Villain Summoning in an Eroge
29 Secret to a Peaceful Hear
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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29 Secret to a Peaceful Hear

After the imperial couple took their leave, the quartet remained in the hall filled with sunlight and enjoyed its warmth.

"Aren't you surprised?"

Layla opened up as she gazed at Lucifer's back with a mysterious gaze, trying to figure out his thoughts and uncover the mysterious veil over his heart, wanting to know more about his experiences and choices.

After all, Lucifer's past actions laid the foundation for his current thought pattern and behaviour which attracted Layla towards himself akin to a moth attracted to the deadly blaze that threatened to swallow its entire existence.

"Layla Blaze... the only child of the Champion Lutheran, correct?"

With his hand behind his back, Lucifer basked in the sunlight as his short lustrous black hair reflected the golden rays.


Layla replied softly as her gaze lowered involuntarily.

"Being the only heir to the vast wealth of one of the four flame noble clans, you decided to forsake your noble inheritance and decided to join the army with a meager cultivation of Rank 1 sphere.

If I didn't know any better, I would have assumed that you were kicked out but that is clearly not the case."

Lucifer turned back with a knowing smile and spoke out.

"Like I stated previously. I know a rebel when I see one. Layla Blaze, your reason for rebelling against your family and inheritance is still a mystery but I wouldn't be the Progenitor of Lust if I actually schemed against you for your wealth.

That kind of mortal action speaks of the Lord of the Greed. I accompanied you because of your heart. I lust after your heart and only your heart enticed my desires to keep you together with me, not your flesh, not your beauty and definitely not your wealth.

If you want to give a title to these possessions and concepts, then think of them as beautiful icing over a delicious dessert that needs to be savoured slowly."

Closing the distance, Lucifer's left palm supported Layla's soft chin and raised her head while matching her gaze with a calm expression.

"Why do you feel so embarrassed? After all, in this continent, there can be nothing more embarrassing than siding with the Devil. You should act more shameless and selfishly, just the way you act in bed with me."

His brazen words and immodest smile caused her tanned face to blush as her ears twitched lightly. Her dark brown beauty mark only furthered her charm while her glimmering eyes held uncountable emotions that remained open to Lucifer.

"Say, do you want to do it in the most auspicious temple of the whole Rising Sun Empire? I bet that it will ease your frustration. You can even brag your accomplishments if you wish to."

With his hand around her neck, Lucifer gave a light kiss on her pouty lips and snickered devilishly.

"You are so bad!"

Layla buried her head after hearing his words while Lucifer looked at Perenna and Gloria, who were glancing at each other awkwardly.

"Why so stiff? Gloria, this is your home and as a host, you will have to work particularly hard."

His words reduced the tension and he kissed Layla's ear while whispering softly. Though his words weren't heartwarming, hearing his honest remarks did make Layla feel completely refreshed.

"Any Devil worth its salt would definitely be bad. And I am the King of Hell, my little princess. If I am not bad, then humans aren't selfish and God is a kind entity."

He picked Layla up by wrapping his hand around his legs and raised her body on his shoulders. Spanking her perky butt, Lucifer entered Gloria's private chambers while hugging Perenna's waist with his other hand.

The private chamber only consisted of a luxurious mattress surrounded by blue pillars at their corners as light blue, translucent curtains surrounded the entire mattress.

Robes were disrobed while passionate kisses were passed onto each other's lips as the group quickly devolved into an enthralling action of sharing each other's saliva. Their breaths grew hotter after each round of kiss and Lucifer finally started the tasting of dessert from Layla.

With his hand spreading her thighs apart, making her unable to clench her thick thighs around his neck and pull him in even further, Lucifer's long demonic tongue teased Layla's g-spot as Layla's tongue was taken by her dazzling master that decided to teach her disciple the various forms of pleasure induced through the tongue of a being.

Meanwhile, Lucifer's hot shaft had a pair of milky white hands moving in a vertical motion as a soft fleshy tongue wrapped around the head of the little general and saluted it with awe and respect.

Not being able to grab something, Layla's hand found their solace in her master's large and enticing bust as she started pinching and twirling her nipples, fully reciprocating the pleasure she herself gained from her master's tongue.

Under the sound of slurping and sucking accompanied by suppressed moans of pleasure, the group shared each other's fluids and with a loud shout, Layla finally gave into the sweet bliss of her beloved's 'heavenly' tongue.

"Hah hah~ Lucifer, I want it, I want it! I want to make others realise their mistakes for treating me the way they used to. I want to return the humiliate those who humiliated me.


Before Layla could continue, her eyes teared up unconsciously as she recalled her previous experiences. Taking her soft lips and sharing her own love juice, Lucifer smiled lightly and whispered into her ears.

"They say that letting go of your past brings you peace. I say that they are wrong. Only by returning the favour can you actually find peace in your heart.

