Villain Summoning in an Eroge
3 Summoning Party +18
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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3 Summoning Party +18

Trying to use her inexperienced mouth to satisfy the Devil was nigh impossible. But Lucifer did fell good by her breasts wrapped around his shaft, creating a warm domain of flesh.

"Let me ask you one thing. Seeing that you were the big bad Mayor, you would've definitely forced yourself onto women on several occasions, right?"

Lucifer's magnetic voice resounded alongside the sound of slurping and his hands slowly stroked the top of Pete's head and let his fingers pass through her silky smooth hair.

Without waiting for his reply, Lucifer continued.

"Then what did you do when the said woman couldn't please you through her mouth?"

His hands finally grabbed onto her head and smiled deviously.

"You took matters into your hands, right?"

With a single pull, Lucifer shoved his dick deep into her warm throat while he simultaneously used his tail to raise Pete's body from her back or her neck would've snapped off in this stunt.

Feeling her throat filled and the sudden lack of air, Pete's eyes rolled up while tears formed on the corner of her eyes. Meanwhile, Lucifer felt incredibly luscious when he saw Pete's full cheeks and he was also tempted to bend down and gaze at her bulging throat.

But he didn't want to destroy his mood. Feeling her throat wrapping and sucking on his dick for trying to make up for the lack of oxygen, Lucifer let out a satisfied sigh and slowly took his rod out.

"*Gasp* Cough! Cough! Haa... Haaa..."

Pete immediately gasped for air to fill her deprived lungs while her saliva drooled out unceremoniously. Looking at his sloppy dick, he grabbed Pete's head once again while she gazed at him with a plea in her eyes.

Alas, they rolled back up while a warm rod stuffed her mouth pussy once again. Her tongue grinded against the back of Lucifer's shaft as he started moving this time, fully enjoying the face fuck of his new life.

Meanwhile, Pete's nose was also starting to get blocked because of her overflowing fluids.

With a final thrust, Lucifer let out his first load of demonic spunk in the Mortal Plane.

But he didn't take his rod out until all of his spunk had found its place inside Pete's stomach.

Removing his dick from her throat, Lucifer let go of Pete as she fell back on the bed without any apparent energy while her pussy was already dripping with nectar once again.

Since her mouth couldn't be used to clean up the mess she created of his dick, he compromised for her lower hole and pressed the tip of his dick against her puffy vulva, spreading it apart and revealing the beautiful pink pussy that even the previous Pete would've wanted to fuck.

Alas, she couldn't fuck it but could only get fucked by it!

Her back arched up while her hands grabbed onto the pillows as she felt her insides spread apart by a hot, throbbing rod.

Everything was new to her!

Summoning a Devil, Creating a Bloody Orgy, Turning into a Woman and getting ravished as a Woman!

Even though her mind couldn't cope up with the changes, her maiden body did.

Her warm pussy walls wrapped around his dick while every bumps and crack of her pussy gave Lucifer a never-ending feeling of pleasure.

Wrapping his hand over her head and resting his body on hers, Lucifer locked lips with her and ravaged her tongue while he finally pushed his dick into the deepest corner of her pussy, pressing her inner walls to the extreme while the entirety of his shaft felt her virgin pussy.

A pained grunt escaped Pete's mouth before Lucifer took her lips once again, sucking them completely.

Slowly and steadily, Lucifer entered a piston-like motion that started ravaging Pete's hole as his tip pressed her inner wall every single time.

He would push the entirety of his dick again and again while the sounds of his full ball smacking her full buttocks resounded in the dungeon.




Soon, Pete's pussy finally turned wetter and slowly accommodated Lucifer while they both started to feel the pleasure of hitting her walls

Pulling her up, they both started fucking in a sitting position with their fronts pressed against each other. Lucifer's arms hugged her back while he sucked on her tits, leaving Pete's slutty tongue rolling out of her mouth as her drool fell on his shoulder while her eyes had already lost the focus from reality, experiencing the full pleasure of being on the receiving end of the rod.

Her body reacted on her own and her ass started to move while Lucifer fucked her ball's deep!

With a satisfied grunt, his second load of demonic spunk was released inside her body, causing wonderful changes to the structure of her body.

Pulling her up and allowing her to rest and experience her new groundbreaking changes, Lucifer looked at the remaining girls covered in Crimson Mist with a lustful gaze.

A crimson-winged mark formed right above their crotches while he waved his hand to pull one of the women towards himself.

Meanwhile, Lucifer himself felt a cool energy spreading throughout his body and flowing towards his head where a pitch black sphere resided in a mystical realm.

Waking her up, Lucifer looked into her frightened eyes and spike gently.

"Girl, what is your name?"

As if obliged to answer, the girl respectfully kowtowed on the bed while her naked butt was completely exposed to his licentious eyes.

"My name is Sonia, Milord!"

Unknown to her, the crimson-winged tattoo over her crotch glowed lightly, allowing Lucifer to do whatever he wanted.

"Sit up."

He sat with his legs crossed while his dick stood right in the middle like a metal rod.

"Come here."

With a single command, Sonia mindlessly followed Lucifer's order and sat on his thighs while her butt crack rubbed and grinded on his rod.

Touching her pussy with his hand, he raised her mouth with his other palm and brought her into a mind-numbing kiss while this time, he let his tongue inside her throat, causing her eyes to widen.

Using his tail to coil around one of her thigh, Lucifer spread her legs apart while his finger was already deep into her pussy, twirling and pushing her walls from the inside.

"Are you ready?"

Lucifer's voice boomed inside her head while her crimson mark glowed brighter than ever.

"Yes, Master!"

With her declaration, the mark turned dull while she unconsciously submitted to the devil for the pleasure he provided.

Since Sonia had already gone through some of Pete's heavy taste, Lucifer's dick immediately plunged into her dripping hole while he used his tail to sandwich her from her butthole.

The feeling of three of her holes filled, Sonia's body throbbed and convulsed while she immediately fell into a state of orgasm. But even then, Lucifer didn't spare her sensitive pussy until he let out a load of his semen.

Just like this, Lucifer finally enjoyed the welcome party set for him by Pete and thoroughly ravaged more than thirty girls in a row, turning the dungeon into a sloppy mess where every girl had one or two leaking holes!


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