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20 Virtuous No More

In ancient cultures of the Nirvan Continent, the word Tripta has always been regarded as a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. And yet, in the hands of Lucifer, this satisfaction became his strongest attack.

As the red light filled the entire Legendary Continent, the seven virtues felt their bodies filled with a sense of satisfaction stemming from deep inside their bodies.

The seven felt satisfied by their current achievements, they felt satisfied for all the injustice and wrongdoings they had to face before becoming strong.

They were satisfied.

Though the whole concept felt extremely blissful to the seven, unfortunately, their Mythic Continent was invaded by this Rank 9 spell and slowly eroded, reducing the seven to plain mortals and yet, bathing in this crimson glow, they only felt satisfaction when they saw their cultivation turn into ashes.

Tripta, The Sword of Satisfaction.

Being an Archangel, Lucifer created Tripta with his own blood before rebelling against the entire world.

He converted the blood of his 'satisfied' self that let him get used by the God and forged this blade to make others 'satisfied'.

In this cruel world, if you are satisfied with your achievements, you will stagnate. If you stagnate, you will grow weaker and if you grow weaker, you simply don't have any rights to live.

Though such sayings have always been taught, Lucifer is the only being to actually manifest the physical representation of this concept.

Tripta had only one task to perform. Like a sword, Tripta should be wielded to slash the enemies and yet, Lucifer used it to satisfy the entire being of his enemies.

They felt tripta. (Tripta is a Sanskrit word and in this sentence, it is used as a concept rather than the sword itself.)

In the past, Lucifer used this spell to destroy armies of various ranks.

But even Tripta had its own limitations.

After each breakthrough in the rank of the sword, Lucifer could only wield this spell only once and the rank of the spell itself is a determining factor.

After the crimson glow faded, Perenna and Layla looked around astoundingly while Lucifer sighed. Seeing the peaceful smile on the faces of each warrior, he took a step forward.

"Seven Virtues, do you accept me as your master? To forever lose your sense of freedom in body and mind for my existence alone?"

Even though these seven were affected with Tripta and felt incomparably fulfilled, he needed to act fast and establish a contract. After all, their sense of fulfillment only allowed a small window of opportunity to slave them.

The seven immediately smiled.

"We do."

Without any pretenses, they bowed with a polite smile on their faces.

Immediately, Lucifer walked in front of them and bit on his thumb, using his bloodied thumb to press onto the forehead of the seven warriors as a rush of infernal energy emerged out of his body and entered into the seven of them, forming a true and orthodox contract.

While the contract was complete, a clear infernal signature was left on this location while Lucifer observed the shimmering bodies of the seven heroes as their expression turned deathly pale.



Slowly, seven beautiful phantoms of cute toddlers emerged out of their bodies as they immediately blinked out of the existence.

Yes, that was the visual manifestation of seven virtues.

Where the sin exists, the virtues shan't remain.

With the seven heroes affected with Lust, they had already lost their rights to accommodate the virtues inside their bodies.

Perenna and Layla stood silently as they understood that this was not the time to question and voice out there doubts.

The seven people standing in front in front of them were clearly enemies and yet they easily accepted Lucifer as their master.

Standing in front of his new servants, he pointed at a particular Black-haired youth with pale skin and icy blue eyes.

"You're Nethar, right?"

The man immediately stepped up and bowed.

"Yes, master. This servant is indeed Nethar."

Though, they all had a sense of fulfillment, they clearly hadn't lost their personality. The youth still had a cold voice but the respect in his tone was undeniable.

"Contact the Palace and get someone to pick us up."

With the integrity of this Legendary Continent destroyed due to overdrawing of holy energy to accommodate the Rank 9 spell, the Immortal Valley was already close to collapsing and the information artefacts could be used through this dimension itself.

After taking out a green talisman carved with an intricate design, Nethar immediately bit his thumb and let his blood fall onto the talisman.


Akin to a firecracker, the talisman exploded and vanished into green wisp while Nethar bowed to Lucifer once again.

"Master, my current successor, Naga, will reach the location of the Valley's gate in 3 hours."


Lucifer nodded and spoke out once again.

While the seven had their doubts, they immediately took off their clothes and placed it to the side while Layla could Bareli contain herself from questioning Lucifer.

Her eyes opened wide and she puckered up her lips to keep herself from opening her mouth while Perenna already felt like she understood her Master's intentions.

The seven warriors... well, mortals didn't even speak a word as their thoughts were heavily modified. Though, they retained their personality traits, their mindset had changed completely.

After getting afflicted with Tripta's contagious satisfaction, the seven virtues felt that they had reached the pinnacle of their achievements and they can rest easy.

During this time, even their personalities would be phased out and Lucifer immediately entered into an orthodox contract.

While he could force himself on the seven and make them accept him as his master by forming an unorthodox contract, the kind in which Perenna and Layla bonded.

He simply didn't have the need to do that.

The only reason he entered into an unorthodox contract was the fact that this kind of relationship didn't leave any signs of his energy.

If he simply left his energy signature everywhere, wouldn't he be inviting his enemies?

In essence, the two contracts were only different in their process, not their effects.

As they obediently obliged their master, a burst of purple blaze emerged out of Lucifer's palms, covering the seven virtues while Layla looked at Perenna and whispered her questions.

She couldn't contain herself anymore.

Meanwhile, Lucifer's actions only confirmed Perenna's doubts.

'I am getting more 'comrades'.'