Villain Summoning in an Eroge
40 Rank 2 Jewel
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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40 Rank 2 Jewel

Inside Lucifer's body, his cultivation sphere was undergoing shocking changes as bits of sphere uncovered by the skill inscriptions slowly chipped off the sphere itself and turned into pure darkness element energy and was quickly refined by the nine glowing skill imprints.

Even though the process lasted for a long time, Lucifer kept going forth, disregarding the severe headache that caused his transforming cultivation sphere to tremble every now and then.

As the various parts of the sphere were chipped off, what left was a nine-faced dazzling black jewel that accommodated nine of Lucifer's skill inscriptions while the energy within the jewel itself was shocking in amount and extremely dense.

Rank 2 Cultivation Jewel.

Officially entering the Rank 2, Lucifer opened his eyes as waves of dizziness swept past his body, making him feel extremely terrible.

"Lethal Dagger."

He whispered in the dark of the night as an invisible dagger appeared in his right arm with a slicing sound. The effectiveness of skill emergence had obviously increased while the quality of spell had itself grown to a shocking degree.

After all, Lucifer was using his Rank 2 element energy to conjure a Rank 1 Skill.

Even though he could barely see the pitch black blade in the night, he could feel its sharpness and finally, he diffused the spell with a satisfied nod.

The moment he laid back on the bed to close his eyes for some rest, he suddenly heard Nora's words echoing in his mind.

"Master, master? I think we have some problem in the Dusk Empire."

Sighing and sitting up, he closed his eyes and concentrated on a neon blue flame in his subconscious and let his voice travel through the contract between them.

"You mean?"

"The only princess of the empire is nowhere to be found while Nemu, the Military Leader of the Empire is reported to have been abducted by a mysterious party.

The search team also found a sliver of white powder accompanied by a huge amount of energy signature in one of the routes that are followed by the trails of carriage and a few horses."

"White powder?"

Lucifer nodded thoughtfully as he already found out the culprit's true identity. Honestly, he had already expected the emergence of this particular character the moment he contracted the seven virtues.

"Just focus on your cultivation. The culprit is a strong vagabond, that's it. By now, he must have already taken his leave from the Dusk Empire and would be following the fate's will."

"Yes, master."

Nora nodded and stopped communicating with Lucifer as he laid down on the bed, not worrying about the strange situation and sleeping like a baby.


"ummgh, ah, ah, ple- ah, pleash stahp!"

A brunette struggled against the hold of a peculiar set of red hands as her womb was pounded by a thick rod that tore her previous identity of a 'housewife' into a new one of a 'Demon cock lover.'

Usually, the woman would have enjoyed this brutal and rapid pounding while her moans would've shaken the entire hut. After all, she was no stranger to infidelity but this time, her beloved husband's headless corpse was placed right next to her.


The graceful brunette could see a look of confusion pass on the face of peerless beauty as her red-skinned breasts jiggled while she gave carefree pumps into her pussy.

"Please, mmmgh, stooppp!"

She screamed as the purple-haired woman frowned as her long tongue emerged from her mouth and she immediately sealed the brunette's mouth with hers as the strange infernal creature's tongue ravaged the brunette's mouth just like her peculiar dick destroyed her lower mouth.

Reluctant, the brunette did feel waves of pleasure passing throughout her body even when her throat was blocked as she failed to notice her skin shriveling at a rapid pace while her graceful face started to sink in.

As the red-faced infernal beauty looked at the symptoms she was used to, she a warm current entering her body as her dick throbbed one last time in her pussy and she let out a huge load of infernal spunk inside her 'dried out' flower.


Letting out a melodious laugh, the raven-haired beauty took out her sloppy mess from inside the dried out corpse and felt completely refreshed.

Pondering for a moment, she laid her naked body beside the couple's corpse and a black light emerged from the space in between her curvy horns and slowly converged into a ball of black blaze.

Her curvaceous body illuminated under the dazzling flame as her rod slowly receded and finally transformed into a fully-functioning pussy.

With a playful thought, she let the ball of blaze fall on the headless corpse as she felt particularly annoyed by the fellow's beastly gaze.

It didn't take long before the black fire spread across the entire hut and the couple's body was reduced to ashes but the fire failed to hurt even a single speck of the infernal creature's being as her glazed eyes were attracted to the starry sky that could be viewed after the entire hut had been burnt down.

As the fire spread across the entire village, not a single villager came out and raised alarm. But this mystery could be easily solved if one witnessed the dried out corpses of the villagers inside the tent.

Be it a kid or an aged couple, a domestic animal or a fierce beast acting as a guard, be it a male or a female.

All of them had shriveled skin and sunken eyes.

But the desolate surroundings failed to ruin the devilish beauty's mood as she silently gazed at the twinkling stars while she couldn't help but extend her arms, wishing to grasp such a beautiful scenery in her hands and never letting go of it.


Failing to accomplish her task, she let out a raging cry as she couldn't catch any stars while she stood up in agitation and finally looked at the direction she felt deep calling towards.

Suppressing the uncomfortable feeling inside her heart, she decided to travel without taking any breaks and finally witness the glory that awaited her.


"The border is finally cleansed of the infernal filth?"

The old man looked at Yassak calmly while the platinum-haired youth nodded confidently.

"None remains, master."

Not even asking for the full report, the director showed his trust in Yassak and nodded with a pleased smile.

"You've done good work, Yassak."

"Thank you, master. Is there any other mission for me?"

Yassak bowed humbly and asked out once again.

"In fact, there really is one task for you."

The director stood up and looked outside his cabin, witnessing the dark-gold surroundings.

"The Dusk Empire is facing some troubles. Their youngest princess and the Imperial Duke are abducted by a mysterious force.

As allies, we will be sending our forces to assist but I want you to go with your third junior brother and keep an eye out from the dark.

If anything is out of the place, you both shall give your own safety your biggest priorities and only then will you save the forces of our Empire."

"Yes, master."

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Yassak nodded and slowly walked away while he suddenly felt a warm current entering his body, directly turning into element emergy and adding to his abundant cultivation.

Letting out a small smile, he walked out of the director's cabin and let go of any worries regarding the accumulation of element energy for his next breakthrough, failing to notice that a storm awaits his departure.


"Now I am pissed."

Lucifer narrowed his eyes as he suddenly felt a weird sensation. He sat up and closed his eyes while he let go of his frustrations of not being able to sleep peacefully.

"Oh, this is definitely interesting."

He opened his eyes as his crimson pupils held a predatory glint.

"Someone's trying to take credit for all my hard work?"

He muttered and looked towards the Dusk-Dawn Border with a smirk. Letting out an extremely light Blood Call, one of his racial skills, he simply sat in meditation as he prepared to converge another cultivation sphere inside his body.

Instead of taking it slow, he had decided to keep up with the world.

'If you poke the devil, be prepared to get analised.'

He chuckled darkly as his tail flicked the round butts of his sultry-trio, waking them up as they complained in indignation.

"You all are lazing too much! Start cultivating or you will be left behind and I don't want useless sluts! I only want hardworking seductresses!"

The complaints died down as they felt the seriousness in his voice while Lucifer smiled inwardly as his 'evil' plan succeeded.

'If I can't sleep, I ain't letting any of you sleep either.'

If the trio could hear his thoughts, they would definitely think that Lucifer's villainy knows no bounds.

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