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Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao

Author:Little Plum Fruit

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Updates:Chapter 268: Great General Chen wants to die in all sorts of ways

The fat cat Black Tubby said, “Supreme Commander is a good person, meow!” The bird Grandfather Sparrow said, “Supreme Commander is a good person, chirp!” The little mouse Oil Jar also said, “Supreme Commander is a good person, squeak!” Furthermore, the weasel Great Immortal said, “You and Supreme Commander are a match made in Heaven~” All of the little animals told Ning Xiaoyao about Supreme Commander, Supreme Commander, Supreme Commander! So, Ning Xiaoyao believed that this Supreme Commander named Lou Zigui had to be a good guy. As to whether or not they were a match made in Heaven… The fat cat Black Tubby clawed at Ning Xiaoyao. “You wrote the decree sentencing Supreme Commander to death in the execution grounds, ah! You fatuous, self-indulgent ruler!!!” Ning Xiayao replied, “…” — Ning Xiaoyao is a genetically evolved army doctor from a zombie-infested apocalyptic world. One day, she transmigrates to the past as the next emperor of an ancient country. But wait, isn’t she a girl?! As it turns out, she’s a disguised stand-in for her baby brother under the “loving” care of the empress dowager, her mother and future murderer. Faced with her impending death, Ning Xiaoyao must thwart the schemes of her family to survive in a palace allied against her. But how does a zombie-killing expert with supernormal strength, healing powers, and the ability to understand animals deal with the intricacies of court politics? “If nothing else works, I’ll just beat them all up!” 刁蛮小药凰
《Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao》 Text
Chapter 1: If not a woman, then a eunuch…
Chapter 2: Don’t ask me who peace is
Chapter 3: Supreme Commander’s charm transcends species boundaries
Chapter 4: The enemy of an enemy is a friend
Chapter 5: If you’re a man, then come with me
Chapter 6: Cuckoo Lou1, the bane of others’ existence
Chapter 7: Grand Preceptor, you have to save me!
Chapter 8: His Majesty and the Supreme Commander
Chapter 9: Let him go, or else I’ll strip
Chapter 10: You have to be cold-blooded towards your enemies
Chapter 11: The Grand Preceptor said, there’s poison on the blade
Chapter 12: Supreme Commander Lou lies on the dragon bed
Chapter 13: His Majesty goes wild
Chapter 14: Without the crown prince’s death, Your Majesty couldn’t be emperor
Chapter 15: The kitten says, there’s no saving the Supreme Commander
Chapter 16: The empress asks for an audience
Chapter 17: Secret of the sweet soup
Chapter 18: Red and indigo-blue bowls
Chapter 19: His Majesty wants to eat…
Chapter 20: Overthinking is a sickness, treat it
Chapter 21: Supreme Commander and the fatuous ruler
Chapter 22: The gyrfalcon asks for help
Chapter 23: The Dragon Guards to be buried alive by imperial decree
Chapter 24: Sharp swords or human lives?
Chapter 25: Gray linen handkerchief
Chapter 26: Elite troops loyal to His Majesty Ning
Chapter 27: Big Boss Black says, restore Supreme Commander’s innocence!
Chapter 28: His Majesty Ning doesn’t shirk responsibility after putting on the pants
Chapter 29: Calling a conference of the first meeting
Chapter 30: Little sparrow delivers a golden tooth
Chapter 31: His Majesty Ning brandishes a brick
Chapter 32: Grand Preceptor does evil again
Chapter 33: If I leave, who will be emperor?
Chapter 34: Where there’s a Heaven, there’s a Hell
Chapter 35: I want to give the refugees a home
Chapter 36: His Majesty wants to slap the Grand Preceptor
Chapter 37: His Majesty Ning is poverty-stricken
Chapter 38: Gratuitous favoritism, or begging them to scram?
