Villain Summoning in an Eroge
22 Seven Generals
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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22 Seven Generals

Lucifer, Layla, Perenna and the female seven virtues found themselves standing on a ground covered with lush grass as the beautiful starry sky soothed the hearts of onlookers.

The space wasn't too large as Lucifer could distinctly observe the land cut being cut off by a mysterious energy. The exotic luminous flowers hummed a melodious tune as this place was nothing but simply a paradise.

"Hey, Perenna. Did you know that Lucifer could turn guys into girls?"

Layla finally found the perfect chance to clear her doubts. Creeping towards her, Layla whispered out and waited for Perenna's reply as her large eyes gazed into Perenna's with unbound curiosity.

The short amount of time she spent with Lucifer was already enough to widen her horizons both physically and mentally. Things and concepts she thought ridiculous performed in front of her own eyes, she had already become slightly numb but the shock of converting the first generation of heroes into his female slaves, that was a hard pill to swallow even if she stood witness to the act.

"Hmm? Of course, I knew it. I was the first man that master ever turned into a woman."

"Excuse me, what?"

Alright, Layla admitted that she needed much experience to actually understand the phrase: Broadening Horizons.

Perenna looked at her and suddenly smiled mysteriously.

The distance between the both of them was already close so she easily made contact with Layla's shoulders by taking a single step, her hand wrapped around Layla's voluptuous body, Perenna squeezed her words into soft whispers and delivered them into Layla's ear alongside her warm breath.

"I am saying that I used to be a guy, darling. But now, master changed me and showed me that it is a fortunate thing to live as a woman. Don't you think so, too?

I mean, your juice tasted delicious last night."

Giving Layla's ears a soft kiss, Perenna finally broke the contact but the damage had been done. Layla's ear itched while her beet red face hung low. Her thoughts immediately wandered to last night's act as she recalled Perenna's sultry face while her tongue played with her jewel as Lucifer smashed his rod deep into her, pressing her inner walls even further.

Contrary to the devilish duo, Lucifer calmly admired the scenery as he felt a pure and unadulterated dark element radiating from the entire space.

Rank 6 Treasured House.

Looking at the manifestation of blinking stars, Lucifer was completely aware of the fact that this particular Emperor also delved into the path of the stellar element, condensing the elements into stars that shone upon this dark land.

In reality, a person can cultivate in any number of elements but he can only choose one element to ascend and form a treasured house. Well, this is true for everyone except Layla and Perenna and other Heavenly talents that walk on the face of this world every hundred thousand years.

Meanwhile, the seven virtues stood with one of their knees bent and their heads hung low.

Looking at them, a small curve found its place on his lips as Lucifer waved his hand and spoke lightly.


The seven stood in a moment's notice as their equipments made a small noise.

"Nethar, step forward."

A pale-skinned beauty with piercing blue eyes and long luxurious black hair stepped out. Her body covered in black robe while a silver armguard rested on her right forearm. Thought, petite in comparison to others, her charm remained undeniable.


"Being adept in the path of shadow element, you will continue this path once again while bearing the name: Nora. Understood?"

"Nora understands, master."

Lucifer nodded and motioned her to stand behind him. Meanwhile, Perenna had already returned to Lucifer's left while Layla filled his right.

Right behind Lucifer stood Nora with a humble expression.

Looking at the remaining human, he waved at Ganthor.


"Yes, Master."

A woman with fiery red hair walked out as her red robes covered in golden armour shone in brilliance. Her bright gold eyes brightened the entire surrounding. If Nora could be compared to the Moon Goddess— Cold and Beautiful then Ganthor could be compared to the Goddess of War— Fiery charm and heroic aura.

"You are different from others. While others have relatively common elements, only you hold the magma element. In this era, your path might be the toughest. Bear the name of Gloria and shine once again."

"Gloria shall make master proud."

Following the norm, Gloria went behind Lucifer and stood right to Nora.

With granting the only two humans in the group of seven heroes their new identities, Lucifer looked at the remaining five non-humans.

"Thakta, come forward."

Immediately, a tall woman with lustrous grey skin came forward. Unlike others, her body was extraordinarily curvaceous as she claimed the widest hips in the groups while her soft and large bust spilt out of her dark red breastplate.

