Villain Summoning in an Eroge
8 A Devil“s Desire
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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8 A Devil“s Desire

"So, Miss Layla, how long have you been into the service?"

Still holding Layla's hand, Lucifer asked as he walked under the soft morning sunlight while Perenna followed the duo with a peaceful expression as the fresh air calmed their hearts.

Since there were no walls built to mark the border, rows of tents accomplished the intended purpose. In the Army of the Rising Sun Empire, the treatment wasn't any differential for women.

This meant that Layla has slept through the dirty and smelly tents while has also bathed together with her comrades. The only reason she and some other females were safe and didn't get forced by the frustrated soldiers was the fact that the Military laws forbade any kind of sexual acts during the service.

Caught offenders may have to be admitted to the prison for a long time or they might get executed on the spot.

"Ah, please call me Layla, Sir Lucifer."

Layla spoke with a flustered expression while her neck long hair moved sideways in the direction of the wind.

"Yes, then do me a favour, Layla. Just call me Lucifer."

He gazed into her dark eyes and slowly brushed her bangs covering her left cheek and slowly pushed it behind her ears.


Layla was stunned by the sudden act of affection and stood rooted in her location.

"Is there anything wrong?"

Lucifer turned and smiled, breaking Layla out of her stupor while Perenna his her awestruck expression once again and noted down every single detail in her mind.

Her Master's interrogation skills were otherworldly as he simply used his words and empty promises to break a stubborn prisoner and now, his acting skills left an even deeper impression!

Deeply blushing, Layla touched her cheek with her free hand and slowly shook her head and immediately continued showing Lucifer the border and introduced various aspects of the location that she shouldn't have.

As they reached the end of the border, Layla sighed as she felt Lucifer's approaching farewell when he turned and pointed at the huge rock that marked the end of their patrolling task.

"How about we take a rest there?"

Without even waiting for Layla's reply, Lucifer simply pulled her hand gently and walked while Layla didn't refuse such a chance to spend more time with her dream partner.

Extremely handsome, gentle and when he smiles, even the rising sun loses its luster. If he wasn't the dream partner then who is?

Sitting cross-legged, Lucifer leaned on the smooth slab while Layla sat right next to him. Understanding her Master's true nature, Perenna was already standing at some distance while she kept an eye out for the surroundings.

"Isn't she going to rest with us?"

Layla looked at Perenna with a confused expression while her heart gave birth to a deep envy for her natural beauty and holy charm. In reality, she still couldn't believe it that Lucifer would rather be with her than with Perenna.

"Hmm? Of course, not. It's just the two of us."

Lucifer smiled and gazed at the rise of the early sun with a slightly dazed expression, making Layla even more enamored by his charm.

In such a condition where he could only find mortal girls, Lucifer wouldn't lose the chance to have his way with a female cultivator.

After all, his Cultivation would get a huge boost while he would also get a useful demon.

While he could create a lot of Lust Demons, their lifespan was short and they wouldn't live past one year no matter what they did. It was their fate as their mortal flesh was corrupted while their soul remained pure.

Meanwhile, the soul of each cultivator is slowly polluted by his own Element Energy which allows the Cultivators to be truly independent. After all, each and every pure soul can be used as a Cultivation resource or even be manipulated by those of higher plane.

But the polluted souls... not a chance.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable with the sudden silence, Layla tried to open up.

"Sir... Lucifer, the weather looks great, doesn't it?"

Perenna almost laughed out as she heard Layla's amateurish lines. Even she was better than Layla.

"Of course, it is great. After all, your smile can turn even a stormy weather into a sunny one."

Lucifer took her hand and pulled her closer, wrapping his left hand around her shoulder.


Layla's mind buzzed by his touch and words while she tried to push him away.

"Shh, calm down. I won't bite you. Promise."

Lucifer stroked her quivering arm and whispered into her ears. His warmth spread and passed onto her, making her feel more comfortable and relaxed.



She turned her face up, exposing her blushing cheeks and slightly glazed eyes while her lips looked extremely soft in this particular moment.

Lucifer slowly leaned in and Layla closed her eyes, awaiting the moment of passion that would sweep her off her legs and... mind.

With their lips locked, their shadow interconnected while Perenna increased her vigilance.

Layla's arms hung around Lucifer's neck while his hands grabbed her thin and tight waist, pulling her up and placing her butt onto his rising glory, making her sit on his laps while she kept the kiss connected.

The moment she felt the hot and hard rod ready to strike and accomplish its purpose, Layla's body shivered and she broke the kiss.

"I am sorry, I really should leave."

She tried to stand up but Lucifer kept his arms wrapped around her waist and placed his chin over her shoulders, slowly whispering.

"Layla, is it me? You already know that I want you."

Layla immediately shook her head while her back remained to Lucifer's front.

"No, Lucifer. I really shouldn't engage... I cannot do this with you. Not here. I really wish we had met each other someplace else... somewhere better."

She tried to stand once again and struggled against Lucifer's hold gently.

"Why someplace else? We both met each other in this place. Why not here? Didn't you feel my passion for you just a moment ago?"

Recalling the passionate kiss, Layla's struggle did falter for a moment.

In reality, Lucifer could have easily overpowered her and forced his way with her.

But where's the fun in that?

If he can accomplish something while enjoying the process, then why not?

Lucifer turned his chin and planted a kiss on her neck while his hands slowly worked on her pants, not daring to make an explosive move to startle the gullible deer.

"Ah... Lucifer, we really cannot."

Layla tilted her head while her neck became even more exposed.

"Layla... don't just listen to my words, feel it. Feel my affection for you."

Lucifer's hand grazed one of her thighs and he started kissing her soft war, his passion spreading into her body like a disease.

Layla closed her eyes as he felt comforted by his kisses on her neck and ears. While she had been in some relationships, none of her partners did give her such a special attention.

But whenever she thought of Perenna, her heart couldn't help but falter.

"But what about your servant? Even she is more beautiful than me. Why would you even want me?"

Lucifer stopped his actions as he may have replied her truthfully for the first time.

"Appearance... they can only function as a mask. Though some appearances can be quite satisfying, my only desire is my partner's heart. Her true love for me."

Lucifer took this chance and locked his lips with her's once again and finally let one of his hands inside her pants, moving towards the main course.


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