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"W-what did you do to me?"

Pete stumbled backwards, falling on her recently transformed soft and perky butt that begged to be spanked for all her wrongdoings.

Lucifer gazed at Pete calmly and slowly walked forward. With each step, his crimson pupils glowed brighter and the mist behind him slowly entered the bodies of the surrounding women, knocking them out one by one.

The spiral horns on top of his head slowly vanished and his pitch black wings disappeared into a black mist, making him look like an ordinary man save for his demonic charm.

"What did I do? I have simply rewarded you according to the customs of summoning the devil."

His voice resounded in the silent dungeon as Pete slowly crept backwards with every single step Lucifer took.

"A mortal without any hopes of cultivation. What I did is give you hope."

Slowly and steadily, Pete stopped crawling backwards as her body felt captivated by Lucifer's voice.

His words struck her heart like a hammer yet felt akin to soft whispers that grazed her cheeks and caused a tingling sensation to spread inside her body.



Lucifer nodded and finally stood in front of Pete and admired his own work. Her healthy skin alongside the bouncy texture enchanted Lucifer while her springy and large bust remained gravity-defying in all its glory.

"Using the blood of aroused women, you summoned me, the King of Hell on the Mortal Plane. But your offering only included plain mortals without any cultivators.

Giving you the hope of immortality is already the best circumstance."

He crouched and looked Pete into her eyes.

"B-but why am I a girl?"

"A necessary sacrifice."

Lucifer replied calmly.

He wasn't lying. According to the rules of the world, he, as a summoned being needed to part away with something important since breaking him out of the Hell is an offence so big that a Heavenly Army would be mobilised to strike him down if found out.

According to his Eroge, Lucifer would have given Pete a part of his demonic power and given him a stagnant cultivation, without any potential to cultivate further.

But his creator's heart did leave a hidden route.

The masterpiece of his Eroge— Gender-bending!

"You sacrificed your Gender to gain a high talent for cultivation. A requirement to fulfil my desires."

Lucifer finally smiled gently and held her chin with his hand.

"Your desires?"

A sense of crisis rose within her heart and she tried to break away, alas, even without cultivation, Lucifer's body wasn't something to be underestimated.

Using his innate skill as the new Progenitor of Lust, a pink halo appeared over his head while his gaze looked at Pete filled with desire.

"Hmm? You first summon me and then try to walk away, amusing."

Lucifer immediately held Pete's hand and pulled her closer. With all her equipments destroyed by the ball of Purple flames, Pete was left defenceless and was easily pulled into Lucifer's embrace.

A mind-numbing scent assaulted her nostrils and she lost her focus for a moment.

"L-let me go! I can give you everything! Wealth, Women and Land! Just let me go!"

Even though Pete shouted, she felt this scene quite nostalgic and in the coming moment, her suspicions were confirmed.

"Shh, just stay silent. You will feel good soon enough."

Isn't this what she used to say when he kidnapped the women of his enemies and forced herself on them without any care?

Didn't all those women used to beg him but he rammed his cock inside them anyway?

Ravishing them until their very thoughts begged for his mighty rod.

Lucifer, enjoying this new and pleasant sensation felt his body warm up as the pink halo above his head slowly turned into a pink mist that was inhaled by Pete.


A strange sensation ravaged inside her body making her twitch continuously and moistened her inner thighs, her juices overflowing.

"W-what is this?"

"I told you to stay quiet, right?"

Lucifer's thin lips locked Pete's full and precious pink lips, causing her mind to go numb by Lucifer's rough and long tongue.

She was an experienced kisser, but all her experience was limited to a human female. She had never been on the receiving end of lovemaking and always tried to satisfy her vanity by dominating every single woman in her life.

Her sensitive tongue was caught by Lucifer's long tongue and he even coiled his tongue around hers, pulling it out.

"Hah... hah... hah..."

Taking deep breaths, Pete's face had already turned red due to all the blood rushing up to her face while her tongue was exposed to the air with another long tongue coiled around it.

Tightening his grip on her tongue, Lucifer closed the distance once again as his hands found their way to her natural perky butt and he pulled her body up.

Pete had already lost her body in pleasure and easily straddled his waist with her legs while her arms were hugging his neck.

'What a soft butt!'

Lucifer grabbed her butt tightly and started massaging them, spreading them apart and exposing her butt hole while his big cock had already transformed into a fierce beast that kept on hitting on Pete's entrance time and again.

Using her remaining bit of consciousness that wasn't eroded by the new and pleasurable sensation, Pete tried to speak and beg once again but suddenly, her eyes widened as she felt her pussy stretch apart as a small object entered it, tearing her hymen.

Her body lowered body immediately felt pain but Lucifer didn't care and simply used his tail to loosen her pussy up.

After all, he needed to prepare her first before he starts with the main event.

Removing his lips and freeing her tongue, Lucifer lowered his head and immediately put her left tit inside his mouth.

Using his long tongue, he immediately played with her erect nipple inside his mouth while he kept on sucking them.

His hand didn't falter as they couldn't get enough of massaging Pete's new maiden butt. Whenever he grabbed too hard, her ass cheek would spill out, making Lucifer attack her rear even more fiercely.

His bloodied Tail kept on digging further and further as Lucifer slowly opened her up while Pete's eyes were rolled up in pleasure.

Her consciousness was finally eroded by deep pleasure brought to her maiden physique and her mouth found something to lock onto.

Unable to find Lucifer's lips, Pete started licking and kissing his neck.

Meanwhile, her pure white hair had already turned into a mess while her hands scratched and gripped Lucifer's back harder and harder as her body felt a new sensation gripping her heart.

Her eyes lost focus and she momentarily stopped all her actions except for hugging Lucifer even tighter.

Her perky butt in Lucifer's palms twitched and her tight pussy walls tightened around his tail.

With a loud moan, her drool leaked from the corner of her mouth and she finally came.

Looking up, Lucifer took Pete's lips once again as he admired her new slutty look.

She finally looked like a tainted Mayor she was supposed to be.

Looking at the special bed arranged for Lucifer to fuck all the surrounding women, he brought his very first partner and used the bed sheets to clean her lower bloodied lips.

Looking at the dry pussy that was quickly moistening, he looked at Pete who laid sprawled on the bed and lowered his head.

His tongue extended and finally entered Pete's pussy.

Feeling a warm substance entering her flower, Pete's eyes opened once again as she unconsciously pulled in Lucifer's head further, making his nose touch her erect clitoris.

Digging with his tongue even deeper, the tip of his tongue played around her tight and sweet wall while his tastebuds were assaulted by a bittersweet taste that itched his heart and caused his rock hard rod to twitch continuously.

Using his hands to keep her thighs apart, he brought his face even closer and dug further.

"Aaahhhh shhiiiiitttttt!"

Pete had already lost her decorum as a Noble Mayor and lost herself in the pleasures of getting dominated as a newly transformed female.

Her hands tightened on Lucifer's short black hair and her thighs couldn't help but want to rub against each other.

Alas, she couldn't overpower Lucifer but this made her feel even better.

Gulping the last bit of her nectar, Lucifer looked up and pulled her body, sitting on her abdomen with his erect rod pointing right in front of her face through her wonderful bosom.

Seeing her lustful expression with her tongue rolled out, Lucifer immediately grabbed her breasts from the side and covered them around her rod.

Looking at the exposed tip, Lucifer used the triangular end of his tail to push up her head.

"Start licking!"

With a simple command, Pete started replaced Lucifer's hands and gave him a blowjob and a titjob at the same time.