Villain Summoning in an Eroge
25 Virtuous Orgy
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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25 Virtuous Orgy

On the luxurious master bed of the Dusk Tower, sweaty bodies of the seven virtues and the devilish duo intertwined as Lucifer kept on pistoning through each one of them.

With his hands grabbing the either side of her thin waist, Lucifer pile drove Kamala as her tiny body could surprisingly contain his might.

With her hands latched onto a pillow as she buried her face to reduce the sounds of obscene moans emerging out of her mouth, her body quivered crazily as the sound of her plump butt cheeks getting smacked resounded alongside the pleased moans of other girls gently and carefully exploring their comrade's body.

While Lucifer converted the chastised heart of Kamala into a freakish rod loving entity, his front was covered with a pair of green hands as they carefully measured each and every curves and muscle on his body.

A rough tongue left a series of hickies on his back while a soft and sensual moan kept on itching his ears.

"Come here."

With a soft whisper, Karma immediately dove up front as her hands pressed onto his chest while she found her seat on Kamala's crazed body.

Since Kamala had converted her wings and brought them back into her body, Karma could find a comfortable spot as her soft and pouty lips were locked with Lucifer. Her eyes closed as her long tongue could compare to Lucifer's length, ravaging each other's mouth with all their might.

Letting out another load into already full Kamala, Lucifer kept his miss and changed the room for his rod as his messy tip poked at Karma's juicy pussy, immediately driving deep inside her, making her squeal softly as her hands grabbed onto Lucifer's chest, leaving scratch marks.

But at this moment, nobody cared. His scratches healed the moment they appeared on his body while his arms gently crept up her back and he moved deep inside her warm and tight cooch.

On the other side of the bed, Thalia laid on her front with her large butt sticking up as Perenna's mouth tasted her insides while her pussy was being tasted by Anna. Her beautiful scales glimmered with juices spread over her face while she pleased herself with her tail.

Meanwhile, Gloria, Nora and Layla showed their appreciation for each other as they formed a circle and played with each other's bottom, losing themselves in their lust.

Only Ren remained unconscious as her constitution wasn't strong enough to keep up with regular intervals of orgasms that wreaked havoc in her body. But even when she laid unconscious, her body still kept shivering.

As they lost themselves in what Lucifer liked to call a Virtuous Orgy, the Devil's Smirk on the side kept on pulsating as wisps of crimson energy kept on emerging out of the bodies of the girls and entered in the brown egg through Lucifer's expert control over his racial ability.

It has already been 4 days since they have settled into the Dusk Tower. While it was quite hard for all of them to take Lucifer's appreciation during their first time, it didn't take long as they slowly incorporated their own past experiences and converted their knowledge to please Lucifer.

Out of all other them, only Kamala was a virgin that had the most problem and thus, received Lucifer's gentle care but that gentleness slowly turned into a hot and sloppy fuck as her moans couldn't help but get louder.

While she always tries to keep her facial expressions hidden as she deems them to be obscene, slowly, she became the one to initiate the sessions but still keeps her face hidden while her Lucifer spread her insides and make her regret that most parts of her life had been a waste trying to spread the concept of chastity.

Her thoughts broadened and so did her insides as her pussy took shape of Lucifer's rod to accommodate him even better while her mind had already been imprinted with that very shape.


With their 12th session in three days ending, the unconscious bodies of the girls sprawled on the bed as thick white demonic spunk kept on leaking out of their coochie while their skin remained covered in glimmering sweat.

Lucifer waved his hand as a sweet fragrance emerged out of his body and covered the whole area to suppress the smell emerged due to their pleasurable sessions.

Sitting cross-legged, his consciousness dived into the space holding his Rank 1 Dark Element Sphere. Seeing the humungous amount of Dark Element getting refined by three inscriptions on its surface, his face lit up slightly.

Yes, during these three days, not only did these seven consolidate their cultivation spheres through the low-level treasures for new cultivators, but Lucifer had also taken huge steps and inscribed two more skills on his cultivation sphere.

In total, each rank of cultivation required a cultivator to inscribe 9 skills as the foundation for their future cultivation. Since their future skills would depend on their foundation, Rank 1 cultivation became one of the hardest cultivation ranks for the cultivators.

Not only did they need to research various kind of skills, but the cultivators also had to keep their future path in mind. While Lucifer and the seven didn't have many issues, Layla and Perenna required much more hard work to cultivate.

Seeing the pitch black elemental energy undulating from the surface of his sphere, Lucifer's thoughts changed as he started inscribing another skill into his sphere.


Sitting on his Silver Moon Throne, Naga looked at the phantom of a beautiful crimson-haired woman that sported a golden robe imprinted with a red sun. Her piercing golden eyes akin to sun matched Naga's glorious blue eyes that held stellar objects in his vision.

"And here I thought that the Empress wouldn't visit me even once."

Naga smiled and stood up, clasping his hand as the Rani Dawn, the Empress of the Rising Sun Empire returned the greeting with a polite bow.

"I would like to meet ancestor."

A clear and melodious sound emerged from the mouth of the phantom as she spoke with a calm face. Her face held soft features while her red and sensual lips could drive a man insane.

If not having the same status as Rani and being the Emperor for years, even Naga would've found himself getting enchanted.

"Even I wish to meet the ancestor again, but it is unfortunate that the seven ancestors are going through a closed door cultivation."

Naga replied calmly. The throne chamber was empty so that both of them could chat without many formalities.

Hearing Naga's words, Rani fell into deep thoughts before nodding.

"I will be sending cultivation resources for the ancestor. Since Magma Element is almost lost, it would be unrighteous to burden you with all the cost."

Hearing her, Naga immediately smiled humbly and shook his head.

"Please, it is my fortune to serve the seven ancestors. It is no burden at all. We also have some shallow reserves on Magma Element that we have been saving for a worthy successor."

"Providing for the creator of Magma Element is the best path to utilise our reserves."

His words made Rani's lips twitch. Taking a deep breath, Rani spoke once again.

"I insist."

Naga narrowed his eyes and smiled even more cheerfully.

"Even I insist, fellow cultivator. Please don't take my fortune of being some use to the ancestors."

"Anyway, I look forward to our meeting at the next Alliance meeting."

Naga's words immediately put the fiery Empress in a bad mood. Snorting softly, her phantom disappeared as the Throne Chamber sunk into silence once again.

Naga let out a relieved sigh and slumped on his throne. Rani was the last visitor as the remaining five rulers and members of the alliance had already visited him before, each and every one of them trying to send resources from their own land to provide for their ancestor.

But how can Naga let go of this leverage? The act of providing the seven virtues will bring him and his Empire a lot of benefits. If he allowed the other six members of the alliance to send their resources, it would reduce his credit.

Nodding silently, he looked at three parchments in front of him.

While Layla's Identity was already uncovered, Lucifer and Perenna remained a mystery. But Layla's identity was enough for Naga to remain cautious.

'The only heir of Golden Flame Family. What a surprise...'

Golden Flame Family, the only military family of the Rising Sun Empire held power and status only beneath the Empress and the Imperial Family. Their battle strength coveted and feared by all mortals and the head of the Golden Flames, Lutheran Blaze hailed as the champion of the Empire.

"No wonder that Rising Sun ancestor decided to take Layla Blaze under her wings."

Naga's thoughts clashed and his mind overworked as he started scheming for the future alliance meeting.

After all, peace or not, every Alliance Meeting is conducted over the bodies of a lot of the species under the rule of the alliance.

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