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10 The Destined Village

Sneaking into the Dusk Empire couldn't be easier. As the name suggests, the territory of the entire Dusk Empire always remained shrouded by clouds, making it hard for the nation to enjoy a sunlit day.

Due to the natural 'greyish' environment, Lucifer and Perenna easily snuck through the clouds and only descended after they had crossed the border.

Landing near the nearest civilisation, they both turned back to their human forms while Lucifer still held Layla in his hands.

Removing her military robes, Lucifer covered her naked body with his outer robe and ran towards the village entrance with an anxious expression while Perenna, who had already understood her master's intentions followed him and tired to form a fear-stricken expression.

"Hey! Stop right there!"

One of the burly men with uncharacteristic pale white skin shouted and the other one immediately took out his sword, ready to engage in battle.

"Please, have mercy on my friend! She ate some strange fruit and she hasn't woken since! We just want to find help for her!"

Lucifer immediately shouted while slowing down his pace. Only after they heard his words did their attention fall on the sleeping beauty.

Her 'uncharacteristic' healthy skin was actually able to gain a slight reaction from the guards.

Since the Dusk Empire remained shrouded in shadows, almost all the people of this nation, be it strong or weak, male or female, farmer or noble, had pale white skin.

Seeing Layla's exotic skin and beautiful tanned face, the guards couldn't help but gulp. Layla actually attracted more attention than Lucifer and Perenna themselves.

Seeing their reaction, Lucifer spoke once again.

"Allow a path of living for my friend, Brother. I request you!"

His words brought the guards out of their stupor as they whispered to each other.

"Wait here, let me consult with the Village Head."

One of the guards ran inside the village while the other one finally noticed the unnatural beauty behind Lucifer.

Gazing back and forth from Perenna to Layla, he couldn't help but look at Lucifer, the Handsome weakling, who had managed to gain the favour of both of the beauties.

"Brother, can you please check a little quicker!"

Since he had decided to act, he needed to 'show' his anxiousness through his emotions and actions.

Feeling the impatience of the youth coupled with his own envy towards his fortune with ladies, the man scowled.

"Hey! Bannu is already checking with the village head. If you are in such a hurry, go and find a different village to help you!"

He snorted and crossed his arms as he tried to use his bulging muscles to impress Perenna, who didn't show any reaction as she kept her anxious gaze on Layla.

If she showed any other emotion, their whole act might just get ruined by her own impulsive need to play with that burly man's emotions.

Soon, Bannu returned with a middle-aged man that had a rough brown beard while he sported neck-long Brown hair. His skin, similar to the guards was pale white but the heroic expression on his face deepened when he saw Layla in Lucifer's arms and Perenna behind him.

"What are you doing? Quickly escort the injured to the Village Shaman! Now!"

"Yes, Chief!"

They both immediately tried to take Layla out of Lucifer's hands but how could he let them take her? He wasn't stupid enough to send Layla to the so-called 'shaman' and expose the Infernal energy transforming her body.

"Hey, I will take her myself! Keep your hands to your own body!"

Lucifer's crimson eyes glowed as a black mist appeared beneath his legs. A faint pressure surrounded the villager trio as the guards almost knelt down in fear. It was a good thing that the Chief was behind them.

"I didn't know that the esteemed guest cultivated in the ways of Elements. Please accept my apology for their rude behaviour."

The only Cultivator of the Village— The Village Head appeared from behind the trio as a light green glow surrounded his body.

Another Rank-1 Cultivator.

But even with the emergence of this old man, Lucifer's heart remained calm.

"I mean no offence. I just wish for my friend's safety."

Lucifer stood his grounds and still had a slightly lower tone. He understood that the Village Head wouldn't dare to attack him because Lucifer was an unknown enemy.

The Village head didn't know the number of skills he had already carved on his elemental sphere or his background while Lucifer didn't need to check on the Elder.

Babner Rogo, a Rank 1 Wind Element Cultivator who took care of the Hero in his younger ages.

Yes, this is where the Hero and the Heroine grew up and this is also the location of the Immortal Valley's entrance.

Gazing at the unconscious Layla, Babner nodded lightly and looked at his only son, the Village Chief.

"Son, go and rest. I will be entertaining the guests myself."

The village chief bowed politely and took his leave. But before he left, he made sure to look at Perenna once more as his gaze remained incomprehensible.

But, such an 'incomprehensible' gaze was easily interpreted by Perenna and Lucifer, after all, they both also gazed someone with the same look at one point of their life.

The Village Chief had hots for Perenna.

Following the Village Head, they quickly entered the largest tent where Lucifer laid Layla down on a soft carpet while Perenna immediately sat near her and placed her head on her plump thighs.

"I will call the Shaman in. Please don't show any kind of different treatment towards her as she is slightly eccentric and of different lineage."

Babner spoke to which Lucifer nodded.

It was time to turn the most influential pawn into his own demonic slave.

The twin sibling's foster Mother.

The Future Priestess of the Forest.

Druid Elf Shayna.