Chapter 39: His Majesty Ning fighting alone
Chapter 40: His Majesty’s indeed extraordinarily valiant
Chapter 41: Trust me, I’ll protect you
Chapter 42: Piles of corpses at the empress dowager’s palace
Chapter 43: The Imperial Jade Seal is very important
Chapter 44: You’re invincible if you’re shameless
Chapter 45: The omnipotent Grandpa Ash
Chapter 46: If you can’t beat them up, then tear down the house
Chapter 47: His Abominable Majesty
Chapter 48: A way to deal with villains
Chapter 49: Oil Lamp’s gift
Chapter 50: The Supreme Commander’s not wearing clothes, His Majesty wants to beat him up
Chapter 51: That’s not how comrades-in-arms should act
Chapter 52: Bloody battle at the Grand Preceptor’s estate
Chapter 53: Worth of a human life
Chapter 54: His Abominable Majesty who deserves death everyday in the empress dowager’s heart
Chapter 55: Chaos like a pot of porridge at the Hall of Golden Chimes
Chapter 56: Yet another failure for the Xie father and mother pair
Chapter 57: His Majesty has the qualities of an enlightened sovereign
Chapter 58: All the good cabbage went to the little white pig1
Chapter 59: Because I like you, because I’m happy
Chapter 60: Looting and being looted
Chapter 61: Head Steward Xie despairs
Chapter 62: His Majesty Ning says, the darkness tempts one to commit crimes
Chapter 63: I’m still a pauper?
Chapter 64: His Majesty piggybacks Supreme Commander to see the sunrise
Chapter 65: His Majesty Ning asks, do you like her?
Chapter 66: His Majesty says, conspiracies fear the light
Chapter 67: His Majesty says, Zhen has no money
Chapter 68: Prince Fu wants to kill the emperor
Chapter 69: A girl with a serpent’s heart and a wolf’s personality
Chapter 70: On why Prince Fu wants to commit regicide
Chapter 71: Waiting for riches, honor, and disaster
Chapter 72: Taking His Majesty to ride a horse
Chapter 73: Sweet-scented osmanthus candy, a young man and a beautiful girl
Chapter 74: Prince Fu has ten thousand plots of fertile farmland
Chapter 75: Prince Fu’s two conditions
Chapter 76: When His Majesty took out the brushes…
Chapter 77: Is this man really loyal to his sovereign?
Chapter 78: Supreme Commander’s true face
Chapter 79: Xiaoyao is a good emperor
Chapter 80: Shrieking Prince Fu
Chapter 81: Whose brush is this?
Chapter 82: The rich Prince Zhi
Chapter 83: His Majesty says, tear down the wall
Chapter 84: His Majesty says, it’s a long story
Chapter 85: Lady Xiang’s secret
Chapter 86: His Majesty Ning’s empty pockets
Chapter 87: Request from a daughter of the Ji Clan
Chapter 88: As long as you’re happy…
Chapter 89: Lady Xiang says, it’s dog eat dog
Chapter 90: Xie Clan’s eldest young master’s wife
Chapter 91: Cruelty, fulfilling true love
Chapter 92: His Majesty Ning sneaks into rescue at the Grand Preceptor’s estate
Chapter 93: Grand Preceptor Xie says, women
Chapter 94: His Majesty says, how much face do you have?
Chapter 95: I want to take this young lady as my wife
Chapter 96: His Majesty thoroughly beats up His Excellency Xie
Chapter 97: What a good white lotus in full bloom
Chapter 98: Real and fake suicide
Chapter 99: His Majesty said, I had dream
Chapter 100: Deep feelings for some, thin feelings for others
Chapter 101: His Majesty Ning can become a brilliant sovereign
Chapter 102: Supreme Commander asks, where’s my older brother
Chapter 103: What Supreme Commander won’t throw away and what the Grand Preceptor will
Chapter 104: How great would it be if you weren’t the late emperor’s daughter?
Chapter 105: His Majesty Ning wants to take a trip
Chapter 106: Xiaoyao, you’re very good
Chapter 107: A large house on Fragrant Gauze Alley
Chapter 108: Basement reeking of blood
Chapter 109: There’s no need to use knives on my face
Chapter 110: If you’re not a lunatic, then you’re a snake demon
Chapter 111: Corpses, an addled youth
Chapter 112: A bastard is an egg, not a human1
Chapter 113: His Majesty injures the Grand Preceptor again
Chapter 114: Supreme Commander says, you have to return them
Chapter 115: Ning Xiaoyao, don’t cry
Chapter 116: Yan Hong, a girl wearing a flowery dress
Chapter 117: His Majesty says, Yan Hong is a character
Chapter 118: A large rat hiding by the old man
Chapter 119: His Majesty says, you humans are too complicated
Chapter 120: Trust in Your Majesty and find happiness
Chapter 121: Who’s guilty of throwing the rock?
