Vengeance To The Royal Ones
87 Comparing A Gem To A Dir
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Vengeance To The Royal Ones
Author :Llaellen
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87 Comparing A Gem To A Dir

"The folder," after steadying herself, Amber reached out her hand and took the folder from Ashton.

"What's that for?"

Amber stared at him before sighing, "It won't be this easy for me to take this family if the Cooper Empire were to step in."

"So that was what they wanted in return," Ashton continued before realizing something.

"Then the reason why they didn't step in back then, when we last attacked this company was because of you?"

"I already told you, unending bloodlust won't bring you anything good. There are still more police force that we can trust. But I know you'll become even better after this event," she replied before walking ahead to the elevator.

"You trust me that much?" Ashton followed and asked.

"I know I can trust you even more than that."

Only the two of them were inside as it descend.

Ashton could only stare at her with her declaration before he reached out and touched the band aid on her forehead. It was hidden by the bangs of the wig.

His cold hands startled her, she could only look up at him. The little wound in his forehead was not hidden at all. But compared to hers, his was so small that it was not entirely visible.

"You said, it hurts yesterday."

Amber realized what he was talking about but as she was about to reply, the elevator door opened, indicating that they have arrived in the ground floor.

Ashton moved his hand.

"Let's talk about it after this," Amber smiled.

She decided to ride with Ashton since he was already here anyway.

Ashton called for Blake and the others.

"Come with us, we will be visiting your brother," his last call was to Carl's brother, Cedric.

Cedric was Carl's younger twin brother and he became Ashton's next assistant.

He was already being trained to be a part of the Wright Empire's main company. But he was supposed to have a different job.

Now that Carl has passed away, he who was trained almost in the same way by his brother, became his successor.

Amber have already seen his face in the picture and both he and Carl are actually identical twins, the only difference was their aura.

Carl was calm but he was also unapproachable, Cedric on the other hand, has this bright and warm personality.

"Sleep, I'll wake you once we arrived."


She closed her eyes and drifted to sleep, she was still affected by the sleeping gas after all.

Ashton slowed down in order to give her more time to rest. Though he knew that this was the last stage of this plan of hers, it was already the conclusion.

Amber, without really wanting to, actually dreamt of Carl's smiles from the past. Followed by the death of her parents. The explosion from the car crash woke her up abruptly.

They have arrived at the cemetery half an hour ago but seeing her in deep sleep, all of them stayed outside.

Not long after they arrived, Blake and the others have as well.

When Amber abruptly sat up, her eyes were unfocused at first. That event will always be the only thing she'll never get over with.

A cold hand cupped her cheek before she looked at her side, fear was still visible in her eyes.

"A bad recollection?"

He never forgot that she never treated her past events as nightmares. And seeing her current look, he somehow knew that she had another recollection.

She couldn't help but to lean her face in his hand, its coldness allowing her to calm down.

"It's something I'll never get over with after all," she replied.

Ashton remained silent and just looked at her, who's acting like a cat.

"We're here, everyone's here as well," he then said after seeing the color of her face have returned.

That's when Amber realized that they are indeed no longer moving. She looked outside and saw other cars lined up next to them. Blake and the others are already talking with each other.

Close to them was someone who looked like Carl but whose aura was different.

She took a deep breath upon seeing a familiar face but knowing that there will be no way that the person she once knew would be coming back.

"Their auras are really different."

She remained seated with her seatbelt on. Ashton who have just undone his seatbelt looked back at her, before looking up at where the others are.

"They still didn't know that we already have Jacob."

Amber nodded before getting out of the car. This action caught the others attention.

When they just arrived, Ashton's car was already there but he had texted them to wait for him and Amber to get out before approaching.

They were stunned upon seeing her get up for the day. And confusion filled their faces wondering why she needed a disguise when they were just visiting Carl.

"Hello again everyone, we really didn't get to chat yesterday, did we?" Amber flashed her smile and approached them.

"I only saw your awesomeness through the phone in the past, I never thought that I would witness such a domineering person," Aldger was the first to speak as he extended his hand.

"It's nice to finally meet you in person."

Amber smiled and accepted his hand, "Nice to see you as well."

She then looked at Cedric before smiling, "I've heard quite a bit of stories about you."

Cedric smiled in return though sadness was still visible in his eyes, "As I have heard yours, young miss."

"As for the reason why we are gathered today," she looked towards the van that was on the other side of Ashton's car.

The door opened and two men carried out the now awake Jacob. He was looking around, upon seeing her, his eyes turned sharp.

"You have promised to let me go," he accused in gritted teeth.

Amber just raised a brow before giving a sneer, "Have I? If I remember correctly what I asked your father was your life? Or to sign?"

She crossed her arms in her chest, "He chose your life, isn't that why you are still alive? If he didn't then you wouldn't be asking that question to me right now."

Jacob had no retort but he was also wondering inside why he was brought in a cemetery.

"Don't look too scared, I have no desire to bury you here, that would just be disrespectful to the ones already buried in here."

"If I were to bury a scum like you, I'd rather find the most remote mountain and bury you there alive, living you to die slowly in the wilderness with no one to be with you."

Her smile was sweet but her eyes were deadly. The guys remained silent, Ashton was just watching her while the other guys were looking at them in shock.

Wasn't it just the day before yesterday that they were unable to kill this bastard? They were stopped to do anything for him, why is it that today he was already in front of them?

"Well, I brought him here not for you guys to kill. Nor for you..."

She looked at Cedric whose smile have long disappeared and anger visible in his eyes, "As well."

"I know you wanted so badly to finish his life, but I don't think Carl would have want that. He'd rather you take this scumbag to the police and let him rot in prison than to dirty your hands with his dirty blood."

She looked at Ashton before looking one by one at all of them, "But I think the only thing we can do right now. Not to completely quench our anger or for our sadness to actually disappear."

"But for us to see and hear that the person who took Carl's life were apologizing and kneeling non stop in front of his grave."

After saying this she nodded at the two men. She followed making the others follow as well.

"We'll let him kneel without stop while hearing him apologize, even if he became so regretful that he utter the words whole heartedly, he won't stop."

"Men would pin him down in a kneeling position, making him eat and drink while kneeling."

"Even if he were to collapse he will remain kneeling, he can eat medicine if he gets sick but he will still kneel and apologize."

"The time he was already very very weak, we can send him to the prison where he will face more and more hardships."

No one spoke a word, indeed this wouldn't bring Carl back but such punishment should be enough.

"My words have always been an eye for an eye, but as I ponder over it for the past month. I couldn't help but think that this scumbag's life will never be enough to be on an equal footing as Carl."

"It's like comparing a gem to a dirt. That is why we can only do this, make him suffer for as long as his body could possibly can."

Cedric watched Amber's back, Carl told him that she was a peculiar person but she has the kindest heart he have ever seen as well.

'It seems that my brother was not wrong at all.'


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