So be sure to achieve what you just said. Give them pain and humiliation. Do not falter for I am always behind you."

Lucifer started tasting her neck and collarbone while he mentally ordered Perenna to let go of his shaft which ended up finding its comfort inside Layla's catch in one swift motion, bringing pleasure to both of them. While Layla's moans were suppressed by her master's puffy pussy over her face, Perenna decided to one-up her game and used her pure white tail to please herself while her soft lips found their place on the smacking point of the duo and started pleasing Lucifer's balls while her tongue gave a practiced lick to Layla's jewel.

Picking his body up, Lucifer grabbed Layla's calves and completely spread her legs as his gaze landed on the mesmerizing scene of his shaft stretching her catch while Perenna's unusual flexibility brought them new realms of pleasure.

Looking straight at Gloria, who was sitting on Layla's face, their gazes met and then leaned on each other and started ravaging each other's mouth while Layla's fingers slid into Gloria's back door, causing her eyes to widen but before she could yelp, her tongue was wrapped by Lucifer's, making her cum once again.

Even Layla's body quivered as her inner walls tightened, preparing for the oncoming flood while Lucifer's already large rod got slightly bigger, preparing to meet the blow with his own.

With a grunt, Lucifer and Layla climaxed together as her inner walls were bypassed, filling her insides with his demonic spunk while Lucifer thrusted one last time before Layla felt her strength losing as her hold on Gloria's perky butt loosened up.

Her breaths grew hotter and heavier, which directly stimulated Gloria's catch right above her face and made her face even more alluring.

"Good job holding it till now."

Lucifer broke his kiss with Gloria and took out his messy rod before presenting it in front of the greedy Perenna, who was itching to be ravaged once again.

As he took out his rod, Gloria's gaze was attracted to the sticky fluid flowing out of Layla and she immediately dived down and stuck her tongue deep inside her catch, making Layla open her eyes once again as she pleased Gloria with a renewed vigor. They used their fingers, spit and even tried to move their tongue in a spiral motion while stretching each other's opening with their thumbs.

Lucifer, on the other hand, grabbed onto a Perenna's head as her cheeks were puffed up by her master's rod deep inside her throat, making her unable to breathe through her mouth while the opening for her nose also got narrower.

Her eyes rolled up with tears forming on the corner of her eyes, her hands wrapped around Lucifer's legs and grabbed onto his butt for support, pulling him even further, wanting to swallow his balls if her physique allowed her to.

Feeling her warm fleshy tongue wrapped around the base of his shaft while his tip kept on exploring her throat, Lucifer started moving her mouth slowly and increased the speed steadily until the sound of slushing and slurping of their act dominated the entire chamber.


"That was great~"

With her hair still wet after washing up, Layla kissed Lucifer's cheek with a cheeky grin and winked at him.

"Yes, master. Your glorious rod impaled us all into a new being capable of feeling new realms of pleasure that was unimaginable to our bodies and thoughts."

Hearing Gloria's compliment, Lucifer's expression couldn't help but turn amused as Perenna rolled her eyes in annoyance this time.

"Oh, don't be so formal. What are you afraid of saying it in simple terms? Master simply fucked our minds out. There! Was that so hard?"

She huffed and crossed her arms beneath her bust that pushed her naked and wet breasts upwards. Her silver hair clung onto her back and shoulders while her curly eyelashes quivered due to the passing breeze.

Covering herself in a blanket, Perenna immediately lept on Lucifer's left as Layla had already taken his right beforehand.

Since they were all alone, Gloria couldn't keep up her dignity in front of the other members who had shared her master's rod and fluids and simply sighed at Perenna's words.

"It is not that I wish our master falsely. I am merely unaccustomed with the speech of the current generation."

She explained with a smile.

"Well, she does sound polite compared to you, Perenna."

Layla poked and immediately entered into a verbal argument with Perenna while Lucifer simply closed his eyes to rest his mind while Gloria took this chance to massage her master's legs and gain even more favour.



I wrote this chapter with special intentions.

In this chapter, I wished to explore Lucifer's character as a living being. See, according to my imagination, a villain isn't someone devoid of emotions.

Yes, a villain may be immoral in the eyes of society but that doesn't mean that he isn't capable of humor, romance and many other emotions.

If you ask me, many of the chinese mc with the thoughts 'I am doing what I want, I am protecting for a just cause' , are more of a villain than others.

I believe that a hero doesn't exist. If he kills, then he is no better than the villain but if he lets the villain live than all the future murder will be in the hands of the hero himself, which defaults his existence once again.

I hope that I was able to make all my readers understand the slight amount of complicated emotions I hold towards the concept of Hero and Villains.

Both of them are living beings that made different choices due to different thoughts and experiences.

That is all.

And of course, I will definitely try to portray this concept in this novel where our hero (the villain) will try to find the true meaning of peace that conforms to my ideals.

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