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Then the sound of flesh hitting against each other resounded as Layla did her level best to suppress her moans while Lucifer's lips played their magic on her shoulder and the base of her neck, leaving kiss marks everywhere.

His big rod pierced deep into her pussy while it kept on hitting the entrance of her womb. They still sat in the same position as Layla was gusty enough to take the full push right from the start.

Since she was sitting on his laps, Lucifer simply needed to push her waist up and slam her down like there was no tomorrow, making her gasp in pleasure.

His hands would even play with the entrance of her pussy while her upper body remained clothed.

The fear of getting caught actually made it more pleasurable for her and her butt kept on grinding against Lucifer's body, begging for more.

Taking off one of his arms from her waist, he grabbed her perky butt and pushed his thumb onto her rear entrance.

Due to how well trained she was, her butt was tight and perky while her waist didn't have excessive fat.

Feeling Lucifer's thumb playing with her rear entrance, a soft moan leaked out of her resisting mouth once again and she started moving even more intensely.

Every time Lucifer's tip pushed her walls deeper, Layla would feel her tension loosening and her brain turning into a mush. Her drool leaked from the side of her mouth while she tried to maintain her remaining dignity by holding her tongue inside her mouth.

"Layla... let's change position."

Lucifer rose while he licked Layla alongside, supporting her stand and immediately slammed his rod deep inside her while could only grab onto her own ample bosom covered by her uniform to keep her hands filled.

Only the moment they stood up Layla realised how considerate Lucifer had been to her all this time. What came next was a body numbing fuck that made her legs give in while Lucifer simply picked one of her thighs and started fucking her once while her stretched pussy was exposed to Perenna's lustful gaze.

Feeling the hot rod tearing her wet and sloppy pussy anew, Layla had already realised that after this session, she might as well give up her hope on the soldiers pursuing her.

Though incomparable to Perenna, Layla was a beauty in her own right and her trained body made Lucifer's session extremely pleasurable.

Her flower was hot and tight and she would still squeeze it even harder, making it even more enjoyable.

Feeling something coming down, Layla's body finally shuddered in extreme pleasure as her remaining dignity was lost with her tongue rolling out and her hands grabbing Lucifer's head behind her.

With her eyes rolled up and loud moan, she finally came and Lucifer shot his load deep inside her cumming womb, starting the process of transforming her into an even more capable mate.

Slowly taking out his rod covered in various liquid, Lucifer helped Layla sit on her knees while he presented his rod for another round of cleansing.

Finally gazing upon the penis that made her into a sloppy mess, Layla's eyes were already covered with the towering rod while unknowingly, Lucifer's demonic spunk did not leak out even after he let out such a huge load.

No, it was slowly assimilating into her flesh through her womb and of course, the visible effects were Layla's increased sex drive.

As she looked at the sloppy dick covered in her own fluids, her womb twitched and she couldn't help but gulp.

After a moment of revelation, Layla finally leaned her mouth in and took the tip inside her while her hands stroked and his shaft and even cupped his balls.

Seeing this, Perenna couldn't help but frown. It could be said that Layla was more experienced in using her head than Perenna herself and such a sight couldn't help but make her feel slightly envious to Layla's performance.

Taking his tip out of her mouth, she slowly licked Lucifer's shaft sideways and placed her hand on his tip, using her fingers to please it.

Finally, her mouth puffed put when she took both of her balls and sucked on them with delightful eyes.

Such a technique even surprised Lucifer. He really didn't think that such a shy military soldier was this experienced in oral techniques.

After licking and sucking, Layla hugged Lucifer's back and pressed her cheek onto his dick while giving him a sweet smile.

"See? All clean."

Seeing her childlike expression, Lucifer smiled and patted her head.

"Good work."

As her new master, Lucifer had to award her appropriately for her hard work and praise her from time to time.

"Now rest. You need plenty of energy to grow stronger."

These were the last words Layla heard as she lost her consciousness while Lucifer hugged her body and allowed her to rest on the slab.

Making Perenna put Layla's clothes back on her, he perceived the small changes occurring to her body and understood that it will take a lot of time before she is successfully turned into a higher demon.


