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"What's with the uncommon disguise?"

Lucifer just happened to notice the pregnant trio entering the temple after he returned from the academy as the trio immediately felt embarrassed.

Before they could reply, Lucifer waved his hands as his elemental energy gushed forth while the trio was surrounded by black mist as a peerless skill chart could be seen above their head.

Within moments, their baggy robes were eroded while the corrupt mist failed to damage their skins while rolls and rolls of luxurious dresses fell off from their naked body while Lucifer immediately stopped his skill.

The skill chart above their heads vanished and they looked at Lucifer with shameful expressions due to their deeds getting exposed just like their naked self's.

"I see, went out to blow off some steam, did you?"

Lucifer immediately pulled them towards him through the sheer control of his element energy and immediately hugged Gloria in his arms while his wings emerged from his back and wrapped around the remaining duo.

"Let me blow off some steam, too."

Lucifer didn't question their act of theft.

Why would he?

He was the embodiment of everything that's wrong with this world. If anything, he was quite amused by the trio using such means to fool the world.

His pitch-black, fork-ended tail flicked and whipped on Perenna's perky butts while his tongue started to elongate and show its true shape inside of Gloria's mouth as her eyes remained closed while her arms wrapped around his neck.

Layla, on the other hand, looked at the action that the duo received and sighed.

All this time, she had been the one on the other side of special treatment but she never had the delusions of holding onto such good times forever.

"But I can show him a good time, too."

Gazing at the erect rod poking through his robes, Layla immediately struggled against Lucifer's hold and sent her thoughts before Lucifer's left wing loosened its hold and let Layla slip.

With a quick motion, Layla went down on her knees as she kneeled behind Gloria while her hands spread Gloria's thighs apart to witness Lucifer's glorified rod face-to-face.

Untying his belt, Layla immediately pulled down Lucifer's pants and his meat rod flipped out, smacking in between of Gloria's slender and thick thighs while Lucifer's member immediately experienced Layla's warm hands and rough tongue coiling around its shaft.

Meanwhile, Perenna closed her eyes as she let her body's weight fall on Lucifer's luxurious and soft wings while her butt was being punished for her previous demeaning behaviour.

Her pure and holy butt cheeks filled with red marks as each tail-whip made her body shiver while an arousing moan escaped her luscious lips alongside the small squirt moistening her inner thighs.

As their minds slowly devolved in pleasure, Lucifer suddenly felt his remaining consciousness acting up as he broke the passionate kiss and spoke with a questioning tone.

"Has anyone ever tried doing it while floating mid-air?"

Even Layla's narrowed eyes widened as she immediately took out Lucifer's dick lodged deep inside of her throat and coughed lightly before speaking.

"I call dibs!"


Perenna clicked her tongue while Gloria spoke with a lustful expression.

"Master, what is 'dibs'? It sounds wonderful. Can we do that, too?"

"Sure, you're the first one."

His tail immediately stopped pleasing Perenna's twisted desire of pain-pleasure while his wings let go of her body, gently laying her twitching physique near Layla before making his tail wrap around Gloria's waist for precaution while his wings let out a wisp of red smoke, making his body defy the laws of gravity and float mid-air while his hands held onto Gloria's as her thighs and legs wrapped around his waist.

"It doesn't feel too good, pampering another woman in front of my eyes."

Layla muttered while Perenna's soft chuckles broke her train of envious thoughts.

"Welcome to the club. I think, your honeymoon period is already over."

Perenna's words earned her an uncommon, harsh glare from Layla as the tanned witch licked her lips, relishing Lucifer's taste while lamenting over the fact that she became a fourth-wheel this time around.

"Whatever. I'll just shut your arrogant mouth for now."

Layla looked at Perenna's shivering and throbbing body with a smile as Perenna felt the illusion of malicious sorceress staring at her with a devious expression while the brown mark on her forehead seemed to glow enchantingly.

"Like hell, you can!"

Being prideful, she felt repulsed to Layla's statement and hissed albeit sultry.

"Heh, now I know your 'passion'. I'll surely give you one of your unforgettable nights."

Layla raised her hand as Perenna could barely see her now since she laid on her front with her red and blushing butt stuck up towards Layla.

Her ripe peach begging for more while Layla being generous enough to grant that particular wish.


As her palm struck her round and plump bottom, Layla's eyes were overwhelmed by the ripples formed by the force of her 'love', meanwhile, she and the drooling Perenna failed to notice another soft *pah* sound as Lucifer covered himself and Gloria in his wings, forming a feathered ball that moved every now and then.

Inside the luxurious feathered cocoon, Lucifer and Gloria connected as sensual moans escaped her lips while her hot breaths tingled Lucifer's slightly pointed ears.

His tongue coiled around her breast while the tip of tongue teasing Gloria's pink nipple expertly and his hand placed on her hips, pulling her downwards while moving simultaneously, wreaking havoc in her dark dungeon and almost opening her inner gates of passion.

"Aah~ master, p-please mmmh~ gentler!~"

Her soft arms wrapped around Lucifer, Gloria felt completely satisfied as it was difficult to have sex with Lucifer in such an intimate position. After all, the group is used to wild nights of passion but not the devil's warm embrace.

Feeling both, physically and mentally satisfied, Gloria looked at Lucifer's devilish face and matched his cool albeit wild crimson eyes with her own narrowed ones.

