Villain Summoning in an Eroge
30 Husband and Wife?
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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30 Husband and Wife?

Gloria's eyes shone brilliantly as compliments flew out of her mouth while even Layla felt a little envious of Perenna going out with Lucifer to the academy every day.

Dressed in a purple robe with a golden shoulder guard that went along a thin and beautifully carved breastplate hung on both of their bodies while a dazzling white scholar's hat covered their heads.

Lucifer's crimson pupils looked particularly enchanting to Layla when he wore the uniform designated to the elite students of the Dawn Academy.

"It is not the clothes that bring out master's brilliance rather it is master's brilliance that enhances the charm of this uniform."

Gloria nodded thoughtfully as Perenna snuggled on Lucifer's shoulder while her narrowed eyes gazed at Layla's cute pout, enjoying the whole scenario to the extreme.

"This is unfair. Unjust!"

Layla muttered and gave the devilish duo a sidelong glance with her hands crossed below her breasts, accentuating them further. The tanned beauty felt unfair because of her comrade having all the fun alongside Lucifer while she was stuck with the living ancient that still couldn't understand the current generation's slang.

"Alright, Gloria, you have three tasks. Cultivate, Layla's tutoring and protection of the Devil's Smirk. Got it?"

"Master's words, I shall obey."

Gloria nodded and bowed as her crimson hair cascaded from her back, revealing her naked back as her royal gown only covered her lower body from the backside. Seeing her bold outfit, the trio couldn't help but raise their eyebrows.

"What's with the outfit?"

Perenna asked out as she made a mental note to purchase such a gown for special occasions.

After her gender was transformed, Perenna slowly felt more accustomed to the female's body and her fashion sense only grew bolder. After all, she was once a mayor and a ruler of her own right and loved to dress herself up for many occasions. It could be said that purchasing well-designed clothes was one of Perenna's mortal hobby.

"This dress? This belonged to my wife. I decided to save it after she passed away during my son's birth."

Gloria replied as a look of reminiscence flashed by her face. She then touched the strap of the gown that was connected to a deep frontal neck that only connected right below her breasts.

"You are wearing dead wife's clothes? Okay, I finally know what I have to do after a session of cultivation.


Layla spoke with dazzling eyes. If she cannot have fun with Lucifer, she might as well buy some beautiful dresses and robes now that she had returned to the capital.

"I'll tag along."

Perenna chipped in while Layla looked at Lucifer.

"What about you, Lucifer? I can find some robes that would finally be worthy of your handsomeness."

She winked and giggled.

"As enticing as it sounds, I have a fish to hook in. So I won't be able to join you guys."

Lucifer smiled as he adjusted the sleeves of his robes and finally bade farewell to the fiery duo and left alongside Perenna.

Walking out of the temple gates, the devilish duo encountered the head maid that was already infected by Lucifer and she quickly led them to one of the elevators that could only be administered by the Imperial lineage.

The golden plated elevator dazzled Perenna as a conspicuous green circular mark with its boundary surrounded by spikes could be seen inscribed on the topmost right corner of the elevator.

The Goblin's Scar!

Goblins, Dwarves and the Iron Pixies are the leading species that dominates the entire mechanical and technical market of the whole Nirvan Continent. While Dwarves are commissioned to create artefacts of battle and wars, the Iron Pixies and Goblins lean towards the more commercial use of their technology as they excel in the application of natural laws and scientific knowledge to invent new technologies and earn profits.

200 years ago, the Goblin race took the whole continent by surprise with the invention of elevators and ever since then, their growth has been unstoppable.

With their brand rising, the goblin community came up with a unifying sign that united all of their inventions to reduce their internal instability as well as get a solid standing in the Nirvan Alliance.

That very insignia came to be known as the Goblin's Scar.

Lucifer and Perenna entered their token provided by the Empress and stepped inside the elevator while the maid bowed one last time before taking her leave.

Since the three of them were presented as Gloria's disciple, the trio received a token that made their status comparable to the various leader of the four noble clans themselves and lower than the Imperial elders.


"They have entered the elevator. I can sense it.