Black Mist exploded from his body and slowly converged into a beautiful pair of black wings while a pitch black tail tore through his robes and a pair of goat horns emerged out of his head.

Picking up the unconscious Layla into a Princess carry, Lucifer looked at Perenna, who had already returned to her Holy Succubus form while her small pair of pure white bat-like wings gave her the similar ability to fly.

In reality, Lucifer and Perenna never had any thoughts of returning back to the Rising Sun Empire and Lucifer also didn't want to leave this place empty-handed.

Of course, he may have seduced all the female soldiers of this army but it would've taken a long time and he didn't have the means to transport them and make them move with him.

While they could bring his Cultivation a huge boost, in the grand scheme of things, these new pawns would've become a burden that he didn't want to bear.

It was best to groom quality generals than the mindless goons.

Just like that, the winged-duo and the unconscious soldier, flew away from the border while the District of Kannon faced a sudden and major threat of an Epidemic that turned all the civilians of the district into a group of wild beasts on aphrodisiac.

This was all Lucifer's calculation.

Since he was summoned in that district, the Infernal signature on that place cannot be erased easily and that is why he created a group of Lust Demons and infected the entire city by making them self-destruct in the various water supply of the area.

With that, the Lust Demons were no more while the whole district infected by their blood quickly started draining each other's essence.

If Lucifer was fortunate enough, he will get a strong... no, a terrifying warrior after the process is finished or else, the city would be quickly raided by the group of holy warriors and other Cultivators.


Dawn Academy, Rising Sun City.

"Did you track down the location?"

An old man with a long wavy beard that reached his abdomen spoke while stroking his moustache. His wrinkled face had a frown while a dangerous feeling gripped his heart tightly.

"Yes, Master! A summoning ritual took place in the Mayor's Castle in the District of Kannon.

The Demon summoned is unknown but it is assumed that the Infernal Creature still doesn't possess any Cultivation."

His apprentice replied with a dark expression. Every Infernal Creature, be it strong or weak, pose an undeniable threat to the kingdom.

"Yassak, you will bring a unit of Holy Warriors and a Priest with you and take down that Demon. Understood?"

Even though sending a group of Rank 5 Cultivators was a bit of overkill, it wouldn't hurt to be vigilant against the filth of the society.

"Contact his Majesty and report him the situation before leaving."

"Yes, Master."

The Blonde youth bowed once again and quickly walked out.

Only after all of them left did the old man sigh in distress and rubbed his bald head.

"Grandpa? Why didn't you send me?"

The hidden compartment covered by the shelves of spells opened up, revealing a gorgeous Red-Haired beauty with a beautiful face and curvaceous body that couldn't be hidden by her baggy white robe with beautiful golden embroidery.

Seeing her granddaughter, the Director of the Academy had a headache.

"You have just completed your Rank 2 Skill Set, how can I let you go on a hunting mission?"

He snorted and motioned her to sit in front of him.

"Huuuu, Grandpa! Didn't you hear that the Demon may not even have any Cultivation? Even I could defeat that creature single-handedly!"

She pouted and her ruby-red eyes gazed at the director with resentful eyes.

"Do you even hear yourself? You are not even sure about the true situation and yet, you have the audacity to say that you can defeat an unidentified enemy single-handedly?"

Director slammed his hand on the table and his words stunned the beautiful priestess.

Seeing her distressed state, he finally sighed and spoke softly.

"After your parents passed away, you are my only blood left in this entire world. Just stay with this bag of old bones for some time. When the time is right, I will let you go out with my blessings, alright?"

Taking a deep breath, the girl nodded and she finally left the room.

When he looked at the back of his granddaughter, his heart felt sad as he slowly muttered under his breath.

"Sun covered by dark clouds, Living Despair.

A Destined Blade to regain the Goddess' smile."

The Grand Prophets prophecy had many implications and this caused the Rising Sun Empire to start a cleaning operation and cleansed any and every creature related to the Infernal Realm.

But even then, as the days go by, every single Cultivator that is privy to this prophet felt even more fearful of the future events.