Villain Summoning in an Eroge
42 Something“s best left untouched 1
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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42 Something“s best left untouched 1

Her face decorated with light makeup, Agni sat in the library with a thick book placed in front of her, yet, her gaze focused on the empty surrounding in front of her, she placed her hands on her cheeks and looked completely lost.

Due to the delicate makeup, her presence was intensified in the library and her lost look attracted the hearts of men that loved to prey on something sweet and innocent.

'He's late... Wait, I am not waiting for him! I am here to study for my new spell to officially enter in Rank 3.'

Just like Lucifer and Perenna, Agni had no requirements to be fulfilled before becoming an Elite Disciple of the academy.

Focusing on the book, she started reading about the various wonders of the world to gain inspiration for her new spells.

'Grandpa said that each time a person breakthroughs, he will unconsciously gain further understanding of his own element. So it is always advisable to inscribe new skill charts instead of upgrading your previous skills by a rank.

But what should I motivate my skill for? Attack? Tactic? Restoration? Evasion? Information Gathering?'

Her mind hurt as she thought of all the possibilities and the limitations of a human body to only use nine skills at a given time.

'Even with all the talents in the world, I can only cultivate one element. Though, a legendary element, it is still a single one.

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How prestigious would be those heroes of legends that are rumoured to have two elements.'

She sighed in envy but this momentary distress was immediately suppressed when she felt a presence behind her.

But all her secret expectations were crushed in a heartbeat as the familiar roguish voice failed to whisper its hot breath into her, instead, a slightly sincere voice tried to gain her attraction.

"Um... you are Agni Blaze, right? I am Kissan, we go to the same Accounting department."

Looking back, her gaze observed the ordinary looking boy. His face, physique and charm incomparable to the roguish devil that violated her lips the previous day while his sincere smile completely opposite to the devil's smirk.

"Yeah? You want something?"

Not in the mood to be disturbed, she replied with a sidelong glance and yet the boy she barely conversed with before stood his ranks and smiled awkwardly once again.

"Uh, I-I-I noticed that you looked completely different, you know... so yeah, I wanted to have a talk with you."

He spoke while taking a step forward. Even though his words looked quite awkward and his smile did belong to that of cute puppies, his confident step caused a frown to appear on Agni's face.

"Okay, then we will talk in our class. I am trying to concentrate on my studies."

She turned her attention to her book while Kissan smiled and found a seat right in front of her and stuttered once again.

"Y-you wouldn't mind, If I s-sit here, do you?"

Agni narrowed her eyes as she started to feel more and more annoyed by that smile of his. Though sincere looking, she felt this particular smile even more disgusting that a peculiar smirk that left her heart with complicated emotions.

"Do whatever you want? Please refrain from disturbing me henceforth."

She spoke plainly and hung her head low, finally reading the book to divert her attention.

As time went on, she finally felt annoyed by the continuously smiling Kissan when his leg 'unintentionally' grazed by her's.

"Ah, sorry! I really didn't—"

Before Agni could snap, her eyes widened in surprise while Kissan felt a shiver run past his spine as a cold arm was wrapped around his shoulders. A cool voice entering Kissan's ears while the newcomer didn't do anything to mask his malicious intent.

"Hey there, beauty! Praying for a devil?"

Lucifer's voice brought her out of her stunned stupor while Lucifer slowly whispered to Kissan.

"Man... something's best left untouched... well, too bad, in my eyes, she is not a thing, so, just wait for your doom."

Even though it was a whisper, in the quiet library, his voice flowed over to Agni's as her cheeks blushed unconsciously. All the while, the spectators failed to notice a flash of purple in the crouch area of Kissan.

"Ah? Aren't you Lucifer, her highness' disciple?"

Kissan immediately got out of his hold and bowed lightly to give him respect, on the contrary, the gentleman of a devil wasn't in the mood for all this drama.

"Yeah, I don't particularly care. Come with me!"

Royally ignoring Kissan, Lucifer held Agni's hand and pulled her out of the Library as she immediately tried to struggle under the stunned views of the spectator.

"Hey! Let me go, now!"

