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18 No Negotiations

"Stand still, no matter what happens, do not move. Understood?"

Lucifer's right hand was covered in purple flames as he spoke to Layla. This will be their last trip where they can easily get high-quality resources.

Of course, the vital origin being the highest quality of treasure that could be found for the time being. Even his blade, Tripta, wouldn't be able to compare to the value and the benefits obtained by refining the vital origin.


Layla's crisp voice replied as she stood still. After a round of cultivation, she successfully calmed her inner thoughts while Lucifer's statement kept repeating inside her mind.

If you can commit a murder, then you shouldn't feel disgusted by anything else.

Even though it was harsh, Lucifer simply spoke the truth.

Seeing the look on her face, Lucifer nodded internally. The curse element was really important to him and he didn't want to present it to someone who couldn't even control their stomachs in front of disturbing scenes.

As a final test, Lucifer decided to make the scene as gory as he could. With his right hand still covered in flame, he conjured a pitch black dagger whose surface still undulated dark element energy.


Lucifer waved his dagger as the blade extended and sliced Eve's head off.

With a thought, the Lethal Dagger in his hands dispersed while he placed his left palm on Eve's head and picked her head up.

Seeing this scene, Layla couldn't help but feel uncomfortable.

It wasn't that she couldn't bear Eve's facial structure but it was Lucifer's act that caused an uncomfortable feeling to rise in her heart.

Since they both were already connected by a Master-Familiar relationship, Lucifer could easily interpret her thoughts.

"Do you think it is wrong to further insult a corpse?"

Hearing the sudden question, Layla frowned before speaking up slowly.


Hearing her reply, Lucifer nodded.

"Good, it's healthy that you can keep your thoughts open and give out your honest opinions."

He smiled and walked closer to her.

"You are not angry with me? Didn't you mention that only absolute loyalty can move your heart?"

Hearing her, Lucifer shook his head and placed Eve's head right onto Layla's feat. Though, creeped out by the feeling of disgusting liquid flowing out of Eve's body, she kept her promise and didn't move an inch.

Seeing this, Lucifer had a gentle smile as he slowly stood up.

"You are disloyal only when I deem you disloyal. Being honest about your opinion is quite different from the concepts of loyalty.

Loyalty is all about your actions, not your opinions."

Without letting her ask any question, he sent the nefarious ball of purple flames towards her body as it consumed the entirety of Layla's body.

Soon, all her clothes were reduced to ashes. Of course, Lucifer could have warned her, but since he would be completely free during this time, he wouldn't want to miss out on the show as her clothes slowly thinned out while her tanned voluptuous figure emerged in its full glory.

Meanwhile, Layla's body remained completely unharmed while her body felt completely refreshed as a strange energy revolved inside of her body.

Eve's head, on the other hand, slowly dissolved into yellow coloured liquid and got absorbed by Layla unconsciously due to the Purple Flames.

Lucifer's purple flames were his new racial ability. While he could easily change the gender of any being of the mortal plane, this ability would be restrictive on cultivators with higher cultivation than his own.

The other ability was to change the Elemental constitution by using his own vitality as a factor.

He had already used this ability on Perenna by using his own vital essence as a factor and his remaining holy essence and demonic essence as the ingredients to turn her from a plain mortal into a highly talented mortal.

But this ability was restrictive and could only be used one time. After all, he lost his vital essence and every cultivator only possess a single drop of vital essence, except for two beings— Eve and Adam.

But now, this ability became his greatest advantage.

Not only he has an inexhaustible source of vitality, but he also had Eve's head as the ingredient to change Layla's elemental constitution and make her compatible with Curse element.

While a rush of Curse element invaded her body, it started to corrode her from the inside and Lucifer's Vital Origin came into play.

Curse Element was corrosive in its nature and naturally, it would corrode a person who still doesn't have any control over the element.

This quality of the element made it hard for others to cultivate in and only an Immortal like Eve could cultivate Curse Element.

Even though this element is extremely strong, it also has a disadvantage. As the element inside the body grows, the need for vitality increases. And this was the hidden threat Lucifer wanted to place into Layla's body.

Sure, she would get stronger and while she is completely honest to him now, nobody knows about the future. Even Lucifer only knows about certain future events, not the future itself.

As she grew stronger, her need for vitality would increase and she would remain under Lucifer's control.

As Layla's body grew more attuned to the Curse Element, a burst of light emerged from Eve's head and a small, green coloured cloud of curse manifested due to the sheer condensation of the element flowing out of Eve's remains.

With a snort, the amount of vitality he poured increased and the cloud of curse was quickly turned into an elemental essence drop and shot into Layla's body, converging a green-yellow sphere.

The flames slowly disappeared as Layla gently opened her eyes as her pitch black eyes peered into Lucifer's.

Smiling softly, he took out the last piece of clothing over his body and walked near Layla, placing his inner robes over her naked body.

"Congratulations, dear Sorceress, you are the only Curse Elemental Cultivator that will lay ruin to the world."

Though blunt, Lucifer's words made her smile as she leaned forward and gave him a sweet peck on his lips.

"Thank you... for everything... for accepting me."

She whispered and placed her head and hands over his naked upper body.

"Yes, it's my pleasure to have you on board, Layla. Why don't we commemorate this day after we really shock the world?"

While Layla didn't understand the underlying implications of his words, she fully understood the meaning of the word 'commemorate' and grew even more pleased.

"Yes, I'd love to."

She giggled and tiptoed back while suddenly, they both felt a wave of formless energy spreading out.

Looking to their sides, they found the origin of the sudden pressure.

Floating in the air with her transformation removed, Perenna's long white hair cascaded down her shoulders while a golden glow covered her body. A wave of pressure covered her while the crimson sword on her hips slowly removed its chains and took away the orb.

Opening her quivering eyelids, Perenna's purple eyes had a tinge of gold and the pure white bat-wings on her back enlarged by a small amount.

Even Layla was dazzled by Perenna's current condition.


Her charm, her aura and the combination of devilish sexiness and holy innocence couldn't be described by words.

If Layla was an exotic and bewitching witch then Layla was a demonic goddess.

"Good, we will celebrate all the achievements, but now is not the time. You two may explore the region or cultivate, but I suggest that you both give me some privacy."

Lucifer spoke while grabbing Tripta's handle and placed it on the belt of his robe.

"While you're at it, be sure to share your clothes with Layla."

His voice resounded once again and he walked near the corpse once again while his hand held onto the Holy Essence Crystal.

Flying down, Perenna landed near Layla and observed her body for a couple of seconds.

'Master's robe...'

"Did you two have sex?"

She asked out while Layla was slightly speechless by her conclusion.

"No, Lucifer covered me in purple flames."

"Oh... understood."

Just remembering the scene of turning into a girl made Perenna through complicated emotions. Though, loyal in heart and body, Perenna still held her memories of being a guy.

But she sometimes felt that she was quite lacking in being a man.

If you want to be a man, then her master is the only person she would recommend you to learn the steps of becoming a man from.

Perenna slowly disrobed herself completely and placed her hands on Layla's shoulders.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

She tried taking a step back, but Perenna's goal was never her.

She immediately seized Lucifer's inner robe and before Layla could respond, Perenna quickly put on her outer robe while she left her belt, inner robes and even her panties for Layla.

Looking at Layla seriously, she finally spoke out.

"No negotiations."