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"According to future events, a round of cleansing will take place in the Nirvan Continent to rank the seven alliance members in the next alliance meeting."

Lucifer muttered.

After establishing his fourth skill, he had firmly taken a step in the middle-stage of his Rank 1 cultivation.

A group of three skills entailed one stage in cultivation.

Namely— Initial, Middle, High, Peak.

Just like him, the seven virtues had advanced their cultivation by utilising all the resources and carving out three skills. To cultivate even further, they would require even more element energy by meditation and consuming appropriate resources.

Perenna, on the other hand, was still stuck on inscribing her first skill as she has already started to form her battle system.

Every cultivator requires a good battle system according to their future expectations.

If Lucifer leaned on to all-round development of his skills then Kamala preferred a battle system based on supporting other groups while Ren's battle system revolved around information gathering and escaping skills.

Due to this reason, every single Rank 1 cultivator has a deep urge to tour the entire continent to broaden his horizons before forming a foolproof battle system.

Since this experience was completely new to Perenna and Layla, they had to carefully plan out their system and then develop their skills based on their thoughts.

Lucifer and others were in the diner when the appointed maids brought in various dishes.

Of course, these mortal maids were being controlled by Lucifer.

Placing the dishes in front of Lucifer and others, the maid bowed down and walked away without any control over their bodies as only the whites of their eyes were present.

"Separation is natural. You all have to control your territories now that you have chosen to awaken. I will return to the Rising Sun Empire alongside Gloria."

Lucifer spoke out as the seven heroines nodded in understanding. They never expected to stay by their master's side in the first place.

As the first generation heroines that took part in the first war of determining the fate of the continent, the seven were able to grasp the big picture.

The emergence of new heroes!

They didn't need Lucifer's reminding on the matter as they knew that Lucifer's resurrection would definitely alert the holy ones and cause them to send their troops in the mortal plane once they find out their master's whereabouts.

"You all will only have one task— Preparation. I don't particularly care for your people and the armies you can gather because they are mere cannon fodder.

I want you all to be prepared, especially you, Thalia.

If I am not incorrect then you will have to face the warriors of each rank to finally return to your former glory, right?"

The Ogres were rare intelligent creatures that had a high affinity with the blood element.

But this affinity was the reason for such a short number of tribesmen held in their tribes even when the ogres have a high fertility.

They needed the blood of their own tribesmen to grow stronger quickly. Of course, they could use the blood of infernal creatures and mindless monsters but the blood of their own tribe proved to be the most efficient.

This cause the tribe to create a system where any ogre regardless of their gender and cultivation will have to go through constant battles in their arena.

Of course, the battles were based on their cultivation ranks and was held every six months and only the ogres elder than the age of 14 are forced to participate in this battle.

The only way to escape this system was to choose any other element except the blood element but to even then, almost 90% of the ogres chose the blood element due to its benefits.

Thalia nodded solemnly and spoke out.

"Master, I shall say all my obstacles and grind myself in my enemy's blood and bones to become the sharpest blade under your command."

"Tut- kiss ass!"

As Thalia vowed, Kamala grunted from the side, causing Thalia to snort in annoyance once again.

"Now, now, let's eat with master. I don't when we will get such a chance once again."

Anna's pale gold eyes glimmered as she smiled sweetly, easily dispelling the tension between the pixie and the ogress.

Lucifer nodded at her words and spoke out.

"All right, let's pray. Everyone, close your eyes and repeat after me."

The nine beautiful women closed their eyes as Lucifer smiled lightly and spoke out.

"O' Devil."

(All) "O' Devil."

"We are grateful for the gluttony."

(All) "We are thankful for the gluttony."

"We shall forever keep our hearts open to temptations."

(All) "We shall forever keep our hearts open to temptations."

"We shall forever rebel the God."

(All) "We shall forever rebel the God."

Lucifer nodded and smiled.

"Let's dig in."

The surroundings turned warm as everyone smiled and ate happily as a light blue wisp of mist emerged out of the body of the nine females dressed in unique robes that brought out their natural charm and beauty.

Under Lucifer's control, the blue mist entered the brown Devil's Smirk whose size had gotten slightly smaller. If it reached Lucifer's chest then now it only reached his belly button.

He also ate heartily and felt completely satisfied.

"Master? I wanted to ask for this for a long time but couldn't get the chance."

"Sure, what do you have in your mind?"

Lucifer looked at the silver-haired Karma, who wore a silver robe imprinted with forest green pattern. Her silver eyes held a natural glimmer that attracted men and women alike. If Thalia was supposed to be his blade and Anna was supposed to be the seven's leader, then Karma was definitely the strategist that controlled a large mob of living dead.

"Why didn't you try and stay right here? The Dusk Empire is definitely the holy place for shadow and dark element."

Karma already knew that staying together was a pipedream and she was prepared to take control of her Goblin's Palace by hook or crook. In reality, the seven deeply understood that without being able to control their own land, they wouldn't have any chance to return to their former glory.

