Villain Summoning in an Eroge
15 Immortal Valley
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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15 Immortal Valley

Walking deeper into the forest, the group barely encountered any animal. Not only this place was actively cleared to reduce the threat of monsters during wartime, but the villagers also formed groups and ventured into the forest to hunt various beasts to collect the pelts to keep themselves warm during the bitter blizzard.

As they walked in a particular direction, they soon found a collection of dried and almost rotten trees that made the surroundings look even more creepy.

The morning fog still wasn't lifted and the visibility of the group was affected. But Lucifer only wanted to know the location of the entrance of this patch of the forest.

Walking down the path created by these forests would only mean a certain death.

Sighing in relief, Lucifer's gaze finally expressed his expectations as he took out a tube with an eye floating inside of it.

Uncorking the tube, Lucifer gently made the eye roll over his palm and threw the tube away. Looking into the eye intently, he couldn't help but sigh.

That man would've been more useful but he was destined to die the moment Lucifer ripped his right eyeball out.

If the Hero is the Goddess' pawn while fate is her method of destroying Lucifer through someone else then this particular Eyeball is the item that set the 'Fate' into the motion to prepare events for his own demise.

The moment he ripped this eye out, that man would've died after 24 hours while his memories... more specifically, all the images during the time of his demise would be inherited by the Hero or the Heroine, whosoever is chosen.

With this information known, Lucifer simply stood behind the man all the time while he interrogated him. Even if the memories are inherited, the destined warrior would only see the sight of Perenna looking at 'him' with a derisive smile while soon, his eyesight would be covered with the sight of his own unholy wife.

Every single action was calculated as this particular event will set the Hero's personality during his adventure... during his legendary path of defeating the Devil.

"Mother... I know it all. By now, the news of me breaking out would've already been known to you guys, right? I wonder if father actually saw me giving him the finger.

You know... in reality, I designed you as my real father and mother. Aloof, uncaring... in short, irresponsible parents.

But... hehe, there is no point wallowing about my miserable past. I am coming, soon.

Manddere Nizo Brekrinda."

Lucifer muttered as an intricate pattern appeared all over the eyeball and it started shining brilliantly, making the surroundings clearer.

As the surroundings turned clearer, the group found that they weren't even standing in the forest anymore. It felt like the sight of rows of rotten trees on the either side of the conspicuous path had always been an illusion.

Looking at the charred surroundings, Lucifer smiled at Perenna and Layla.

"Welcome to the Immortal Valley."

Unlike its marvellous name, Immortal Valley looked anything but calming and beautiful.

With blood red sky covering the entire heaven, the ground remained charred and there were even some rotten trees in their path. With a disgusting smell emanating from the ground itself, the female duo followed Lucifer with a frown.

They both didn't have any need to ask their destination as it was pretty obvious. They were walking towards the crimson pillar that stood tall and almost pierced through the equally red sky.

Soon, they reached their destination without any hurdles.


Kannon District, Rising Sun Empire

"Save m— Ahh!"


"No, we aren't—"

Yassak and a Blue-haired priest were surrounded by a unit of Holy Knights as they used their swords to pierce through the hearts of all the infected mortals trying to escape from the District.

Each and every civilian they came across had light pink flesh while the lust in their eyes couldn't be hidden even if they wanted to.

With a dark expression, Yassak waved his hand and the surrounding holy knights parted ways.

"This district is done for. Prepare to send the report back to the Academy and contact the Green Lion Academy and order them to set a perimeter around the whole Kaali City."

"Yes. But what about this district...."

The priest trailed his voice while Yassak responded plainly.

"Kannon District is no more."

A heavy pressure emerged from his body as the Earth Elemental Gem inside his body shone brilliantly. A specific pattern could be seen carved on the brown gem that increased its charm.

"Sky Hand."

Yassak spoke out as the Earth Elemental Energy gushed out of his body as if the dam keeping it in check had been broken.

Within a few seconds, under the shocked eyes of the Holy Knights, a giant earthen hand that could easily cover up the entire district was created out of nowhere.


As Yassak's voice fell, the hand slammed right on top of the city while the priest was also surprised by Yassak's sudden action.

"Hey, let us retreat—"

It was too late, the gigantic hand slammed and covered the entires city, destroying everything and anything on its surface while the sheer pressure was enough to blow Yassak's group away.

With the city destroyed, the giant hand lost its power and soon fell apart, covering the entire district in the dust.

"That was uncalled for."

The priest spoke out as the entire group was covered in a dome while Yassak looked at him impassively.

"The more time we wasted, the riskier it would've gotten. We need to cripple this growing plague, right here and right now.

Do as I say. Quickly send word to the master and get me some manpower from the Green Lion Academy. No one under the Rank 3 is required.


The dome collapsed as the ruins of the city appeared in front of their eyes.

Yassak looked at the priest and spoke lightly.

"I will look around. You will let me know if something happens, understood?"


The priest nodded and left with the group of Holy Knights while Yassak, the only living being in the district, walked towards the location of Perenna's mansion.

Just to be safe, his body was slowly covered in a thin earthen plate that had could defend against surprise attacks and even filter the air he breathes in.

"From the looks of it, the summoned demon is related to the sin of lust. I just hope that I got that bug in the attack. If it has escaped..."

Yassak's eyes glowed while his thoughts remained unknown.

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