Villain Summoning in an Eroge
1 A Villain Summoned
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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1 A Villain Summoned

Rising Sun Empire, District of Kannon.

Being one of the backward districts of the Empire, the place is filled with cheap brothels, bars and factories that exploited human resources to its extremities.

After all, the poor people only had access to one form of entertainment— copulation!

Using this form of entertainment as a way to practically farm human beings, the Mayor earned wealth, women and power. Living the life filled with comfort, lust and pride.

None stood in front of his way as all the obstructions and hindrances in the forms of protests were removed using the efficient methods of blackmailing, assassination and kidnapping.

If the enemy turned out to be a male, the mayor would kidnap his mother, daughter, wife or any other woman in his life and use them as his cultivation furnace while he drove the said enemy to despair, ruining families after families.

Brothel became the future of the distraught widows and fatherless daughters while the women fortunate enough to get the Mayor's attention would become Humanoid Trophies, sent to his private harem, trained and turned into a perfect slave to serve the Mayor and accommodate to his every fleshy desire.

Every single desire!

The Emperor tolerated the Villainous and Unscrupulous Mayor for the results he achieved and the assets he brought to the Capital City of the Empire.

But all became zero when the Mayor's greed exceeded his capability and he finally summoned the Infernal Devil into the world of the living.

"Alright, this shit looks familiar!"

Lucifer exclaimed inside his heart as he looked at the dimly lit dungeon filled with mindless women pleasuring each other while blood flowed out of their wrists, creating a delicate and yet complicated summoning circle while Magic Cores surrounded the room in an ingenious method.

"Hmm? Isn't this the illustration of the Lust Route?"

Lucifer couldn't hide his surprise anymore!

He was inside the game he had created himself.

"The Beginning: A Villain Summoned!"

Lucifer still remembered the name of the first chapter that marked the rise of the Devil that angered Man and God alike.

Feeling a strange sensation going through his body, he frowned and slowly felt it flowing throughout his body and extending out of his back into two large panels.

"Hmm? These are?"

His brain tried to move the body parts on his back and two pitch black wings slowly curved forward. Looking at the shining feathers that claimed a nefarious charm, Lucifer was slightly stunned.

Even though he had designed the Devil, he didn't know that the wings could exude such a refreshing feeling. After all, they weren't pure white, but pitch black straight from hell!

Looking at the orgy going around his body, Lucifer frowned and waved his hand.

A red mark on his forehead glowed crimson and the girls around him started to heal at a visible rate.

"Holy Shit!"

The moment he spoke out, a deep pain rampaged inside his body and a golden flame raged on the surface of his body.

"What the hell is going on?"

His gaze turned slightly terrified as the pain stemmed from the deepest part of his body.

Meanwhile, the gazes of the surrounding women finally turned lively and they looked around in confusion.

A deep aroma assaulted their nostrils and they looked at each other's naked body in surprise.

"Welcome, I am the one who summoned you.

Bow to your new master, Winged Demon!"

A handsome looking man with pure white hair and bright gold eyes walked inside the room as he looked at the healed women with unconcealed lust. A huge bulge under his pants gave his intentions away but he still controlled himself.

Seeing the appearance of the man, all the women turned terrified and immediately hugged each other, trying to find comfort in the embrace of another hurt soul.

Meanwhile, Lucifer admired his face and body. Unlike other supposed dirty Mayors, this man did bring the whole group of old and obese mayors to a different class.

Yes, he was that very Mayor that turned the Kannon District into his own little kingdom.

Alas, he summoned the Lord of Hell in the worst route possible.

He could have used the head of a Dragon to give Lucifer a wrathful attribute.

He could have used the guts of pregnant women to give him the sin of Greed.

He could have used the legs of Lions to make him slothful.

But no, he had to use gallons of the blood of aroused women to make him the progenitor of Lust.

Fallen Angel, Lucifer! Pleasure bringer, Despair Creator!

Putting the doubt of him, a human of Earth, summoned into the world of Magic as a Devil in the back of his head, he observed the surroundings.

"Yeah, the crystals on pillars, this magic circle and torches of purple flames... this is really my own eroge."

He muttered while Pete Leone looked at the winged demon with a smile and admired the form of the being he summoned.

A handsome face with chiseled jaws alongside the godly body exposed in all its glory.

Pure white skin that increased the charm of demonic wings and cutting edge muscles that incurred even his own envy.

Seeing the incomparable penis lodged between his leg that easily reached half of his thigh even when Limp, Pete couldn't help but lament his fate of being a human.

"If that is true then..."

Lucifer extended his arm towards Pete and shot out a ball of Purple Flames.


Before he could cry in shock, purple flame covered the entirety of his body as he finally looked at Lucifer with fear. Long gone was his pride in the fact that he summoned an internal creature, challenging the very teachings of God.

Under the fearful and shocked eyes of the women around Lucifer, Pete's body slowly burnt off but strangely, his beautiful skin shimmered further. His muscled body slowly lost its greek physique and his pecs softened, creating two big mounds of flesh with pink toppings on them alongside erect nipples.

His well-endowed penis shrunk at a visible rate and his solid butt grew plumper and wider, accommodating the thinning of his waist and back.

His arms lost their strong charm and his thighs turned soft and smooth.

His well-chiseled face lost all its wolfish charm and turned oval.

His Adam's apple receded and his collarbone became prominent, and finally, his dick vanished and petal-like flower emerged, giving him a beautiful pussy that could shame the surrounding girls.

His pure white hair grew further and his golden eyes gained a feminine charm.

Finally, a Pete with an hourglass figure, large bust, full pink lips and round plump butt emerged out of the sinister purple flames.

'It actually worked?'

Seeing Pete's current form, even Lucifer gulped.

Too ravishing!

And the fact that this was an actual gender-bender turned him on even further.

Taking a deep breath, he looked at the naked FEMALE Mayor and spoke while waving his fingers.

Finally believing that everything was real, he spoke out with an inherent magnetic voice befitting to the former ruler of hell— The True Devil.

"Submit to me and you shall live."

A crimson glow formed behind his body as Lucifer's beautiful wings unfurled, creating a beautiful and demonic image, making other women kowtow while Pete also felt his... no, her heart shiver.

She shouldn't have done this!

This thought finally emerged inside her head.

She had Summoned the True Villain.


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