But she still couldn't understand her master's intentions of returning back to the Rising Sun Empire with Gloria.

While he could cultivate with Layla and Perenna, it would be quicker to intake various treasures of the dark element that happened to be present in the Dusk Empire in abundance.

Lucifer smiled and spoke plainly.

"Let's just say that this place has fulfilled its destiny. Staying here might just bring more trouble than benefit."

Karma nodded without asking more as they ate. Thalia ate in a boisterous fashion that drew Kamala's ire once again while Gloria and Nora ate with natural grace and elegance belonging to high-class nobility. Anna's face held her constant smile as she avoided most of the seafood and ate beef and other cooked meat. Karma, on the other hand, held a particular interest in various fruits.

Perenna and Layla, who sat to Lucifer's left and right ate with a blissful expression. It had already been long since they were able to eat together with Lucifer with such satisfaction.

Their energy depleted due to constant sexual sessions and cultivation, the food on the long dining table quickly fell short as more and more dishes replaced the empty plates.

Meanwhile, Ren was the one who ate the least. After eating three plates worth of fruits and ground beef, she set aside her knife and fork and closed her eyes silently.


"I, Nethar Dusk, am honoured by accommodating and entertaining my comrades."

Covered in black robes with glittery silver patterns, Nora smiled warmly at the six virtues and the trio disciples and clasped her hands in front of the six.

"The honour was ours!"

The six spoke together and returned the notion as the Emperor, Empress and the Imperial Princes of the Dusk Empire stood witness to a special scene of all the seven heroes gathered together.

While Lauren, the Empress of the Dusk Empire felt dazzled by the beauty of her ancestors, all the princes helf respectful expression while they silently eyed Layla and Perenna.

Gazing at the seven virtues with ill intentions was a cardinal sin in their heart but it couldn't be said the same for Layla and Perenna. While the four princes gazed at the devilish duo's body with a nefarious blaze in their hearts, the only princess of the Empire looked at Lucifer with an infatuated expression.

A gentle smile that enchanted his devilish look while the red mark on his forehead caused her heart to beat even faster. Beautiful crimson eyes akin to treasured rubies while his black and red robes could barely contain his raw charm.

The feature that made her heart flutter was his short hair. Unlike all the men she had ever met in her life, Lucifer was the only one who held short and spiky black hair and made this hairstyle look so good.

As the Imperial Offsprings had their own thoughts, Nora continued.

"Ganthor, my oldest friend, we all are handing you the burden with that seal. I hope that you will keep it safe until we all get stronger once again."

Nora's words caused Naga to raise his eyebrows silently.

He didn't particularly care for the seal that held the 'demon'. Unconsciously, even Naga held complete faith in the seven heroes' prowess.

The thing that made him alert was Nethar's statement of getting stronger once again. As an Emperor, this statement definitely meant that the control of his Empire may not belong to him anymore but if he stops thinking with the mind of an Emperor, he found another hidden implication.

Why would the seven heroes, who commanded and fought together with Holy Army, wish to get stronger again?

The only assumption that remained in his mind was something that caused his heart to shiver.

Another War!

But still, he always had this nagging feeling that he couldn't point out. This feeling made him fear the future events even more. After all, the fear of the unknown is something that is present in every being.

As Naga processed the meaning of his ancestor's words, Gloria stepped forward and picked up the egg and bowed lightly.

"Rest assured for I will take care of this seal."

Nethar nodded with a light smile.

Due to such a special occasion, Naga had already dismissed all his guards and they all stood alone outside the gates of the palace.

"We will meet again."

Anna spoke lightly as others nodded.

Turning back, Anna entered into the dark-blue carriage manned by a black-scaled merman while the green amphibious horses snorted lightly.

A blue wave emerged from their hooves and the carriage slowly walked up into the sky alongside the floating waves.

Ren, on the other hand, gave a polite nod and held hands with another green-haired elf warrior and immediately disappeared in the winds.

Thalia took a deep breath as her eyes shone coldly. Sitting atop a Blood Saber, she took off with a small group of Rank 5 Blood Ogres.

Kamala hugged Nora with a sweet smile as she snapped her fingers and a thick root emerged from beneath her feet and formed into a small cabinet.

Giving Gloria an envious look for the thing that she used to be disgusted with, she entered the cabinet and quickly left through the earth.

Karma smiled and bowed to Nora and Gloria before nodding at Naga and left with her own group of goblins in a metal carriage that was constructed on wheels and ran through hot air.

Gloria smiled and looked at the flaming Pegasus with a fond nostalgia before rubbing its head. There were a total of four Flame Pegasuses as the final group quickly sat on the saddle and Gloria formed a golden ring around the Devil's Smirk that tied it to the Pegasus.

The golden ring was a Rank 3 binding artifact gifted by Nora.

Finally, the Flaming Pegasus took off in a predetermined route.

While Naga was still feeling happy by the exclusive appreciation received from Karma, the five Imperial offsprings only chanted one name in their minds: Rising Sun Empire.

Their eyes glowed with a determination that put their will to cultivate in shame.