Villain Summoning in an Eroge
31 Dawn Academy
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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31 Dawn Academy

Lucifer and Layla felt a moment of weightlessness as the gears attached on the roof of the elevator started rotating and clicking along the thick wires that went straight down to the second level of the city that only comprised of the Dawn Academy.

The first level completely belonged to the Imperial Family while the second level comprised of the various activity grounds of the Dawn Academy. With a huge mansion connected to the outer surface of the mountain, the Dawn Academy held dominance over both the sides of the capital city with its resources and talents spread across the various sectors of the economy.

The elevator doors opened up and the two stepped into an empty hall filled with beautiful decorations.

This was the waiting area of the imperial family on the second level.

Stepping onto the artificial floor constructed on the second level, the duo inserted their token in the formation imprinted on the door and walked out into a bustling corridor filled with disciples in light-blue robes and black hats walking around while chatting with each other.

The sounds of them talking to each other mixed together and formed a strange scene akin to customers browsing through a huge market.

In fact, it was a huge market in its own right.

The whole Dawn Academy stretched wide with various sections of different studies and its size could compare to a huge district.

Various students going through financial troubles set up small stalls on the edges of the corridor as they sold their skills and academy points that they had earned through their hard work.

They had finally entered the Dawn Academy!

Before they could move around, a muscular man with a squarish face garbed in similar purple robes came quickly as various commons disciples quickly parted ways the moment their gaze landed on the beautiful embroidered purple robes and gold shoulder guard alongside a white hat that demanded respect.

"My humble greetings to the true disciples. I hope that I haven't kept you waiting for long."

The muscular disciple bowed in front of Lucifer and Perenna gracefully and spoke with a rough accent.

Even though the information about the two of them being the personal disciples of the founding ancestor was still kept a secret from the lower echelon of the empire, how could this news be hidden from the elders of the academy and the four noble clans?

While Rani made Lucifer, Perenna and Layla her own disciples for a proper front, every single elder of the academy knew the true power behind the trio.

A Rank 8 Mythic Continent cultivator!

Even the director of the Dawn Academy remained as a peak Rank 6 cultivator for a long time.

Even the elite disciple in front of the duo only knew that Lucifer and Perenna were the personal disciples of the honorary elder of the academy— The Empress.

The most surprising attribute of this elite disciple was that Perenna's beauty didn't make his eyes brighten at all, Perenna could swear that she even saw a hidden scorn in his eyes but when the man's gaze landed of Lucifer, a small smile emerged on his big rough lips and his boxy eyes held an imperceptible emotion.

But even after feeling such a change, Lucifer's expression remained calm and he returned the bow by clasping his hand in front of his chest.

"Please, senior brother. We shall be in your care."

Even though Lucifer kept an impassive expression, this strange senior brother smiled brightly and nodded.

"Yes, greetings to the senior brother."

To confirm her doubts, Perenna put a sweet smile that definitely gave the surrounding students a modern disease named diabetes but even then, the senior brother of theirs only replied calmly as his smile faltered after encountering Perenna's.

"Yes, follow me."

He turned his heels and started walking towards the Hall of Admission under the awestruck gazes of all the common disciples.

After all, the minimum requirement of joining the ranks of elites in any of the department to reach Rank 3 Crystal stage.

Unlike other kingdoms, the Rising Sun Empire has always stressed on the economic sector of the Empire and many gifted scholars have also graced the Empire with various theories and applications that only increased the productivity of the entire empire.

"I am Lucifer and this is Perenna. May I know Senior Brother's name?"

Their strange senior brother immediately stopped and turned back with a deep frown on his face.

"Lucifer? Like the first devil?"

Lucifer shook his head and spoke with a smile.

"No, like the archangel."

"Isn't that the same thing?"

"Senior brother, how can it be the same? As an Archangel, Lucifer spread joy and satisfaction. I intend to do the same."

Lucifer never thought that his true aspirations would get him into any kind of trouble. After all, there was still a huge wall of unknown between the two and this senior brother would've never imagined that the handsome boy he took a shine on was really the king of the infernal realm— Lucifer.

A pleased smile escaped the disciple's lips and he suddenly laughed out loud.

"Good. Just like the archangel, you will bring peace. Bold and righteous aspiration!

Nice to meet you Lucifer and you girl. My name is Gahna Blaze from the four noble clans."

Gahna turned once again and finally led the duo to the central region of the Dawn Academy and brought them to the gates of the admission hall before speaking up once again.

"This is the Admission Hall. If you wish to contact me then remember that I am the Elite Disciple of the Administrative Department.

Once the Elders call your name, be sure to enter the hall without any delay. Even if you are the disciples of her highness, some of the Elders may fail to give you and your background any face.

"I appreciate the senior brother's advice."

Lucifer nodded and waited alongside Perenna while Gahna left his junior brother's side reluctantly.

"Remember, no matter what happens, do not select the War Department."

Lucifer's voice rang within Perenna's mind and she nodded solemnly. If even Lucifer was warning her personally, then the implications of joining the war department must be out of her reach.

Even though Perenna herself is an adept scholar and well-versed in the ways of commerce and trading, her knowledge about myths and legends alongside the tradition of various cultures is also unfathomable.

If she lacked anything in the department of knowledge, then it would be battle and war. Perenna herself had heard a lot of dreadful rumours regarding the psychological effect on a soldier's mind after continuous participation in wars and while the continent is in an era of relative peace, the armies of every nation have to battle the threat of infernal demons and beasts almost every day.

Perenna nodded without giving any reply. She still had some concerns that they were being monitored and her master's mode of contact affirmed her doubts.

Taking their seat on the resting area, Lucifer started to meditate and feel the overflowing darkness element inside his body. After so many rounds of cultivation, he was once again eligible to carve out another skill on his cultivation sphere.

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