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35 I Mock the World

Lucifer observed the inner library of the academy with an appreciative gaze. Tall wooden shelves accompanied with carved wooden stairs that stretched across the entire chamber as numerous chandeliers on the ceilings brightened the entire library to facilitate a good reading experience.

With furnished wood for floors, the entire inner library portrayed an image of calm and peace.

Walking inside, Lucifer looked through the variety of books that addressed various sections of society and imparted theories left by scholars of the past. Each book in this library is worth a thousand gold coins and yet, the elite disciples didn't even bat an eye to these 'low subjects' and focused on cultivation.

"Truly a waste."

He spoke out loud as he gazed at the thick books. In his previous life, aside from drawing atrocious graphic arts for his eroge, reading was one of Lucifer's passion. Economics, Agriculture, Architecture, Dance, Acting and Music.

While he wasn't smart enough to understand technical subjects such as chemistry, physics and biotech, he still read a lot of simplified copies to keep up with the world.

The reality of the various aspects of life that he managed to code into his game also made his eroge quite popular.

Where other eroges gave mission— Save the princess from the lusty beast, Lucifer's eroge gave mission like— gain the attraction of farmer's triplets and seduce them with your farming skills.

"Eh? Are you talking about the books or the students?"

A youthful voice broke his train of thoughts. Looking back, Lucifer saw a curvaceous black-haired woman with an ordinary oval face while her pitch black eyes were protected by a pair of round glasses. With her body covered in the robes of elite disciples, she held a polite smile as she gazed into Lucifer's eyes with a surprised expression.

In her eyes, Lucifer's form looked too outstanding. As her 'black' eyes met his crimson ones, she gulped lightly but she still tried to maintain her previous expression.

Seeing her, Lucifer spoke with a devious smiled.

"Maybe, I am talking about you. It's truly a waste that I am meeting such a beautiful woman for the first time."

The girl's face immediately burnt in embarrassment as she placed her hands over her cheeks and took a step back.

"Wait- what are you saying out of a sudden?!"

Amused, Lucifer chuckled and shook his head.

"My apologies, I was humouring myself. I hope that I haven't offended..."

Lucifer looked at the bespectacled girl with a questioning look.


"Miss Agni."

Lucifer smiled and picked out a thick book regarding the various forms of markets that have been formed over the years in the Nirvan Continent.

"I meant that it is quite a waste that such resourceful books are undermined by the current generation."

With a displeased pout, Agni gave him a sidelong glance before speaking up.

"How about introducing yourself, too?"

Nodding, Lucifer spoke with a helpless tone.

"How clumsy of myself. Well, I cannot help but forget my own existence in front of a mind-dazzling beauty—"

"Introductions, please!"

Agni hissed fiercely and glared at Lucifer.

"Of course, I am Lucifer, the personal disciple of the honorary elder— her highness the Empress."

If Lucifer's name caused Agni to frown in surprise then his status shocked her to the core. Even if she was quite a bigshot herself, she had to stay hidden, but Lucifer, he is completely different.

She could only think of the places Lucifer would've been after earning this status and background.

"By any chance, you aren't terrified and intimidated by my status, right?"

Hearing his dastardly voice that caused a sense of displeasure in her heart, Agni snorted and looked at his crimson eyes with a wilful defiance.

"Intimidated? Me? You wish!!"

Seeing Lucifer's amused expression, the strange fire of anger raged further and she couldn't help but stomp her legs.

"What are you smiling at?!"

Lucifer placed the book on the nearest stand and walked closer to this fierce stranger with a bright gaze and spoke softly.

"I simply happen to falsify my previous statement.

It wasn't a humour when my heart thumped for your beauty.

It definitely isn't a lie that you are comparable to a jewel in my eyes.

And it is definitely a waste that you have to remain undermined by the present world just like these treasured books that hold the knowledge of the entire continent.

That is the reason for my amused smile; I mock the blind world."

Agni took another step back as she gulped once again.

'My ancestors! Is such a person for real?!!"

Her eyes widened to the extreme as Lucifer took another step forward and brought his face closer to her cheek.

"See, even your fragrance is enticing. If I could I would eat you up right here and right now."

Still stunned, Agni failed to register a strong pair of hands placed in her hips as Lucifer's otherworldly scent numbed her senses.

Trying her best, her eyes suddenly lit gold as her mind immediately cleared up while she quickly took three steps back, breaking the intimate contact.

"I-I-I, uh.... yeah, I need to go! It was nice meeting you, Lucifer."

Agni immediately bowed politely before taking off as she failed to witness the devious smile on Lucifer's face that would've looked especially annoying to her.

Looking sideways, Lucifer finally picked the book regarding the continent's market and sat on the nearest seat while his mind wandered around Agni's sweet scent. He wasn't lying when he praised her.

After all, she is the Lost Princess of the Rising Sun Empire— Agni Dawn, the Blazing Fairy.

"Ah, am I getting arrogant by reaching out too long...."

Lucifer muttered to himself before chuckling.

"What kind of Devil am I if not arrogant?"

With a calm mind, he started gaining knowledge about the previous market structure and the causes of all the changes and evolutions while the whole Dusk Palace was mobilised in a flurry.

The Imperial Princess ran away and brought along her personal maid while one of the greatest treasure of the Dusk Empire— The Rank 6 Delusional Crimson was stolen.


Character Profile

Name: Layla Blaze

Age: 23

Gender: Female (Original)

Likes: Warm Cuddles

Dislikes: Her Noble Clan

Exiled from her noble clan— the Golden Flame Clan, Layla Blaze had a chance encounter with Lucifer that changed both of their lives. While she gained a beloved partner that she was willing to risk her life for, Lucifer gained a trusted partner that he deemed resolute enough to entrust with the Curse Element.

Layla only holds negative feelings towards her clan due to her past experiences but she didn't let all the society influence her life as she rebelled against the ways of her family actively before she was exiled.

Holding some minor grudges against a few men of lower noble families, she joined the border army and decided to help the empire she loves in her own way.

With her original plan to rise in the ranks of the army and then change the empire scraped away, she is determined to get stronger through her cultivation and finish the task she couldn't complete previously.

In her pastime, she likes to shop for beautiful clothes and hold a small place for various snacks in her 'Lucifer Dominant' heart.

She is particularly disgusted by nobles that look at the female kind for their outer beauty and think that they can conquer a woman's heart by force.

(Ironic or not?)