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49 Beginning Magic

In his dimly lit living room, Desmond sat on the floor only the feeling of glee and the strange power of magic coursed through his body. Desmond, after he accomplished inscribing the 5 beginner runes on his core, started to remember all that he had been through the past 6 months he was here.

Despite the mirror man never showing up again Desmond never stopped fearing the possibility of him suddenly popping up to finish what he started. That's why his room was always dark and why every shiny thing in his house was covered up with something.

Desmond also thought that the DCPD was watching him which made him not want to leave the supposed safety of his room despite knowing any mage could just stroll in anytime they pleased. He only went out when he needed to buy food or other things.

His training in magic resulted in Desmond acquiring a large amount of extra energy that needed to be burnt off so inside his apartment he was constantly working out. He found it hard to sleep until he was completely tired even after that he would still find time to study all the books he bought and looted.

In the past 6 months, Desmond has made multiple trips to his secret stash moving all the books and a few more magic crystals to his room. During one of the trips, Desmond noticed a book on how to create magic circles which saved him 40 magic crystals and a trip above ground. Desmond never really did an in-depth account of all the things he looted so he was happy to find that book in the stash.

After Desmond finished learning a few magic tricks Desmond planned on returning to Hunter's Bizarre to buy every beginner grade spell book he found useful.

Desmond was a bit tired from just finishing the fifth rune but he was also to pumped up to finally cast magic to care "all right let's do this".

He had studied every book diligently far more than any student on earth ever did on a subject for school. Going through every line of text and scrutinizing every detail was torture by its self for Desmond. Since the whole, while Desmond had been practicing and studying when he realized something he did not really see before it was that mages aren't stupid.

While In his old world people depicted mages as wise old men with pointy hats they made them seem like bumbling idiots most of the time especially when science was involved. The mages here are basically all interdimensional scientists with the power of a nuke at there fingertips. The stuff they know about science would completely force earth to rewrite what they know about things.

In preparation to cast spells, Desmond has been writing notes as he confronted his old enemy in a bid to overcome its math. Magic needs the user to have a complete grasp of every spell there trying to cast any lack of knowledge would result in gaps in your own spell. Which could result in complete failure during casting and glaring weaknesses that an enemy could exploit.

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"I'm ready" taking in a deep breath Desmond attempted a simple light spell that was given as an example for free in the book set he bought he took every step slowly as to not mess up. First, he pushed his energy outwards keeping it all locked in place inside his hand then he began to draw a circle. The circle waved around making it look like it was going to disappear so Desmond used his left hand to stabilize it making it solid again. He also drew a square inside the box as well symbolizing the 4 basic elements and that was it. He wasn't doing a complicated spell so he didn't need anything fancy.

Pushing his energy out towards the magic circle in the air was easy so was the step of condensing his energy because the way he controlled magic is with the user's soul. Since Desmond has been doing complicated things with his spirit already there was no way he was going to be stumped by a spell as easy as the one he was casting.

It took a minute, but it finally happened the first spell Desmond has ever cast and the thing that illuminated his future. Conjure light may be a simple spell no better than a light bulb yet nothing could make Desmond happier than what he held above his hands at that moment because that small light didn't just drive away the darkness in the room, but also the despair he felt in his heart.

The light of hope shined brightly in Desmond's eyes which only made him hungry for more. "If I can do this than I can do anything" wanting to try another spell Desmond quickly got up and rushed for another book of spells only to have his legs give out partway there. Desmond crashed to the ground where he quickly fell asleep.

When you just finish inscribing runes on your core your suppose to rest after to consolidate power Desmond's inability to wait resulted in him expending what little bit of energy he had. Which wouldn't be a problem if he was experienced in using magic since he wasn't he couldn't handle the expenditure knocking him out cold.


A few weeks later

Hunter's Bizarre, Delmar City

In the rackety old stuffy book store that had dust lined on the pile of books that stacked to the ceiling was Ragnar. Dressed in a dark open vest that revealed his bare chest and the scars all over his body, striped gray pants, and his usual disheveled hair. He was serving a strange customer the man wore a long coat that covered his feet and hands, his collar was popped up, and he had a top hat on his head. His face was completely shrouded in darkness even if you brought a light to his face the light wouldn't be able to piece it.

Only Smoke came out of the darkness where his face was supposed to be every time the strange man spoke.

"Its been so long why did you even bother giving up adventuring there are so many places to explore, treasure to steal, people to kill. That's the life for people like us always out constantly on the hunt for something exciting. You can protect your elf girl on the road and not have to really on these walls. Even if it's more difficult for you you have got to admit your life would be more exciting that way. Think about it that should put the spark back in the sack she should have gotten bored of your same lame old moves already".

Ragnar, while he didn't like what his old friend was saying, didn't try arguing with him because he knew what the man was all about and what he was trying to make him do. "Say whatever you like I made a promise so I'm keeping it and stop trying to piss me off I'm not going to fall for any of your tricks. You always try to start a fight with everyone you find interesting or strong.

Everywhere we went you were always causing the most problems when we were at the inn in Thoen you immediately found the areas local gang and shot their leader before we even got to check in to the rooms. Your poor excuse for turning our already long and dangerous journey into a sudden shoot out was I was gathering information on the area".

"In my defense, I was how could we possibly go on a journey without knowing the area"

"We were just passing through the town our destination was a whole continent away. Not only that you opened a portal to the fire plane while a portal to one of the nine hells was already open creating a battle no one had control over, and freed a lich with his ghost army from his imprisonment. All that is only the beginning of the kind of shit you have done I don't even know how any of us manage to stay alive with you around".

"I did all that because it was fun and it's not like what I did was completely bad we benefited greatly every time I took the lead" the strange man laugh hard blowing smoke into Ragnar's face.

Ragnar was displeased with his friend's sense of humor and what he calls help "Just take the package and leave". Ragnar handed the strange man a small package that got sucked into his coat.

When the strange man took the package from Ragnar he heard someone opening the door he didn't remember the person's face but he would never forget a smell.