Chapter 122: Sacrificial ceremony or fierce fight?
Chapter 123: When His Majesty meets with swindlers
Chapter 124: On the verge of the Grand Sacrificial Ceremony
Chapter 125: The villainous Ning Clan forefather
Chapter 126: His Majesty wants to fight, Supreme Commander wants to retreat
Chapter 127: A demon with eminent good looks
Chapter 128: Gaining at the cost of one’s conscience
Chapter 129: His Majesty falls into the underground chamber
Chapter 130: Grand Preceptor, are you sure that’s His Majesty?
Chapter 131: The recriminating Grand Preceptor
Chapter 132: A mighty flood of refugees
Chapter 133: The mobs invade the palace
Chapter 134: His Majesty gets injured…
Chapter 135: Supreme Commander says, alright, enough already
Chapter 136: Grand Preceptor and the empress dowager have a falling-out
Chapter 137: He who is unrighteous is doomed to destruction
Chapter 138: Supreme Commander chose to hide it
Chapter 139: Supreme Commander’s male beauty trap
Chapter 140: Supreme Commander Lou helps His Majesty change clothes
Chapter 141: Elder Li’s secret
Chapter 142: The ruined incense burner
Chapter 143: The abrupt death of Old Madame Xie
Chapter 144: High-ranking military officers from the south
Chapter 145: Who killed Old Madame?
Chapter 146: His Majesty says, Supreme Commander is a thoroughly wicked man
Chapter 147: His Majesty thinks, old geezer Xie’s son is too ruthless
Chapter 148: His Majesty gets tricked
Chapter 149: On how to properly fabricate charges
Chapter 150: Young née Wang gets her wish fulfilled
Chapter 151: Bad guys, good guys
Chapter 152: Secret of the pickled vegetable jars
Chapter 153: Everyone yields to him while he yields to no one
Chapter 154: His Majesty Ning wants to claim houses and properties
Chapter 155: Grand Preceptor refuses to accept his fate
Chapter 156: The woman who ran into the fire
Chapter 157: The refugees riot again
Chapter 158: Supreme Commander says, you’re different
Chapter 159: A small boat swaying in the midst of a raging storm
Chapter 160: His Majesty says, Supreme Commander isn’t a villain
Chapter 161: Do you like me?
Chapter 162: His Majesty says, the son will pay the father’s debts
Chapter 163: If you have the guts, come bite me
Chapter 164: Oil Jar advances on the enemy
Chapter 165: His Majesty’s apology
Chapter 166: If the Grand Preceptor can wreck it, then I can fix it
Chapter 167: I really am dashing enough to pierce through the Heavens
Chapter 168: His Majesty says, the Grand Preceptor is hovering in the Heavens
Chapter 169: Supreme Commander, you don’t understand love
Chapter 170: Empress Dowager Xie appears at Supreme Splendor Hall
Chapter 171: A wannabe wife’s most venomous heart
Chapter 172: A counter-scheme to a scheme
Chapter 173: The empress dowager buys people’s hearts
Chapter 174: (Title at End of Chapter)
Chapter 175: Vying for the empress
Chapter 176: Yours and mine true love
Chapter 177: His Majesty tears down the house again
Chapter 178: Is it true love? Is it a personal enemy?
Chapter 179: Supreme Commander Lou discovers the truth
Chapter 180: The empress is a pawn
Chapter 181: Don’t let His Majesty know
Chapter 182: Beauty schemes are the most annoying
Chapter 183: With regards to romance
Chapter 184: His Majesty wants to save A’Mo
Chapter 185: This subject knows who the culprit is
Chapter 186: Sounds of sobbing from the boudoir
Chapter 187: Harming others because of jealousy
Chapter 188: The young ladies teamed up to do bad deeds
Chapter 189: Lady Wang rams into the lantern stand
Chapter 190: Whose foot are you smashing with that rock?
Chapter 191: Real or fake suicide?