Smiling softly, she felt her insides pushed against her wombs while her body throbbing every now and then. If it wasn't for Lucifer's hands and tail, enjoying his dick in mid-air would've been difficult.

Her gaze then trailed around the dark surrounding and felt his soft wings rubbing her back every now and then.

Yup, she was satisfied.

Closing the distance between her lips and his right cheek, she gave Lucifer a cute peck on his cheek and whispered into his ears while blowing her hot and sultry breathes once again.

"Annnnn~ thank you, M- mmmmmghhh~ Master!"

As if she utilised all her strength during her gratified confession, Gloria's body convulsed as her grip around Lucifer's neck tightened. Her waist moved back and forth as she let out one loud melodious moan that resounded outside the protective layer of his wings and orgasmed in bliss.

Feeling her inner walls tightening, Lucifer took the clue and let his demonic spunk inside her womb with a low grunt and took his lips to Gloria's exposed neck while her head flung behind in pure ecstasy.

Giving her a brand of a hickey, he felt her juices on his dick while it still remained erect inside her throbbing flower and kissed her collarbone before taking his member out.

Unfurling his wings, he witnessed Perenna getting spanked with her face messed up in drool and tears while Layla took a passionate charge and smacked her numb palms on Perenna's ripe booty mercilessly, making Perenna moan.

"My turn."

He smirked as he placed Gloria on the bed before giving her a quick peck on her forehead before taking Layla into a sudden embrace while his sloppy member entered Perenna's butthole unannounced.

The sudden intrusion caused her eyes to narrow in pain, but at this particular moment, she had already crossed the normal emotion of reciprocating to pain and mixed the feeling with pleasure. Her juices unconsciously squirted while Layla closed her eyes in delight as he felt a familiar tongue ravaging her mouth without any care in the world.


As the trio's sweaty body lay around Lucifer's, their blissful expressions were left unnoticed by Lucifer as the devil sat cross-legged with his eyes closed while he finally carved his ninth skill on his cultivation sphere.

The moment Lucifer carved the last stroke, the nine different inscriptions immediately glowed brightly as all of the Darkness Element energy in his surroundings got sucked into his body, forming a pitch black whirlpool over his head due to the sheer amount of element energy flowing inside his body.

As the element energy within his sphere got refined by the furiously rotating skill charts, Lucifer's body experienced a sudden change.

The dark element energy gushed akin to a raging river as a pitch black dagger emerged from his right palm.

This was the manifestation of his first skill— Lethal Dagger.

But this wasn't all.

His body slowly levitated while his upper and lower body was suddenly covered in a pitch black feathered armour and his arms were covered in a pair of feathered gauntlets.

This was the manifestation of his second skill— Thousand Feather Armour.

His short hair whipped under the strong pressure while a wisp of black mist exploded out of his body, disintegrating the luxurious bed and even affecting the floor constructed from Sun Gold Alloy.

This was his third skill— Corrosion

Slowly, his wings re-emerged and unfurled to their full glory as they glowed crimson. The luxurious black-feathered wings looked absolutely demonic under the crimson glow.

This was the effect of his fourth skill— Dark Manipulation.

Lucifer suddenly opened his eyes as the fifth skill chart on his cultivation sphere glowed while his demonic eyes revealed a pitch black glow.

This was his fifth skill— Soul Lord.

From the pitch black whirlpool, a small droplet of dark element quickly transformed into a dignified dragonfly as it moved around Lucifer's body.

This was his information gathering skill— Million Eyes.

As the quality of element energy in his body increased, Lucifer finally tested his seventh skill and the floor beneath him was immediately covered in a dark swamp as darkness element controlled to form thick tendrils emerged from within and wrapped around the waist of the unconscious trio and slowly placed them away.

This was his skill in consideration for long range attacks— Dark Swamp


Lucifer whispered softly as his body was burdened once again.

To use seven skill simultaneously required unprecedented concentration and quantity of element energy within one's cultivation sphere.

Having both, Lucifer decided to push beyond his assumed limits and his forehead throbbed slightly while the region with the crimson birthmark on his forehead started to morph into a blood-red eye.

"Maya's Call."

Whispering softly, the blood-red third eye glowed brilliantly as their surroundings changed and Lucifer found himself floating in his previous room in Earth.

"Even the sensation of levitation is copied."

Lucifer nodded in satisfaction and finally, his body trembled as the remaining whirlpool of energy was sucked into his body.

He immediately started coughing loudly and strange black liquid started to pour out of his orifices.

Slowly, this strange liquid gathered in front of Lucifer and started to form into a pitch black clone whose face resembled Lucifer's.

Seeing such a poor self-replication, Lucifer sighed in disappointment as he felt his lack of control and quantity and quality of the energy within his being.

Soon, Lucifer's body returned normal while all the skills were stopped.

His body felt light once again and he meditated on his cultivation sphere.

Observing the glowing sphere that did not have a hint of element energy, Lucifer nodded in satisfaction.

He had finally reached the peak of Rank 1 cultivation sphere.

While his skills had an extremely low effect, Lucifer was sure that his skills were quite better than some simple skills such as Fireball or Waterfall.

Heck, even his skill— Dark Manipulation could trump most of the escape and movements techniques such as wind legs and eagle wings.