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1136 Dark Red Mummies

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"The Hall of Knights has three hundred and sixty-five guardian knights. When the probationary Servants, Servants, Muses, or Great Muses are sent to other places to provide aid, these guardian knights are in charge of their safety. The knights also train to improve their strength… but the number of guardian knights on standby in the Hall of Knights is usually around two hundred. They are all outstanding talents that are specifically chosen. A guardian knight can easily take on a student in the top eight teams," Asha'ruiya said.

"The number of Advanced Mages that you guys have is pretty shocking!..." Mo Fan exclaimed.

In his country, every Advanced Mage had an outstanding status. In a city like Bo City, the person in charge was only an Advanced Mage, but a single Hall of Judgment of the Parthenon Temple had a thousand Adjudicators, all Advanced Mages. Meanwhile, the Hall of Knights another three hundred and sixty-five guardian knights, and these knights were the most talented ones chosen from the Advanced Mages!

The armed force of a single mountain was comparable to that of a country, not to mention that the Hall of the Goddess was the actual core of the Parthenon Temple!

"Colleges are still colleges, after all... you only realize how many experts there are after coming into the real world!" Mo Fan exclaimed.

"Of course you would feel tiny when you're comparing yourself with the Parthenon Temple, but you should be content too. You're basically the strongest student in the world. No one would dare trouble you," Asha'ruiya said.

Mo Fan shook his head. No one would dare trouble him? Lots of people were waiting for their chance to trouble him! Besides, he was a fan of stirring up troubles too! If he was not strong enough, how could he satisfy the needs of his ruthless heart?

"Be careful when you're up against the Egyptian team, their undead isn't really theirs," Asha'ruiya switched the topic back to the tournament.

"What do you know?" Mo Fan furrowed his brows.

"I believe they must have found some ancient magic from a pyramid. These ancient magicks aren't forbidden."

"So a power that doesn't belong to them… alright, I'll try my best."



The final match finally took place on an island after a few days.

Venice purposely arranged the important match to be held on an island surrounded by the sea. The island looked like a floating stage in the middle of the waters from afar, surrounded by an ocean-blue, transparent barrier.

The spectators were on boats this time. Four luxurious cruise ships were situated on four sides of the stage. The people could easily see the match through the barrier on the liners.

Fireworks were launched into the sky in Venice, making a spectacular bridge extending across the ocean to the stage where the match was being held.

The Egyptian team was already standing on the stage. As the team that had entered the limelight out of nowhere, they had stirred a great discussion about the Undead Element among the crowd.

The Undead Element was a very rare Element, granting Mages the ability to control undead and refine dead beings. The Undead Element had been controversial since its invention, and was actually forbidden by the Holy Judgment Court for a long time in history.

Currently, the Undead Element had grabbed everyone's attention in the World College Tournament. It might even turn the Undead Element into a new trend!

"The funny thing is, both China and Egypt are where the two Undead Kingdoms are located. Millions of undead attacked the Ancient Capital during the Calamity. It almost wiped out a city that existed for a long time. Meanwhile, the pyramids in Egypt aren't the friendliest places, either. They are like volcanoes that could erupt at any second, bringing unimaginable disaster to the cities nearby..."

"You are damn right about that. The Ancient Capital has been troubled by the undead for thousands of years, while Egypt was once ruled by the pharaohs. Even though the Chinese aren't really keen on learning the Undead Element, I believe Egypt is planning to develop the Undead Element, and promote it to the world!"

Both Egypt and China had the biggest Undead Kingdoms in the world. No one expected the two countries would be facing one another in the grand finals of the World College Tournament.


"So no one managed to find out how the Egyptians are able to summon their undead endlessly?" Jiang Yu asked.

"Let's just beat the crap out of them. A bunch of trashy undead; their dirty tricks aren't going to work against us!" Guan Yu did not think highly of the Egyptian team.

The starting members in the match against Egypt were Mo Fan, Jiang Yu, Mu Nujiao, Guan Yu, and Zhao Manyan.

The Chinese team had fought the mixed battle not long ago. Most of their members were seriously injured in it. Nanyu, Ai Jiangtu, Mu Ningxue, Mu Tingying, and the others had not fully recovered yet, and were most likely not going to participate in the match. Meanwhile, the Egyptian team was fully rested up!

"Jiaojiao, is your third Element Ice?" Mo Fan asked.

"Yeah," Mu Nujiao nodded.