She hissed while Lucifer completely disregarded her protests and brought her to the core garden of the central region.

Being one of the most secluded artificial gardens of the academy due to its lack of exotic flowers and beautiful scenery, Lucifer quickly found a secluded spot and pushed Agni on the ground while sitting on top of her.

"You have already embarrassed me enough in front of the whole academy! Now, for the last time, I am showing you the basic courtesy of requesting.!"

Her eyes glowed with pure rage and disbelief of the fact that someone would dare treat her this roughly.

"What did you think? Huh? This is some kind of romantic and perfect world where I will keep showing whenever your heart ached for my presence?

I hate to break your protective bubble... well, I don't hate it, but I gotta tell you that I don't care for your feelings.

I absolutely could care less about your feelings and still make you fall for me. It's because I know the endgame."

With his face right above her's and his hand clutching and limiting her movements, he stared into her golden eyes glowing in hot white rage and spoke once again.

"Honestly, I did want to develop our relationship slowly and naturally. You won't believe me, but I am a fan of the concept 'natural order'.

It's quite ironic... but this is how things are.

I hope that your new self can be something more... someone as interesting and attractive as you."

While Agni failed to understand most parts of his statements, she could still understand the gist of it.

"So all of it... all of your words were a lie. A cruel joke on someone like me. Isn't that right?

To feel superior, you mock those with less beauty, less wisdom. To satisfy your twisted needs, you wish to twist the heart of others... until they are as twisted as you."

Lucifer was stunned for a moment as Agni actually managed to hit the mark on her last comment.

"See? I knew you were a different person. Someone who has the potential to understand me... the true me.

Alas, the circumstances made me take such drastic measures. But, I can make some adjustments to my plans, just like this time."

Lucifer's crimson eyes glowed as his piercing eyes managed to see through her entirety.

"Still Rank 2? Really, you girls prioritise makeup and food over your own cultivation."

Before Agni could rebuke with her teary eyes, Lucifer smiled gently and sealed their lips.

"Hey! You don't get to kiss me!"

She immediately struggled while Lucifer whispered softly.

"Then why the makeup? Don't be a hypocrite now, Agni. Just feel it. If you think that I was lying about your beauty, time will prove my innocence.

If you think my intentions are malicious against you, my actions will prove my innocence.

So just feel it, after all, you have the potential to feel me, understand me."

Agni felt her rage disappearing at a fast pace as his charismatic voice travelled throughout her body, replacing her anger with an unknown and sweet emotion.

"Just feel it... huh."

A soft mutter escaped her lips before Lucifer took her lips as she closed her eyes and finally decided to follow his instructions.

She decided to feel him.

As the kiss lasted, Lucifer gradually loosened his hold over her hands while she voluntarily wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him closer, making him finally lay above her.

Unsettled by the recent events, she immediately used the last bits of her energy and rotated her body, making Lucifer's back touch the ground while she started to aggressively reach out for his tongue, wanting to wrap the malicious tongue that has ravaged the mouth of experienced beauties.

While she started to feel him, she ignored her world slowly turning violet as her heartbeat increased its pace. She slowly laid on his warm body while her hand still firmly held his smooth cheeks.

"Uh... master!"

She moaned loudly and almost immediately, she shot up and retreated a few steps with a newfound energy.

"W-what did I say just now?!"

She felt completely astonished by the sudden change in addressing the roguish villain while she felt something new inside her heart as she kept observing Lucifer's smirk.

Her previous annoyance suppressed by arousal, she struggled to keep her mentality intact while her glare turned harsher.

"Scoundrel... Master! What did you do?!"

Her eyes widened once again and she couldn't believe herself.

"Welcome to the club, Agni."

Lucifer smiled as Agni felt her world darkened, falling unconscious as her body was caught by Lucifer.

Looking at her ordinary face slowly transforming into a peerless one while her black hair turning into its crimson counterpart.

"Don't blame me for hiding my identity. You hid yours and I hid mine... for what it's worth, I truly wished to take it slowly."

A purple-black light flashed and their bodies immediately disappeared from the garden.

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