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"Oh, my go— Devils! This is soooo~ amazing!"

Layla giggled as her luxurious hair whipped under the passing wind while she held tight onto the magnificent Pegasus which provided much warmth in contrast to the icy cold temperature present in such heights.

Looking back, Layla managed to grab onto the Pegasus with one hand while she used her another hand to swipe her hair away to gaze at Lucifer's calm face. Even though her giggles and laugh vanished due to Pegasus' quick speed, her smile still managed to convey uncountable feelings.

But there was something even more amusing to Layla at this moment. It wasn't the fact that she felt like a deity when she looked at the tiny cities, or the fact that she actually felt completely alive at this given moment.

No, the source of her amusement was her own bed-activities 'senior'— Perenna.

Her milky white arms wrapped around the soft orangish neck of the Pegasus, she completely buried her face into the Pegasus'luxurious mane while refusing to look down. Her silver-white hair tied into a ponytail could barely remain together as they whipped around furiously, just like her anxious heart.

At this moment, Layla felt a pang of regret that she didn't have the skills required to control the Pegasus and move near Perenna to tease her. Shaking her head to remove these useless thoughts, she decided to fully enjoy such a refreshing experience.

"Master, what do you have in mind after reaching the Rising Sun Empire?"

Gloria controlled the element energy inside her body to form a thin layer of protection as she brushed her hair behind her ear and connected with Lucifer through sheer control over her element.

At this moment, Perenna and Layla still didn't know how to apply their elements for basic usage without resorting to their skills as it requires a high degree of experience.

Even Lucifer himself couldn't control his element in such an advanced degree to communicate telepathically with others, but he did create a thin and delicate layer of protection to keep him covered from the swift winds.

The moment he heard Gloria's voice, he tried to connect with her element and sent his thoughts to her.

Though, he could use his contract, Lucifer still wanted to adapt to the various applications of elements.

"Well, at first, I had thoughts of taking the three of you right now due to how enticing the prospects are, but it is still dangerous and I will let this desire go for the time being."

Lucifer communicated with a light smile while his words stunned Gloria. Even she had to admit that the prospect of enjoying the embrace of your beloved/master in the air does sound enticing. Her thoughts drifted to the memories of her inner body getting wrecked by pleasurable pounds deep into her coochie while the melodious sound of her Master's balls slapping her delicate butt cheeks resounded in the room.

Gulping, Gloria felt her connection getting unstable and she immediately focused once more as she heard Lucifer's thoughts.

"If I am correct, the current Empress— Rani Dawn, is still under the pressure of her father to find a right spouse after she killed her last husband. I will have you enlist Perenna and myself into Dawn Academy.

I think it's time that the crimson priestess finally find out about her crimson empress of a mother."

Lucifer smiled deviously as he thought of the most courageous priestess in the history of Nirvan Continent.


Her body tingled ever so lightly as her breathing grew deeper and harder, making her beautiful and large mounds motions up and down accompanied with a slight jiggle.

She couldn't see anything as she was aware that she was blindfolded but her sweat made her naked body feel cold. Her hands still chained up while she felt a hot breeze passing by her long brown-skinned ear.

"I see, your body is begging for more."



Her whole body trembled as a sting could be felt from her already numb butt cheeks as the pain interlaced with a mysterious source of pleasure, wreaking her mind and body alike while crystal clear juice flowed out of her puffed up coochie, dripping down with a melodious sound of dripping water while her legs remained chained apart, begging to rub against each other to reduce the itch of her well-developed pussy and overwhelmed heart.

"Oh? You wanted more?"

The same devilish voice whispered into her ears as she felt something soft wrapping ear and ravaging it ever so slowly, making her mind go numb.

"No, hah hah, this isn—"


Her buttocks trembled once again as her neck arched up and her purple tongue flicked out, destroying her hold over her own drool that threatened to leak while her juices exploded outwards.


Shayna immediately woke up with her white clothes hugged her sweaty body, her body tingled lightly as she slowly touched her special little place between her crotch and found it soaking wet.

Though nobody could gaze at her frowning face due to a white cloth covering her head and hair, she felt all too alarmed by her current state.

It's already been more than a week since she has been waking up to such lustful nightmares. Even after checking her body countless times, she failed to detect any anomaly but her instincts made her realise that something was terribly wrong with her body.

"Ah! Mother! You slept for too long!"

A cute blonde girl pouted and immediately jumped onto Shayna as she buried her face into her soaked clothes.

"Mother smells! She needs a bath!"

She immediately backed up and stuck out her tongue with a cheeky grin waved her hand in an exaggerated fashion.

Seeing her antics, a beautiful smile converged on Shayna's face but it remained regretful that nobody could see through her cloth and gaze at her face.

"Jeanne! You have gotten even more naughty! Let mother punish you with a soap bubble bath!"

Shayna immediately picked the giggling Jeanne upside down as the kid's hair hung loosely while her cheerful laughter filled the entire tent.

"Oh? Where is Jet?"

Looking around, Shayna couldn't find Jet as she placed Jeanne on her shoulders.

"Brother went out to play with other kids! I wanted to go and play too, but he wouldn't let me! He's so mean!"

Jeanne pouted once again and spoke with her cute voice filled with charming resentment.

"Don't worry! I am here now, right? I will give you a good bath as a punishment and then we will punish him, too."

"Ah! Don't give him bath punishment. Give him the spanky-spanky punishment."

Jeanne raised her palms and swiped them in the air as she failed to notice her adoptive mother's body trembling the moment she spoke of 'spanky-spanky' punishment.


The Capital of the Rising Sun Empire— Dawn City.

Comparable to Dusk city in its status and architecture, the Dawn city looked like a huge temple of gold built on a mountain in various heights. On top of the mountainous structure, an orange-red palace glowed brightly under the piercing sun and became an artificial celestial object of the entire city.

Right beneath the beautiful sun-like palace, another large construct of glowing golden stones could be seen in the shape of a traditional mansion whose size was comparable to the regal palace.

As the group flew near the Dawn city, the expected heat didn't strike them and they only felt warm and cool, making their tired bodies refreshed.

"What a sight!"

Perenna finally felt relieved when her pegasus reduced the height of the flight and looked at the warm city with a fond nostalgia. Unknown to the group, save for Lucifer, Layla felt even more nostalgic than any of them.

With a graceful neighing, the pegasuses landed right in front of the palace gates, where a group already awaited their arrival.