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33 Sacrifice is Eternal

"Perenna Moriah, correct?"

One of the elders appreciated Perenna's beauty and asked lightly while others held a similar appreciative gaze. After all, they all had already devoted their entire life to their cultivation and shallow concept such as beauty is no longer able to stir their aged heart.

Perenna's soft voice resounded in the admission hall as she nodded politely.

"Yes, elders. This disciple's name is Perenna Moriah."

Even though she did not bow, the elders were already expecting such a behaviour after having a talk with Lucifer.

"Do you understand the importance of the element graced upon you by your good fortune?"

One of them asked gravely.

"Holy element is only supposed to be wielded by the legendary holy army to smite the lowly infernal creatures.

As a human, wielding the holy element may cause a lot of unrest and this disciple is aware of all the implications of this natural talent."

The elders nodded while the director sat with his eyes closed. From the moment Perenna stepped into the hall, he had never opened his eyes even once.

"Perenna, would you like to share anything about your parents?"

The ears of other elders perked up. It would be a lie if they never thought that the origin of Perenna's talent may lie in her parents, her blood parents to be exact. After all, the emergence of a human with a natural affinity to holy element could lead them to the remnants of holy force existing on the continent.

While the holy forces were said to have retreated back into the Heaven, nobody could verify that claim even after all these years.

"My parents? My past does not matter. The only thing that matter is my goal and the expectations of my master when I was given my name."

She spoke calmly as her purple eyes glittered in incomparable brilliance.

"And what would that be?"

The director opened his eyes and asked solemnly. After meeting Lucifer, the old man felt that this new disciple of the Ancestor must be tricky, too. After all, if he were to choose a personal disciple, then natural talent and affinity would have been one of the various factors.

The only thing that could catch an experienced master's eyes isn't talent, but motivation and character of the disciple.

And if his own standards were sky-high, then their ancestor's standards must have already pierced through the Heaven's gate.

As the director fell into his own thoughts, Perenna looked at him and smiled softly.

"Sacrifice is Eternal."

The moment she spoke up, the elders' minds buzzed with shock while the director couldn't help but look at Perenna with his eyes wide.

If Lucifer's answer showcased his bold and clever personality then Perenna's answer showcased her undying determination and motivation for an ethereal goal that may consume her but even in that instance, she won't flinch and sacrifice herself with a hearty laugh.

Sacrifice is Eternal!

Three words that contained the truth of the world.

The director thought for a moment before speaking up.

"Do you agree with this meaning... this expectation when you were given this name?"

Perenna bowed her head as her gaze flickered. All this time, she has always pondered on the meaning bestowed upon her by Lucifer.

As she started thinking over the phrase— Sacrifice is Eternal, she found that this statement doesn't only apply to business and goal achievement, but also the way of life.

If you choose to do something else, you are unconsciously sacrificing other things that could have been achieved during the same interval of time.

Though the entire concept can be applied to the whole world and all its glory, every single living being unconsciously rejected this thought.

They rejected the thought of sacrificing something, they rejected the thought of themselves being incapable to hold onto something.

While Perenna wasn't a moral person, she wasn't hypocritical enough to deny such a concept. After all, she had to sacrifice her district and even her gender including her freedom as she gained an opportunity to cultivate and also found a wonderful master.

Collecting her thoughts, she looked up and gazed into the greying eyes of the director that shone in splendor.

"I believe that my belief in this concept won't change a thing because this is the truth. Just like time won't cease to flow and just like living beings will one day cease to live, sacrifice is the truth alongside the flowing time and the impending doom."

The director closed his eyes after hearing her honest reply and relished the aftertaste of her concept.

Opening his eyes, he smiled with gratification that contained a tinge of envy.

"The Ancestor has a good taste in disciples.

Which department would you like to study in?"

"The Entertainment Department."

Perenna replied in a heartbeat.

"Good. You and Lucifer will be my personal students as I will impart you both my knowledge of entertainment and architecture.

Please take your leave."

Being the director of the academy, the old man was already a master in each and every subject taught in the academy. Imparting some core knowledge to these two special disciples wouldn't hurt him.

And personally, even the director wanted to observe their own concepts and growth.

Her request granted, Perenna took her leave and walked out of the admission hall gracefully. If the elders appreciated her beauty in the beginning then now, they appreciated her knowledge and wisdom.


As the duo walked out of the central region, Perenna immediately jumped on Lucifer's right and interlocked her arm with his.

"That was a good concept... the concept of sacrifice being the truth itself."

Lucifer finally spoke after a long time. As he spoke, his arm gripped by another soft arm and a deep valley shook lightly as Perenna gazed at Lucifer's profile.

"I know, master. If I can't even scratch on the surface of the expectations you have for me, then I am simply unworthy to grow by your side."

"As long as you know."

Lucifer nodded and revelled in the soft feeling brought to his right arm as he led Perenna to the imperial waiting room and finally dropped her off as a good and merciful master he was.

"Master, are you sure you don't want to shop?"

Perenna asked once more with a hopeful gaze. She even put on a cute puppy expression even though she knew that such a technique might have absolutely no effect.

"No, I have something to do."

Perenna's shoulders hung low in defeat and she finally left in the imperial elevator with an indignant pout.

As she left, Lucifer looked at a certain direction and couldn't help but let out a small chuckle.

"Sacrifice accompanies every decision. Now that you have decided to teach us personally, I am sure you wouldn't mind sacrificing your granddaughter and daughters to me, right?"

His crimson eyes glowed and his face held a heart-melting devious smirk.

Evidently, a secret storm would raze the whole Empire to the ground.