Mu Nujiao's Elements were similar to Mu Ningxue's. Her primary Element was Plant, secondary was Wind, and tertiary was Ice. In terms of strength, Mu Nujiao was on par with Zu Jiming, and her Elements were very effective against undead.

"If only Mu Ningxue was here; the undead are very weak against ice," Jiang Yu said.

"That's true, if she was here, the weaker undead would basically be useless against her Ice Domain."

The team had fought against the undead in Egypt during the mirage of the pyramid. Back then, Mu Ningxue had frozen the army of undead with her Ice Domain, relieving the friendlies of a great amount of pressure.

"My Ice Element isn't as strong as Mu Ningxue's, but I won't have trouble freezing little undead. It's very effective if I use my Plant Element too," Mu Nujiao said.

"Mmm, I'm counting on you!" Mo Fan said.

The Ice Element was the most effective against undead, followed by the Plant Element. Mu Nujiao's primary Element was Plant, and tertiary was Ice, yet her secondary Wind Element also worked well together with the Ice Element. She was obviously going to play an important role in the fight against undead.

The Mu Clan was one of the top four renowned clans in China. After learning that Mu Nujiao had successfully advanced to the grand final, the clan invested a fortune in her, hoping that she could earn some reputation for the Mu Clan in the match.

Mu Nujiao was greatly motivated, too. The advisors were placing their hopes on her because the team was up against the Egyptian team and their undead!

"Remember to destroy the undead crystals to finish them off. The crystals will be located at different places for different undead, so don't lower your guard," Mo Fan reminded them.

Mo Fan had killed lots of undead before. His success against undead was remarkable. He believed the two powerhouses had lost against the Egyptian team because they were not familiar with the undead!

The team nodded and followed Mo Fan's instructions.


"Participants, in your positions!"

The main judge gave the instruction.

Every participant began to feel nervous as the countdown started.

"The match begins now!"


The main judge declared. The five members of the Egyptian team started channeling their spells when the main judge's voice was still echoing in the air.

Gray Star Orbits circled them and swiftly combined into gray patterns with a hint of redness on the ground. The patterns were different from Star Patterns. They were emitting an evil, dangerous glow!

"Rise, my soldiers!" Meos bit her finger and sprinkled the blood onto the soil.

A single drop of blood immediately dyed the area within a few hundred meters red, as if the area had been placed under a curse...

The trees, flowers, and grass wilted, like their lives had been drained away.

The ground started to loosen up gradually, and began to vibrate like boiling water!

Ghastly cries were heard coming from below the soil, as undead wrapped in black shrouds stained with blood crawled out from the ground. They were emitting a murderous aura, while their eyes, glowing with a green light, were stared at every living creature on the stage viciously!

Around thirty undead covered in red shrouds had appeared. The Egyptian team had five members, and when the whole team was Summoning undead, they could easily Summon up to a hundred undead. A strong aura of death immediately surged across the island that initially had a delightful atmosphere.

"It's the Dark Red Mummies!" Mo Fan exclaimed.

During the conversation with Asha'ruiya, the woman was willing to forget the conflict between them and share the information she had gathered about the Egyptian team's undead with Mo Fan.

The Dark Red Mummies were the most plentiful undead that the Egyptian team could Summon, and they were also the trickiest undead to deal with. These undead would just keep coming, as a single drop of blood falling onto the ground was enough to Summon around thirty of them. The Dark Red Mummies were the essence of the Egyptian team's strategy, and if they could not find a way to overcome it, they would eventually be worn out by the undead, just like the English team and the Greek team!

"The undead crystals of the Dark Red Mummies are located at the back of their heads. Guan Yu, you just need to aim for their weak point!" Mo Fan said.

"I'll try!"

Guan Yu moved rapidly and appeared behind a Dark Red Mummy in the blink of an eye. The mummy had a fairly slow reaction speed. By the time it turned around, Guan Yu's claw gauntlet had already stabbed into the back of its head!

No blood or brains were jetting out from the cut. The Dark Red Mummy slowly fell to the ground and melted, leaving nothing behind.

"It really is at the back of their heads, around ten centimeters down from the top, but their skulls are pretty hard. I wouldn't be able to hit it if it wasn't for my claw gauntlet!" Guan Yu immediately regrouped with the team after eliminating a mummy. He was acting very cautiously.

"They are coming!" Mu Nujiao shouted.

"Stand in your positions, don't let them split us up!"

"They will have to cross some mountains first!" Zhao Manyan slammed his hands onto the ground. A few folds started rising rapidly, forming some broken terrain. It would take the brainless undead some time to make their way through it.