Villain Summoning in an Eroge
16 Converging Troubles
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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16 Converging Troubles

Lucifer, Layla and Perenna stood in front of what looked like a ruined village. Dried corpses strewn around the ruins while not a single hut remained undamaged.

In the middle of the ruined village, a crimson pillar stood tall, reaching towards the demonic sky while a conspicuous figure floated right in front of the pillar.

Strangely, the pillar was shaped irregularly. The lower part of the pillar was smooth and considerably flat when compared to the uneven top end of the pillar.

Meanwhile, the black-clothed remained in the air with her head hung low as a pure white globe of light kept on revolving around its figure.

From time to time, the orb would pass from beneath her face, exposing her true appearance to everyone, shocking Layla to the core while Perenna also frowned.

Mangled flesh and butchered nose, her lips torn while the entirety of her teeth made her look ghastly. Her quivering eyelids remained shut while her face couldn't be described as a human's anymore.

If not for her bodacious curves, Layla would've definitely mistaken her for an infernal creature while Perenna's thoughts were completely different from Layla's.

Being one of the crueler humans of the society, Perenna was well versed in the art of Interrogation and torture, even if she couldn't compare to her master's psychological aspect.

But it was even hard for her to do something like that to a human.

Rapping, killing, kidnapping... these activities were the source of her earnings, her bread and butter. But even she would kill a stubborn enemy rather than putting someone through the shit that this strange woman in front of them went through in her life.

"Lucifer, do you know who she is?"

Layla asked with a dry throat.

"She is a corpse. The million essence question should be the plans I have for this corpse."

With a calm expression, he walked forward as his body was suddenly surrounded by a white flame that started corroding his skin at a pace visible to the naked eye.

"Still weak."

Before Layla or Perenna could jump in, Lucifer's body was covered in purple devilish flames as he transformed into his unholy form.

His wings unfurled as the crimson mark on his forehead shone brilliantly. His pitch black tail flicked and he immediately flew straight towards the pure white orb revolving around the woman.

Meanwhile, the crimson tower that acted as the most obvious landmark glittered the moment Lucifer reached near the floating figure.


The ground started to shake as the pillar vibrated. Cracks spread throughout the ruined village as the pillar slowly shrunk down.

It shrunk!

With a massive pit left behind, a beautiful crimson handled sword appeared with delicate patterns inscribed over its reflective blade. The handle was shaped in the form of a dragon's head creating a small loop from where the user could grip the handle and use the sword.


With a crisp sound, the blade flew towards Lucifer at a blinding speed while he continued towards the white orb steadily.


Letting go of the floating figure, the orb immediately tried to escape once it felt the mayhem brought by Lucifer's very existence.

Pointing at the orb, Lucifer simply spoke a single word.


Induced by Lucifer's words, the trajectory of the crimson sword changed and it immediately glowed brilliantly. The dimly lit valley brightened up by the existence of newly formed crimson sun and chains formed from purple flames shot towards the fleeing orb.

Perenna and Layla couldn't register such sudden changes as their eyes were already attracted to the large quantities of pitch black smoke emerging from the deep pit and diffusing into the air.

Under the watchful eyes of the duo, the crimson sky slowly darkened while the crimson sword turned normal once again with a set of chains emerging from its handle and coiling around the glowing orb.

Watching the crimson sword flying towards him, Lucifer broke into a smiled and under his pleased gaze, the sword revolved around him.

Extending his hand, Lucifer's fingers grazed past the beautiful reflecting surface of the blade as a soul-numbing chime emerged from the sword, arousing a sense of satisfaction in Perenna's and Layla's heart.

"Tripta... it's truly been a long time."

Lucifer's eyes flashed and his hand immediately grabbed onto the handle of the crimson sword.


Slashing in the empty air, a powerful pressure emanated from the sword and a deep purple sword qi followed the direction of the slash, creating a deep scar on the already ruined land.

Flying down with the sword in his hands, he smiled at Layla and Perenna who couldn't help but await his explanations.

If the destroyed village could be reasoned then the giant pillar turning into a sword and the corpse of this horribly mangled woman made it necessary for them to hear an explanation before understanding the whole situation.

Placing Tripta on his hips, another chain rose up from its handle and coiled around Lucifer while it kept the struggling ball of light in check.

"Let me introduce you two to this place once again.

Welcome to the Rank 9 Legendary Continent, Immortal Valley. The accumulation of my previous self's cultivation."

Hearing his words, both of them gulped.

Rank 9?

Rank 9!!

"Please keep your doubts to yourself, we still aren't safe."

Lucifer's words brought a small frown on their faces as he pointed at the small orb of light.

"Perenna, this is a holy attributed Essence Crystal. You will meditate on this crystal and form your Holy sphere, understood?"

"Yes, master."

"At best, we all have one day before we leave this place."

Perenna nodded while Lucifer placed his hand on Tripta's handle and whispered softly as the sword let out a slightly reluctant chime before separating from Lucifer's body and attaching itself to Perenna's waist.

With a mere thought, the chains covering the Holy Essence Crystal gradually converged on Perenna's body as the purple chains coiled on Perenna's body, placing the essence crystal on Perenna's body.

Meanwhile, he looked at Layla and then looked back at the mangled corpse.

"Ready to take your second element?"

His words shocked her deeply while the whole Immortal Valley was finally covered in darkness.


Rising Sun Empire, Dusk Empire and the Beastmen were the occupants of the continent named– Nirvan.

Aside from these super empires that controlled the continent, there was a group of warriors way back in the ancient times that fought a war... a terrible war.

Seven terrible enemies against the whole world.

Just the seven were enough to decimate the armies filled with million strong men. But these seven were eventually taken down by a group of another seven heroes.

If the warring seven were the sins of the continent then the heroic seven spread virtues to curb the extent of the damages brought to the land due to the sinful seven.

These heroes emerged from the Human race as well as the Beastmen, symbolising the strength of unity.

After the defeat of the sinful seven, the seven virtuous heroes of the continent finally spread a long-lasting peace and happiness that wasn't disrupted any time soon and went into an eternal slumber.

Presently, in the burial chambers of the Rising Sun Empire, Dusk Empire, Elf Kingdom, Ogre's Morgue, Goblin's Palace, Atlantis and Yggdrasil Mansion, pairs of seven eyes of different races opened up collectively.

If anyone saw these figures and matched their portraits with the famous men of the world then they would be shocked to find out that these seven were the Virtuous Heroes of the Continent.


"Lucifer, what do you mean?"

Layla looked at the corpse and couldn't help but feel a sense of disgust rise in her heart. It wasn't that she disrespected the dead. On the contrary, she was trained as a soldier and she had a deep sense of loyalty and comradeship. She always believed that no matter what the past actions or the crimes that the dead committed, after their passing, they should be shown the kindness to have a proper burial.

But the condition of the corpse made her disgust the person who actually put this corpse in such a state.

"This woman is special... extremely special. Her origin is extraordinary and yet her fate seems even more impressive.

She was the one to gain the only curse element known to humanity. The prisoner of the Garden of Eden, the Goddess' smile destroyed her entire life."

Lucifer looked at Layla and smiled lightly and spoke the words that made Layla's eyes wide in disbelief.

"She is the first human to walk on the face of planet— Eve, The Fate Witch."

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