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Author's Note:

This novel will contain religious figures from a lot of religions, such a lucifer from biblical studies. I just want to say that this is a work of pure fiction where the past of many characters in this series will not conform to the history interpreted by various religions.

With that being said, I would also like to point out that I don't mean any offence to any religion and if someone doesn't feel like reading this novel then fine, but hate comments and reviews regarding the various religious concepts will not be tolerated!


Perenna sat on the charred ground as her light blue robe and her healthy skin were already covered in soot that polluted the whole valley. With a glowing orb stuck to her forehead alongside purple chains coiling around her upper body, her eyes remained closed as the surrounding holy element flowed into her body.

What shocked her deeply was the fact that even if the surroundings looked quite 'demonic', this place was actually rich in Holy element.

Meanwhile, the orb stuck on her forehead had its power consumed by a small margin as Perenna finally started forming her Elemental Sphere.

A Holy elemental sphere, to be exact.

Meanwhile, Lucifer slowly removed the cloth above Eve's head and Layla couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

If her face was hideous enough then her boils-filled head could cause nausea to any sane being capable of intelligence, which of course, excluded Lucifer.

Layla took a step back and hung her head low while the strange and squishy sounds coming from Lucifer's direction made her want to walk away, but she didn't. It wasn't like she didn't dare walk away.

She felt that it would end up as a disgrace on her note when Lucifer was capable of looking at a corpse indifferently while she had to look away to suppress her rising emotions.

Gathering her courage, she slowly forced her head up and looked at Lucifer's hand lodged inside her head while yellow and disgusting-looking liquid flowed out of her head, covering her entire face and scalp.


Unable to suppress her disgust, Layla finally looked sideways and vomited her stomachs out while a rotten smell spread out from Lucifer's direction.


With a swift pull, Lucifer took his hand out and placed a light blue crystal covered in disgusting liquids beside Eve's body.

Wiping his hands with his robe, he looked at Layla, who wasn't quite finished yet.

"Layla, you do understand that we are in a hurry, right?"

Layla nodded while another bout of vomiting started.

Seeing this Lucifer thought for a moment before speaking out.

"I am not going to stop you from vomiting, but remember that this may be the last opportunity for you to gain a unique element that can be only wielded by you.

One more thing, the curse element... it's quite special. The importance of this element may even exceed Perenna's dual elements in some cases.

You have five seconds to collect your thoughts and calm down."

Lucifer's words startled her heart. He was presenting her with an opportunity to become a dual element cultivator, just like Perenna and not just that, she would be able to cultivate a completely unique element.

But the moment she recalled Eve's corpse, all her past training felt like a complete waste.

Rubbing her mouth with her sleeves, she slowly nodded and straightened her back.

Slowly turning back, her mouth puffed up as she placed her hand over her mouth to control her actions.


Nodding with a satisfied expression, Lucifer sat near Eve's corpse and picked up the crystal he placed near her.

A purple flame covered his hand as a rush of refreshing feeling entered his body through his palms, the core being the source of such a strange energy.

"What do I have to do?"

Afraid that she might have to physically touch the corpse, Layla sat near Lucifer and asked out.

"You wait."


Layla couldn't believe her ears.

"I said, you have to wait patiently."

Lucifer didn't require much concentration to control these purple flames and replied plainly.

"You tricked me?"

Layla asked with a stunned expression.

"I didn't trick you. I merely stated a condition that, if satisfied, would allow you to gain a new element."

Even though it's in his nature to lie, he didn't lie this time.

Layla fell silent after hearing his words before asking out once again.

"How do you do it? I mean, any sane person would naturally feel repulsed by the sight of Eve's corpse and yet, you had the heart to cover your hand with all of that..."

She spoke lightly while her gaze lingered on Lucifer. She was different from both Lucifer and Perenna. Even though she was a trained soldier, she was never a cold-hearted murderer. This fact made her feel quite distant from Lucifer time and again.

"Layla, if your hands are already covered in someone else's blood... then I don't think that the sight of their brain fluids should bother you."

Lucifer had a calm expression while there was quite a long list of doubts budding inside of him as well. But he understood that neither Layla or Perenna could solve them so he chose to remain quiet.

The group fell into silence as Layla decided to cultivate her fire element till Lucifer asked for her.

Of course, she changed her location as cultivating near someone else might disrupt both of their actions.

Meanwhile, Lucifer's body was going through a wonderful transformation. His body's quality kept on increasing as the Vitality of the highest quality gushed into his body.

Vital Origin!

If the other scholars and the heroic seven found out that Lucifer was actually absorbing the Vital Origin itself, they wouldn't just feel envy, they would throw away their virtues and fight for this Essence Crystal even if it meant causing destruction in the entire mortal plane.

In this entire world, only two people were born with such a miraculous vitality crystal inside their body.

The Rebellious Eve and the Traitorous Adam.

A faint luster emerged from his smooth skin while his face had a healthy glow that couldn't be covered by the soot covering him.

Not only that, but his own Vital Essence that he utilised to transform Perenna's constitution was restored completely and also reinforced by uncountable times. He was the next inheritor of Eve's Vital Origin.

He can never run out of vital energy in his body. His natural rate of recovery had increased by countless times and his body itself could handle more than one elements.

Opening his eyes, he looked at Eves mangled corpse appreciatively.

"Your corpse can finally be of some use."

He spoke unceremoniously and called for Layla.

It is time to make final preparations.