Villain Summoning in an Eroge
36 Girls— Just Want to Have Fun
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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36 Girls— Just Want to Have Fun

"As the most experienced out of the three of us, I will be commanding this operation."

With a military strictness, Layla spoke with sharp eyes as Perenna snorted and gave her a sidelong glance.

"How are you the most experienced? I clearly have a better taste."

Gloria nodded and gave her own opinion.

"Perenna is right, her sense in clothes and jewellery is better than both of us combined."

"That is of course, true. But remind me once again, who has been a woman for the longest time?"

Layla's question made Perenna snort in frustration once again. She had a feeling that Layla would definitely be using the same argument for a foreseeable future.

Hearing Layla's question, Gloria nodded once again and looked at Perenna.

"She is not wrong, Perenna."

"Will you goddamn choose a side for once!"

Perenna glared at Gloria before shooting Layla a deathly stare.

"So? My experienced female senior, what do you propose?"

Nodding with a slightly smug smile, Layla finally sat on a chair and placed her left leg over her right and played with the bangs of her hair.


Hearing her idea, Gloria and Perenna looked at each other before sighing out loud.

"We definitely aren't going out in some cheap wigs. Do you have a better plan?"

Perenna asked once again.

Seeing the doubt in her eyes, Layla smiled and snapped her fingers.

"It's not just a simple disguise. I am talking about some high-quality ones."

Even though Perenna and Gloria felt a little weird and uncomfortable, they finally complied as Layla gave them a devious disguise. Since all the maids and guards of the Dawn Temple were already infected by Lucifer, they didn't have many worries as they snuck out to the surface city through the connecting gates of the Dawn Temple.


"This is... so... demeaning."

Even Gloria couldn't control her rage as she looked at her own reflection. Covered in loose robes, her curves were completely hidden while her abdomen region looked completely inflated, akin to a pregnant woman.

"From impregnating woman to being one... oh my devils."

Even Perenna held an ugly expression as she touched the soft pillow bulging out from the loose robes.

"Hah? What do you guys know?! With such a disguise, we can even take clothes we like for free."

Layla touched her inflated stomach with a charming grin as she pointed out.

"After all, the two of us can block the shopkeeper's view while the remaining one can sneak away the clothes we like."

"You mean stealing. Can my life get any more..."

Gloria didn't even wish to finish her sentence as Perenna sighed out loud.

"Oh, come on! Why would we even resort to theft? It's extremely stupid. I mean, we can get any clothes by requesting to the Empress."

Layla looked at Perenna with a strange gaze.

"My way is more fun."


"Come on, it was fun!!"

A round-faced youth with a thick moustache cheered out loud as an old man in old and weary robes almost snapped in anger.

"Princess! We almost got killed! K.I.L.L.E.D!!! There's nothing fun in getting killed!!"

The youth with thick moustache looked at the old man and inflated his cheeks.

"What happened to you, Sylvi? We used to get into so many troubles back in the day.

Don't you remember how we bit that stupid guard dog?!"

"Princess, are you even hearing yourself? You bit the dog that was supposed to guard you. You!

If the person that poor dog is supposed to save bit him in the back, how is he even supposed to accomplish his task!

And did you forget that painful procedure for disinfecting you?"

Sylvi's words caused a shiver to run down Nari's spine as she glared at the old man.

"I told you not to mention that incident."

"With all due respect, Princess is the one who stated the incident."

Snorting, Nari looked forward as 'new' moustache waved a little while she whipped the poor steed beneath her buttocks.

They both were travelling through the capital city towards the Dusk-Dawn Border as they chose to travel through the safest trading route. As they rode the steed, they had to bypass various imperial guards that seemed to be searching for something.

"Hey! Wait a minute! Can we get a ride?!"

Seeing a carriage in the distance, Nari immediately waved her hand and shouted in her transformed manly voice while Sylvi immediately tried to stop her.

"Princess, we shouldn't—"

"From now on, I am Brandy and you are my loyal butler, Maedek."

Brandy didn't listen to Maedek's explanation and immediately charged forward towards the carriage that started to slow down.

As Brandy reached the carriage, her eyes went as wide as saucers when her gaze landed on the driver of the carriage.

'Uncle Nemu...'

That's right, the driver of the carriage happened to be the Military Leader of the Dusk Empire, the Emperor's younger brother— Nemu Dusk.

"Ah, traveller. How may I help you?"

Seeing the humble state of her uncle, Brandy's face contorted into a frown while a melodious and angelic voice sounded from within the carriage.

"My child, destiny brought us together. Enter and have a chat with me."

Even though the voice was charming, Brandy couldn't deny the manly magnetic charm of the voice as her body moved on her own and she entered that carriage while Nemu's eyes glowed bright silver.

A strong pressure emerged from his body as the shadow element energy inside his body gushed forth.

Extending his palm and aiming at the anxious Sylvi, who was distressed by the sudden events, a dark grey skill chart formed over his hand and converged into a big creature formed of shadow.


Under the astounded eyes of Sylvi, her whole body was engulfed by the gigantic creature as her consciousness faded while not a single remain of her presence could be detected after Nemu was done.

Meanwhile, Nari's eyes couldn't help but dazzle at the sight her eyes gazed upon.

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