Villain Summoning in an Eroge
39 Looking for me? Beautiful
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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39 Looking for me? Beautiful

"You guys must be Lucifer and Perenna, right? I am Neim Patt.

Master sent me to escort you guys to his personal cabin."

A blue-haired youth with equally aquamarine eyes spoke with a brilliant smile as he gave Lucifer and Perenna a cursory nod. Being a straight male, his gaze did land on Perenna for a moment longer than Lucifer's, but that was it.

"We are grateful for the Teacher's consideration."

Lucifer and Perenna followed Neim as the common disciples parted ways for the trio elite disciples once again while some of them only gazed at Perenna's intoxicating gait as her hips curved with every single step.

Unnerved by lecherous gazes surrounding the trio, they quickly reached the gates to the central region and quickly reached the Director's personal cabin.

Since the Director himself had decided to teach the devilish duo, he had organised a class in his own cabin.

The classes went smoothly as the director imparted his own knowledge about Architecture and Entertainment (Music, Dance and Art) but still held onto his own core comprehensions.


"Stupid Agni... why did you have to come all the way here?!"

Agni muttered and rebuked herself as she sat on a chair and read the book written in the format of a report. Adjusting her glasses, she brushed her sidelocks past her ear and felt her interest waning.


She sighed and closed the book in front of her and stood up from her chair. Walking towards the shelves, she placed the book back where it belonged and started searching for something interesting.

'Deep Sea Collection... pass.'

'Why do the Ogre's Muscles secretes the blood element?... not interested.'

'Cliché markets... nope.'

'Mechanics of the legendary elevator?... it's not even that hard.'

Agni pouted as miraculously, she lost all her interest in these books she held expectations towards.

"Damn that guy... I can't find anything interesting."

She muttered as the image of a beautiful bly flashed across his face and she felt a pair of warm arms wrapped around her waist.

'Oh my god, Agni! You are even hallucinating that scoundrel hugging you?'

As she rebuked herself once again, she pinched her palms to redirect her thoughts through pain but strangely, she still felt a comfortable pair of arms wrapped around her body.

Feeling a soft kiss on the base of her neck, she felt her body shiver as Lucifer's hot breath impacted her sensitive ears.

"Were you perhaps, looking for me? Beautiful."

His roguish hands managing to touch the right buttons as her ears immediately blushed after hearing his soft whisper.

But the fleeting moment of bashfulness passed away as she realised the position she was in and she immediately struggled out of his hug and turned back with a furious glare.

But recalling that she was still in the library, she played according to the rules and started 'shouting' in whispers.

"Scoundrel! How dare you touch me like that?"

Agni hissed and adjusted her glasses while her aquamarine eyes stared at Lucifer's smirking face with incomparable fury. Lucifer could even see her blue eyes gaining a tinge of blazing gold.

Undaunted, the devil held Agni's hand that pointed the blame on him and grazed her smooth wrist while closing the distance.
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"You didn't seem to mind my touches a moment ago? Maybe... maybe you liked my whispers?"

He tilted his head and brought his lips closer to her ears once again as Agni lost all her fury and her heart was dominated by a disturbing emotion of panic and fluster. Her eyes wide open as they lost their dignified golden blaze and only left room for soft blue colour.

"Hey! Stop it! What if someone sees us?"

She immediately tried to push him away. Alas, even if her cultivation was higher, she wasn't physically strong and only ignited the narcissistic devil as he gave a soft kiss to her earlobe.

"Agni, why do you push me away? Just like your name, why don't you show me your fiery passion that is hidden deep inside of you."

His whispers worked as a wonderful tonic which made Agni more comfortable and her heart warm. As Lucifer's lips grazed her cheek, she could distinctly feel his lips closing onto her's for a surprise attack.

But before she could counter, Lucifer's hands reached out to her waist and neck while his lips changed its direction and latched onto her soft neck.

"O-oi! Don't go too far."

Not wanting to outrage in a public library, she decided to persuade him with soft protests and yet, the devil continued in his path, finding her mock protests quite enticing.

"Oh, I am going to travel offshore."

Biting and then sucking, Lucifer made his way towards hickeying the poor lass' neck as she closed her eyes due to the sudden sting.

"What are you doing? Get off!"

Finally mustering some of her strength, she tried to push Lucifer away for real but he pushed her back, making her back press on the thick wooden shelves as his hand changed their grip and clutched on her wrists while pulling her arms up, making her treat of a body completely exposed in front of him.

"I'll shout!"

She finally hissed with an aggrieved expression but it would've been April fool's day if the devil actually felt scared.

"Like I'll let you."

Narrowing his eyes, his lips charged forth and finally plucked Agni's as her mind suddenly felt blank due to the stunning sensation.


Still struggling in vain, Agni didn't give in to Lucifer's tongue playing with her's, alas, a devil doesn't loosen his grip easily.

Giving her a 'Devil's Comfort' for over five minutes, Lucifer finally pulled back as he was successful in wiping away Agni's furious expression while only her sultry and begging expression remained.

"You know, you could've kicked me in the crouch or bit my tongue.

But I definitely understand that you resisted me."

He spoke with a chuckle as his words woke her up from her demeaning expression and she immediately found her composure. Kicking his leg instead, she could barely hold in the rage and indignation she felt by losing her first kiss in such a terrible scenario.

"Attacking right after a kiss. This is a symptom of a needy woman.

I shall comply."

Before Agni could understand what took place, her lips were once again sucked by Lucifer's and this time, she wasn't inexperienced.

She had the experience of the last five minutes and fully felt the pleasures of Lucifer's sensual kiss.

But of course, she didn't flail her hands or struggled but Lucifer still clutched onto her wrists to save her face.

And just like this, a minute passed away.

Finally, Lucifer broke the intimate contact and smirked at her blushing face that even affected the tip of her ears.

"I'll be here waiting for you tomorrow."

Leaving that statement, he turned his heels and left in a lazy gait that looked particularly arrogant in Agni's eyes.

After all, he didn't even ask her consent to the matter.

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