Hey, they have entered the elevator.

Don't ignore me! Hmph! If it wasn't for my beautiful acting, the Ancestor wouldn't have bought our act.

Do you even know the consequences of your action? Killing the Emperor himself just for a moment of rage! Tch!"

In the personal chamber of the Imperial couple, Rani, still in her luxurious robes and a jeweled crown slumped on the soft mattress and pouted while another Rani sat in front of the dressing table and looked at her own reflection with an impassive gaze.

Gazing at her immature twin, Rani still had a calm expression and spoke up with a gentle smile.

"I really had no choice at that time. If it wasn't for his own actions, I would have still compromised with Viarth.

Do you think I feel happy getting separated from my daughter the moment she was born."

The 'Rani' laying lazily on the bed immediately quietened down as she felt heartache for her twin sister to lose her daughter the moment she gave birth to her.

"Don't worry. The moment I breakthrough, I will finally defeat that stuck-up bastard and take my daughter back."

The Empress spoke up as her image rippled in the mirror. Her crimson hair shortened considerably while her face gained an envious masculinity and her round charming eyes transformed into slightly narrower ones. Even her clothes changed mysteriously and finally, the current Emperor of the nation— Viarth Dawn appeared in front of the naked eyes.

Looking back, a magnetic voice emerged from her vocal cords and Viarth spoke smilingly at Rani.

"With two Rank 6 cultivators, I don't think that even a peak Rank 6 like that old man would be able to keep up."

A devious smile emerged on Viarth's face while Rani rolled her eyes.

"Man, if the original Viarth didn't have such a dull personality, I would've been the one jumping into his bed."

She got up and adjusted her disheveled hair with a chuckle.

"Oh? Darling? I don't know what you mean? I am Viarth, my wife. Now, let's talk about jumping into my bed."

Rani chuckled and flicked Viarth's forehead.

"What's with this stupid impersonation? Did you even forget that I am the talented elder sister?"

Akin to a poisonous viper, Viarth's arms latched onto Rani's boneless waist and brought her closer, bringing their face closer to each other as his piercing eyes gazed into the slightly blushing Rani's.

"Of course you are the talented one. After that useless husband, you were the one who kept me warm.

Why don't we put your talent into use once again?"

Rani's blush deepened as she heard the soft whispers while the true identity of the speaker only increased the tingling sensation spreading throughout her body.

But she still kept her senses and smacked the back of his head and bit her lips.

"Enough of that already! I told you, right? Only on special occasions! S.P.E.C.I.A.L!"

"Fine, fine~"

Viarth raised his hand with a defeated expression.

After they both stopped messing around, Viarth sat down with a grim expression and couldn't help but raise his voice.

"What about the ancestor? While she is definitely an ally, we need to prepare for the consequences and understand more about the whole situation.

The sudden awakening of ancestors will definitely shake the whole continent and change the tides towards the original seven alliance members once again. We will start by upgrading our production efficiency."

Rani sighed and pointed out her younger twin's mistake.

"Don't get too focused on the commercial aspect. The awakening of the seven virtues can never be simple and who's to say that the seven sins cannot appear once again? You need to prepare for your tribulation as quickly as possible.


Character Profile

Name: Perenna Moriah

Age: 31

Gender: Female (Recent)

Likes: Extremely spicy food

Dislikes: Disobedience

A holy succubus with an unique constitution allowing her tow wield the Holy as well as the Infernal Element. With her arrogant heart conquered, she found her thoughts broadened as she went out with her master.

Being one of the highest ranked scholars, she was perceptive and smart enough to collect the data regarding the summoning process of the King of Hell. While her fortune played a major part, nobody can deny her talent in information gathering.

She is passionate about spicy food that can numb her tongue while she is also fond of wearing various designer and exotic clothes.

Although she loves her master's bed sessions, she isn't particularly interested in showing such displays of affection in public.

Although she shows her bright and cheerful side to her comrades, her enemies are the one who gets to see her demonic side. With her purple cold eyes, she wouldn't hesitate to slash a child if it benefits her master's plans.

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