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The Village Head didn't come by the tent even after he felt the rising Fire Elemental Energy from the tent. If his family and villagers are undisturbed, he didn't care for Lucifer's safety. After all, letting him stay here for some time is already a big bargain and he wouldn't have done it if now for Shayna personally stating that the injured girl still needs some rest.

Inside the tent, the trio sat with their legs crossed as they meditated and slowly cultivated their Elemental Energy.

Due to the three of them cultivating in a small space, the benefits derived were reduced by a slight amount.

A trail of pitch black mist revolved around Lucifer as he converged the surrounding Darkness Element inside the pitch black sphere that represented his Rank 1 Cultivation.

At this moment, the sphere was already saturated with element energy and there is only one way to increase the capacity of the energy stored inside his body— Carving a skill.

Meanwhile, a dome of fiery red mist covered the entirety of Layla, which depicted her higher Cultivation than the two of them. After all, she had already carved 3 essential skills on her Cultivation Sphere which had increased the quality and the quantity of her Elemental Energy.

Not only that, with her constitution changed to a Fire Sorceress, her affinity with Fire Element had increased greatly and her Cultivation speed had also increased.

Only Perenna had troubles cultivating as it was her first time handling all the element energy inside her and she wasn't proficient enough to control the two type of Elemental Energy flowing into her body.

Yes, she was a rare Dual Element Cultivator and her Elements were even rarer... no... they could be considered exotic.

According to Lucifer, Perenna had a constitution to cultivate both Holy Element and Infernal Element.

Covered in a golden hue alongside a crimson mist, Perenna had her forehead covered in sweat as she slowly tried to increase the energy reserves in her body and mold the energy into spheres.

Of course, she remained unsuccessful.

And even if she did manage to create two spheres of Elements, she would need an Essence drop of both the Elements to finally stabilise her Cultivation Spheres and step onto the path of cultivation.


It was at this time, both the girls opened their eyes and looked at Lucifer.

With locked brows, Lucifer's consciousness slowly and steadily carved onto one side of the sphere that slowly turned out to be an intricately patterned design. With a final flick, the end and the beginning of the pattern connected, forming a circuit that would enable Lucifer to use his first Elemental skill.

'But before that...'

The moment he carved the skill, the surrounding darn Elements freely flowed into his body without any restriction as the black mist was fully absorbed while the Cultivation sphere inside his body rotated at a great speed and slowly enlarged.

Meanwhile, the skill pattern also absorbed the Elemental Energy refined by his Cultivation Sphere and slowly stabilised, forming a connection with the sphere itself, truly being a part of his Cultivation.

Layla was extremely familiar with this scene and she slowly muttered to inform Perenna.

"He is carving his first skill..."

Perenna looked at her for a moment and kept her silence. Since Master had decided to accept her, she didn't need to keep her pretense in front of Layla.

Perenna was a naturally proud woman and her ego couldn't bear that aside from her Master, she wasn't at the top ladder of this group.

Being a woman of instinct, Layla could clearly feel Perenna's cold attitude but she didn't care. In her eyes, only Lucifer existed while she wasn't affected by the emotions of others.

Maybe this was a part of her transformation or maybe she really didn't care about how others looked at her, she silently mused.


Lucifer's eyes opened and Dark Element Energy gushed out of his right arm, quickly forming a small dagger. The dagger itself didn't look solid but its sharpness was undeniable and the 'flowing' blade of the dagger had its own advantages, too.

'Rank 1: Lethal Dagger.'

Each skill, irrespective of their element had a similar pattern. That being the case, Lucifer could share this particular skill pattern with Layla and she would also be able to create a 'Lethal Dagger' of Flame Element.

But that wouldn't be productive.

Her Flame Element would actually become restricted if she chooses to create a Letha Dagger.

And what's more, being the GM, he had created a lot of illustrations of the Skill Patterns that were used in the Eroge.

With his knowledge about the Eroge, he could very well make Perenna and Layla very frightening existences but that wasn't what he was aiming for.

If he just wanted to groom a doll, he would have used the Lust Demons.

Each person has their own ideas and patterns and no matter how well informed he is about this world, in the end, he just happened to present a very small part of this world where his own personal couldn't break through its mortal body.

Of course, that didn't mean that he couldn't research skill patterns alongside them.

Who knew, what results they could reach together?

Slashing the blade in empty air, Lucifer willed the skill and the element energy extended from the blade itself.

In Layla's and Perenna's eyes, the entirety of the blade elongated.

"What skill is this?"

Layla couldn't help but ask. If her thoughts were correct, then such a skill could be used to deal with close-range enemies while it may also work as a surprise attack.

"Hmm? I call this skill— Lethal Dagger."

Lucifer replied calmly and the blade slowly dissipated. With his total energy reserves, he can only use this skill 5 times.

"Layla, how many skill have you carved in your Cultivation Sphere?"

Even though this information should be kept a secret, Layla still replied easily.

"I have already carved 3 skills while I am experimenting for my fourth one. Look at this."

Layla slowly used her element energy to create a red pattern in the air which soon broke down before it was completed.

"Hmm? What do you have planned for your battle system?"

"A Long Range Attacker."

Hearing her words, Lucifer nodded.

If this place was safe, he would've even asked her to show her previous three skills to him.

But it wasn't time for that.

"What do you have in mind for your fourth skill?"

He leaned back and slowly closed his eyes. Cultivation was tiring, yet fulfilling.

"A Movement Skill to evade Close Range Enemies."

Listening to her words, Lucifer nodded.

"Ok, good luck."


"Wait, what?"

While Perenna had a sudden burst of laughter, Layla couldn't believe her ears. Lucifer enquired about her thoughts as if he was an expert but his sudden statement made her stagger.

Hearing Perenna's laughter, Layla had a small pout on her lovely face and she snorted.

It turns out that she is still affected by other people's actions and she wasn't as cool and aloof as she thought herself to be.

"Alright, it is time for group Cultivation."

Lucifer opening his eyes and clapped his hands while a gentle smile appeared on his face.

A dark mist covered the interior of the tent and he slowly walked towards the surprising duo.

Waving his hands, Perenna was immediately brought forward as Lucifer's arms wrapped around her waist and their lips locked in passion.

Seeing Lucifer kissing Perenna with so much passion, Layla couldn't help but feel slightly bitter while her obsessive heart turned uncomfortable.

Even though she had understood Lucifer's true situation, it was extremely unbearable for her to actually watch her beloved make love to someone else right in front of her.

It challenged her dignity as a woman.

But her thoughts remained unfulfilled as Lucifer broke the kiss and immediately lifted Perenna's body over his shoulders akin to a barbarian while he held his hands out to Layla.


Placing her hands on his, she was pulled up into a kiss while her eyes were opened wide.

'What the hell? Is that a tongue?!'

As if understanding her thoughts, Lucifer coiled his tongue around her's and ravished the entirety of her mouth.

Slowly loosening her tongue, her lips gained their freedom while Lucifer leaned in and whispered slowly.

"It's time you finally experience the real me."

His long tongue immediately licked her earlobe, making her body shudder.