Chapter 192: You can’t be the Grand Preceptor’s wife without being cruel
Chapter 193: In only a single morning…
Chapter 194: Reputation, rights, rank, glory, and wealth
Chapter 195: Who can be emperor?
Chapter 196: What Supreme Commander Lou hates the most
Chapter 197: Your schemes, my schemes
Chapter 198: Xiaoyao, don’t you fault Supreme Commander?
Chapter 199: Someone wants to kill Xiaoyao again…
Chapter 200: Supreme Commander worries his horse to death
Chapter 201: Is this girl even human?
Chapter 202: We were all born from concubines
Chapter 203: You might not care, but I do
Chapter 204: Fang Tang silently rages in his heart
Chapter 205: Unfilial son, vile spawn, swine
Chapter 206: Early morning with His Majesty and Supreme Commander
Chapter 207: The stone-hearted Second Young Master Pei
Chapter 208: See who the Heavens spare
Chapter 209: Living up to imperial favor and honoring imperial decrees
Chapter 210: His Majesty asks, do you think I’m easy to bully?
Chapter 211: His Majesty says, I don’t know how to scold people
Chapter 212: The ganged-up beatdown draws blood
Chapter 213: His Majesty says, open and forthright
Chapter 214: You’re as beautiful as a flower, I’m as handsome as the Heavens
Chapter 215: His Majesty’s research into the refugees
Chapter 216: I respect you as a man
Chapter 217: The wind always blows against the tree that sticks out
Chapter 218: Prince Fu wants to die together
Chapter 219: Did Supreme Commander give you his promise?
Chapter 220: Supreme Commander, hurry up and marry Xiaoyao
Chapter 221: Xiaoqiu’s promise
Chapter 222: When can Ning Yu be killed?
Chapter 223: His Majesty gives up the chance to capture him alive
Chapter 224: His Majesty says, hello, second uncle
Chapter 225: Second Young Master Xie says, kill!
Chapter 226: I have you and you have me
Chapter 227: His Majesty is grief-stricken
Chapter 228: I want to live, so you have to die
Chapter 229: A cold and emotionless smile
Chapter 230: Supreme Commander is an evil vixen
Chapter 231: The mama won’t be able to rest in peace unless the enemy dies
Chapter 232: Empress Dowager Xie begans to make her move
Chapter 233: Someone who will soon be suffering a fate worse than death
Chapter 234: His Majesty says, actually, I do understand
Chapter 235: Supreme Commander says, all things come in threes
Chapter 236: What’s more important than human lives?
Chapter 237: His Majesty goes to the rescue at Iron Buddha Temple
Chapter 238: You don’t know why I’m angry?
Chapter 239: The disaster star versus the one who never dies
Chapter 240: His Majesty is an exceptional case
Chapter 241: Empress Dowager Xie’s plot
Chapter 242: Toxic syrup, venomous dagger
Chapter 243: His Majesty says, that’s how human nature works
Chapter 244: There’s too much lack of love in this world
Chapter 245: Supreme Commander says, for His Majesty’s sake
Chapter 246: Supreme Commander adds details mid-way
Chapter 247: His Majesty’s master
Chapter 248: I’m a high-level master, she’s just some vegetables
Chapter 249: The woman who collapsed in front of His Majesty
Chapter 250: Even cats look down on His Majesty’s IQ
Chapter 251: I’ll live and die with this house
Chapter 252: I like you like this
Chapter 253: It’s rather nice to have Lou Zigui’s protection
Chapter 254: Great General Chen stains the streets with blood
Chapter 255: Truth reversed
Chapter 256: The Grand Preceptor is Supreme Commander’s jinx
Chapter 257: His Majesty says, there are two paths
Chapter 258: His Majesty says, I’ll go chat with the empress
Chapter 259: The empress learns of the truth
Chapter 260: Supreme Commander says, I’ll listen to you
Chapter 261: His Majesty’s not familiar with causing chaos
Chapter 262: His Majesty wears a flowery dress
Chapter 263: Mother, I want daddy
Chapter 264: The authentication token of the Chen family head
Chapter 265: With me here, he won’t die
Chapter 266: The unscathed Great General Chen
Chapter 267: For the sake of world peace
Chapter 268: Great General Chen wants to die in all sorts of ways