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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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5 The Finger

Sitting on the throne covered in plates of Red Gold, Lucifer looked at the group of Infernal creatures in front of him with a lazy gaze while a peerless white-haired beauty stood behind him, her face holding a polite and gentle smile while her hands massaged Lucifer's shoulders.

The group in front of him had beautiful faces and curvaceous bodies but all of them had pink-coloured skin and black eyes while their pink tails wrapped around their thin waist, functioning as a belt.

All of them remained in their underwear, showcasing their natural charm as they smiled at their Master.

Even though the charm of their smile increased in the group, it remained ineffective towards Lucifer.

"Pete, step forward."

Abiding by the command, Pete took a step forward and turned her front towards Lucifer while kneeling on one knee.

"You sacrificed your very manhood for glory and power. The law of sacrifice is eternal and your name henceforth shall be Perenna Moriah.

Your existence shall always remind the others of the phrase: Sacrifice is Eternal."

"Perenna greets the Lord!"

She bowed her head and her voice boomed inside the hall. Her prideful tone was crystal clear to Lucifer as well as other Lust Demons.

Nodding his head, Lucifer smiled gently.

"Stand up."

Returning to her place, Perenna immediately started relieving the tension of her master's shoulders.

Lucifer felt her soft hands massaging his body and rested his back while he fell into his thoughts.

As the Progenitor of Lust, he could perform miracles with his own semen and blood. The transformation of all the girls was one such miracle.

Using the last bits of his previous Holy Essence, Lucifer managed to create a unique species— The Holy Succubus.

But that was it!

His body didn't have any remnants of his previous Angelic glory and he now was a Pure Devil through and through!

Even though he sacrificed his previous essence that could very well be used to train a capable holy knight or a Paladin, he did gain something in return.

The remaining restrictions on his body were lifted.

He still recalled how he was burnt by his own Holy Essence for uttering the word 'Holy' out loud. This was a curse placed upon his very essence by his father when he was banished to the Infernal Realm, as a reminder of his 'manic' insurgency towards all his creation!

But now, he not only infused his holy essence into another organism, but he also managed to combine it with Perenna's primal yin and his demonic lineage, transforming her into the only Holy Succubus present in the entire world!

This act would be impossible in the Infernal Realm where he could only manipulate the soul and create different types of Infernal Demons like Lust Demons.

In the mortal plane, he had access to flesh as well as the soul!

"Perenna, you will take command of this first batch of Lust Demons. If they get hungry, use your male prisoners to feed them."

Lucifer stood up from his Throne and he slowly walked circled around the group of jubilant Lust Demons.

Alas, they were nothing but tools in Lucifer's calm and calculative gaze.

"Prepare a room for all the remaining girls left in this palace. Don't include the chefs, maids and other female staffs. Understood?"

He walked towards the gate behind the throne with his hands behind his back.

He was dressed in a simple blue robe while he had already hidden his demonic physique. Similar to Lucifer, Perenna also had some of his transformation ability and was able to hide her extraordinary features.

But the group of Lust Demons didn't have any transformation abilities.

They only got an inhumane physique and an incredible sex drive.

Of course, they weren't capable of cultivating anymore. Even Lucifer's seed had limited effect if the body of the target was unworthy of great things.

While he may create more powerful and different kinds of Demons if he let his seed into the bodies of female Cultivators, the mortal women only had an unfortunate fate of being Lust Demons that had their minds controlled by Lucifer as they sucked the very essence of other mortal men for their survival.

Walking outside the hallway, he came across a beautiful garden with an open view of the blue sky!

Even though Perenna was still following him, he didn't particularly mind her clingy attitude and removed his boots.



He slowly walked on the fresh and luscious grass while his feet felt completely refreshed. Inhaling the fragrance of wet soil, his mind couldn't help but 'open' up.

This place was completely different from Earth! The quality of nature in this world was extremely satisfying.

Placing his butt on the ground, Lucifer sat with his legs extended out and he pointed Perenna to massage his calves.

Happy to be of service, the loyal familiar stepped up and sat near Lucifer's thighs, placing his legs over her plump thighs and started massaging his feet.

She slowly worked her way down his calves and rubbed the base of his feet and even gave his toes some special service.

Gazing at the blue sky, Lucifer couldn't help but sigh.

Extending his arm towards the vast expanse of one of his 'new' or 'step' father's creation, he smiled and slowly clenched his palm with a particular finger sticking out.

"If you can see me, then fuck you!"

Yes, even the mighty Lucifer is capable of giving God the finger.


Stunned by the sudden profanity from her master's mouth, Perenna looked at the sky with an incomprehensible gaze.

'God... and Goddess! In the Eroge, the Devil succumbs to the Goddess' warrior's blade. But I wonder if someone unlocked the final route where even the Goddess is brought down by the devil, submitting to the pleasures her own son could provide her?

Hehe, hero and heroine. I guess, they won't come into the world until a few years later.

Due to the nature of the Eroge, there wasn't much information written on this district and it was only mentioned briefly. For now, I have to rely on my own methods to attain power.'

"Perenna, I also want the situation of the nearest cultivation institution and the record of every family that ever produced any cultivator in this district."

"Yes, Master."

"Oh, one more thing."


"Massage my waist, too."

Lucifer spoke as he lied down on his chest.

Such a wonderful weather shouldn't be wasted. Only a good massage and a good fuck later in the night could redeem for such a wonderful day.

The day which would be recorded in the annals of history!

The day when Lucifer was broken out of his cage by his loyal familiar, Perenna Moriah!

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