A large sword hung on her back while the leather clothing on her waist reached her knees. Since her butt had enlarged quite a bit, it was uncomfortable for a warrior like her. With her eyes glowing crimson, two lower canines remained slightly exposed from her incomparable lips akin to small tusks while two metallic-looking horns emerged out of her forehead.

Sporting a pair of slightly pointed ears, and extremely beautiful face, Thakta— The Ogre stepped forwards and bowed while thumping on the left part of her breastplate.


Seeing such an exotic beauty, Lucifer's gaze did brighten as he spoke up.

"An Ogre with an incomparable talent in the blood element, you shall be my sword. Don't disappoint me. Follow the name of Thalia and become sharp enough to slay my previous kins."

"This servant obeys!"

Her black hair tied into a long ponytail moved as she bowed her head with a respectful expression.

Nodding at her, Thalia finally stood up and stood to Nora's left.


Atlanta, the founding merman/mermaid stepped forward as her blue wavy hair cascaded down her shoulder. Her beautiful cheeks accommodated a group of golden scales that matched her pale gold eyes. A long white cape hung on her shoulder as a blue armour covered the entirety of her body save for a hole created for her tail to move freely. Her pink lips held a charming smile filled with confidence that managed to stir up a smile on Lucifer, too.

"The mortal god of water, nothing else fits your description better. Good, keep hold to that confidence when you destroy the Holy Army under the Devil's name, stand, Anna, the mistress of the ocean."

"Serving you is my good fortune, Master."

Under clanking sound of her armour, Anna walked and stood next to Thalia as her pale gold eyes shimmered akin to beautiful sea pearls.

Chuckling lightly, he called the maiden of chastity.


With a light sound, the beautiful blonde pixie with emerald green eyes stepped forward instead of flying. Belonging to the Pixie race, she was genetically short but with Yggdrasil's blessing, she gained a taller physique compared to others of her kind.

Her golden wings folded together as her petite body remained low. Her face held a gentle smile and her eyes turned into crescent moons as she waited to gain her own name.

"Not even the Holy Army compares to you when it comes to healing. From now on, your position lays within me, you'll only grow stronger than your previous self. Bloom brighter than before, Kamala."

"Yes, I will only grow better than before."

Kamala nodded and only then did she spread her thin fairy wings and flew beside Gloria.


Lucifer actually felt most positive about this particular hero.

Another petite figure sporting luxurious and supple green skin walked forward as her shoulder-length silver hair fell on her shoulder. A dagger attached to her waist while a one-handed axe strapped to her back. Her small and oval face looked extremely cute as her round nose made her look quite innocent.


With a gentle smile, Kretta bowed. From his emotions, Lucifer could feel that while others were slowly adapting to this new change, only Kretta was open-minded enough to accept her situation.

Looking at her pointed ears that were decorated with a skull, nobody could imagine that she was the warrior of 'Kindness'.

Goblin Master— Kretta.

"Unlike others, you are witty and kind. Your hands are the origin of many equipments that are still utilised even in this era. Your battle sense surpasses that of Wrath's itself. You will use your Death Element to create an army with a single purpose— Destruction.

Stand up, Karma."

Karma stood up and spoke lightly.

"If my destiny holds destruction of the Heaven, then I shall serve you with my utmost loyalty, Master."

Karma deftly walked away and stood next Kamala.

Looking at the last one, Lucifer continued.

Another blonde woman with pale-white skin, blue eyes and a slender body covered in tights while the limbs covered in feathered armour. Her pointed ears were thicker than the rest of them while she carried hips wide enough to cover up the charm of her modest bust.

She immediately bowed on one knee as she placed her bow in front of her.

"Roger, the hero of Elves, the Prince of wind. You will be my eyes and ears. Your skills in evasion are absolute and back in the days, you managed to even annoy me. Good. Under the name of Ren, you will use your skills against your past comrades."

"This servant swear!"

Akin to a bridal headpiece, a piece of beautiful emerald jewellery around Ren's forehead shone in brilliance as she vowed with a determined voice.

Nodding, Lucifer finally stepped aside and let the nine of them stand together.

This day marked the emergence of the Devil's seven generals.


A/N: Kamala is spoken as Ka-mal, the last 'a' is not sounded out. Anyway, Kamala itself means lotus.

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