her beautiful form and heart before disappearing from the place alongside Katharos in a flash of violet.


A/N: Katharos means pure in greek


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