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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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7 Departure


Lucifer heaved a deep sigh and closed the book in his hand.

'9 Levels of Cultivation and 9 Skills each level. Every skill is needed to be inscribed while considering the possible routes of battle systems to be adopted.'

Closing his eyes, his consciousness entered a void where he could only perceive a simple sphere floating with his elemental energy constantly undulating on its surface.

This was the first Rank of Cultivation, also known as the Realm of Sphere.

Being the Devil, Lucifer's body was aligned to the Dark Element and his Magic was attuned to darkness as well.

Of course, under the various elements such as Fire, Water, Thunder and other exotic elements, Lucifer's Dark Element fell into the rare category.

But such a classification of Elements is oftentimes meaningless. After all, the current Ruler of the Rising Sun Empire is Fire Element Cultivator.

There are even many Cultivators with exotic elements such as Life Element or Shock Element but most of them simply couldn't reach the top of the Ladder and encountered unsightly deaths.

Coming back to skills.

Each skill requires a massive amount of Element Energy while each of the skill inscribed on the sphere also becomes the base for the future skills he may create.

For this very reason, Lucifer cannot carve his Element Sphere with all attack-related skills and then proceed to nurture healing skills during his second level of Cultivation.

It just doesn't work that way.

Meditating on his Dark Element Energy, Lucifer pondered on the types of skills he had gone through Perenna's records while he also matched them with the skills he developed in the game.

Since he wasn't going to enter a battle anytime soon, he may as well preserve as much Element Energy he can and quickly create his own Battle System.

Every time he engages in intercourse, he saps out the Element Energy out of the Female's body and then a very small part of that energy is converted into Dark Element Energy while the rest exits out of his body naturally.

This was one of his racial ability as a new Classification of Devil.

If he were summoned as a Devil cursed with his Wrath, then he could quickly gain Element Energy during battles.

If he were to be inflicted with his own hunger then all he had to do was eat living organisms to gain Dark Element Energy while the rest is naturally filtered out.

In reality, the true Lucifer— The Archangel, ceased to exist when he was banished into the Infernal Realm, a prison specifically created to contain his twisted desires.

At that point in time, he was the Devil. Then, he started torturing souls and created more of his kind, becoming the ancestors of the Devil.

The moment he was brought back to the living, he was neither the Archangel or the Ancestral Devil.

He was a Devil infected with his own lust.

The Progenitor of Lust itself.

This new lineage gave him quite a variety of abilities but also made him extremely lustful.

If he actually started to abstain from having sex, even though his cultivation will remain the same, his body will slowly start to deteriorate and one day, he will fall due to his own sex drive.

Opening his eyes, he looked at the eyeball placed inside a tube filled with liquid and stood up.

"Hmm? Master? Is it morning?"

Perenna lazily stretched her naked body. She was quite surprised that it was already morning. After all, she was still feeling a little weak and still felt as if she needed more sleep.

"No, it's still night. Get ready, we are going to Immortal Valley."

"What? Really?"

Shocked, Perenna asked again for the sake of confirmation and Lucifer's simple nod fulfilled its intended purpose.

Quickly getting into her blue robes, she tied her hair into a ponytail and put her sandals on before standing behind Lucifer.

"Get a carriage ready. We leave for the borders tonight."


Hokan Border

The sliver of sunlight through the end of the edges of the hemisphere marked the end of dawn while the heavily guarded border was finally relieved of the cold night.

Hokan border directly touched the Shade District of the Dusk Kingdom and thus, remained heavily guarded even when the two nations maintain well-developed routes of trade for each other.

The deficiency of one nation became a business opportunity for the other and slowly, many alliances were created through the border.

And yet, both the nation still kept training their soldiers continuously, fearing each other's capabilities.

In this manner, both the nation soon fell into a mutually restrictive relationship where either both of the nations grew together or neither of them developed at all.

"Mayor is requesting a visit?"

The scar-faced commander raised his brows as he pondered on the reason why this devil of a Mayor wanted to visit this site.

Unknowingly, his eyes fell onto the female soldier standing alongside the male soldiers and sighed.

Even though he was a Rank 3 Cultivator, due to the Mayor's special position in the Capital city, he still had to give him excess face even when he remained a pathetic mortal.

"Alright, bring him in."

The soldier saluted and walked out before escorting a peerless Black-haired man and a Goddess of a white-haired woman that attracted the attention of all the male soldiers while the only female soldier couldn't keep her eyes off the Greek God presenting himself to her sight.

Looking around the tent, Lucifer's gaze finally landed on the beautiful, Black-haired soldier that was already enamored by his face and physique.


The female soldier immediately lowered her gaze when Lucifer's smile almost infected her heart with a licentious craving.

Taking a deep breath, the female soldier suppressed her rapidly beating heart and didn't dare look at Lucifer again.

Meanwhile, the commander himself was quite shocked at the 'Mayor's' entrance.

"You are...?"

His frown contorted the scars on his face, making his expression look especially grim.

"Here, the Mayor sent this with his regards."

Perenna handed out a sealed letter from the sleeves of her robes while the commander couldn't help but gulp at her appearance.

Reading the contents, scarface finally nodded and stood up.

"I am Rom Gester, the commander of this border."

He extended his hand out towards Perenna while unknowingly, his felt Lucifer particularly repulsive.

"Oh, how nice of you."

Perenna smiled sweetly, stunning the spectators while she placed a set of keys in the Commander's hand.

"Our carriage is right outside. These are the keys to the cabinet. Please get it cleaned by the time we are done with our inspection."

The commander was still dazed by her smile while Lucifer finally spoke up.

"Sir, you wouldn't mind if take a soldier to show us around, right?"

"Suit yourself."

Commander didn't even look towards Lucifer while Perenna's charm worked perfectly. Her inherent charm that could cause itching in the hearts of male alongside her holy aura that made her look unapproachable and pure captured the hearts of every man that set their gaze upon her.

Alas, this pure Goddess in their heart already had the devil in her's.

"Miss, will you accompany us?"

Lucifer walked up to the only female cultivator he could find and extended his hand.


The woman almost shouted as she placed her palm on his.

"Nice to make your acquaintance. I am called Lucifer."

Lucifer smiled and his crimson eyes were finally etched into her heart while kissing the back of her hand sealed the deal.

"Let's go, Perenna."

"Yes, Master."

While the gazes of all the male soldiers sent Perenna out, they failed to notice their Female compatriot walking alongside Lucifer with her hand held by his.

As the trio left, the commander finally came to be and frowned when he looked at the set of keys in his hands.

"What the hell are these?"

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