Unrivaled Medicine God
1551 Not What You Can Imagine
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Unrivaled Medicine God
Author :Feng Yise
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1551 Not What You Can Imagine

The Ning Family was a leviathan in the inner city.

One should not look at how he broke through to the Divine Lord Realm currently. If the Ning Family wanted to kill him, it was merely as simple as crushing an ant!

Divine Lord Realm?

What the Ning Family lacked the least was Divine Lord Realm!

Didn't they all see that this young man in front was already a Divine Lord Realm powerhouse?

"Ning Family! Could it be one of the inner city's two great powerful families, the Ning Family?"

"What Ning Family could there be still? Xiao Riyue is really unlucky. He just broke through to Divine Lord Realm and actually provoked the Ning Family!"

"Tsk tsk, this situation turnaround is really too fast! Originally thought that the Sun Moon Gang will be on the rise, now … heh heh."


The majority of the people were watching the show. Xiao Riyue was wildly tyrannical and highly oppressive. They could not bear the sight of it as well.

Now, seeing Xiao Riyue got deflated, each and every one of them also started gloating over his misfortune.

Seeing Xiao Riyue's dead-dog appearance, a hint of disdain flashed past in Ning Fangrong's eyes.

If Xiao Riyue had a little backbone, he might regard him higher.

However, he did not even have the thought of resisting.

This kind of person was destined to not accomplish great things.

However, this had nothing to do with him.

Xiao Riyue actually dared to have killing intent towards his little sister, then he would have to suffer the Ning Family's wrath.

If it were an ordinary person, then forget it. Yet, Xiao Riyue was even a Divine Lord powerhouse!

"Y-Your Excellency … the ignorant isn't to be blamed. I really didn't know your identities! If I knew, give me ten galls and I also wouldn't dare … deal a heavy blow toward this young lady!"

Xiao Riyue already completely broke down. That overweeningly arrogant appearance earlier was all gone now.

Just like … a dog wagging its tail and begging for mercy.

Ning Fangrong said coolly, "These words, you go and explain to the Martial Tower's elders. Give you three breaths of time, immediately disappear from my sight. One … two …"

Just as Ning Fangrong shouted until two, Xiao Riyue already suddenly disappeared from where he originally was.

When Xiao Riyue showed up, everyone thought that the south city's heaven changed.

Who knew that in a blink, it became like this.

The moment Xiao Riyue left, Ning Fangrong turned to look at Ye Yuan and said with a frown, "You're called Ye Yuan, right? You actually dared to order my sister around like a maid. Do you know her identity?"

Everyone was stunned. What kind of situation was this?

Could it be that … Master Ye did not come out of the Martial Tower?

Ning Fangrong's appearance seemed to be going to denounce him publicly for his crimes!

Ye Yuan said coolly, "No matter who she is, if she wants to learn alchemy from me, they have to start from a medicine attendant."

Ning Fangrong laughed in spite of himself and said, "Little Sister learning alchemy from you? You're a Three-star Alchemy God, she's a Three-star Alchemy God too. Furthermore, her master is a Four-star Alchemy God. What … right do you have to teach her?"

Ye Yuan raised his eyebrows slightly, shot Ning Fangrong a glance, and said coolly, "Is Four-star Alchemy God very impressive?"

Ning Fangrong's eyes narrowed slightly and his tone turned cold as he said, "Young man, don't be ignorant of the immensity of heaven and earth. Curing a poison doesn't mean that you can put on airs and look down on others!"

The method that Ye Yuan cured the poison had indeed amazed Ning Fangrong. But this was just a single facet.

The might of a Four-star Alchemy God was far from what Three-star Alchemy Gods could imagine.

When Ning Siyu saw the smell of gunpowder gradually thicken, she hurriedly blocked in front of Ning Fangrong and said, "Big Brother, you're not allowed to find trouble with Master Ye! It was me who pestered him endlessly and insisted on him taking me in as a little medicine boy!"

Ning Fangrong looked at his little sister with surprise. Looking at this appearance, if he really made a move, she would even help outsiders to fight it out with him?

Recalling Ning Siyu's meek look from before, Ning Fangrong was incredibly shocked in his heart.

This little sister of his feared nothing and no one. Even Master Xuan Yu could not do anything about her too.

Now, she was actually so docile and obedient towards this young man.

What kind of magical power did this young man have?

Or was it that his little sister took fancy on him?

With his little sister around, it looked like he could not touch this brat today.

"Alright, looking on the account of your face, I won't make things difficult for him today. Follow me back," Ning Fangrong said.

Ning Siyu shook her head like a rattling drum and said, "You go back, I want to learn pill refinement at Master Ye here!"

Ning Fangrong's brows furrowed and he said in a solemn voice, "Nonsense! Your master is Master Xuan Yu. Learning alchemy from an unknown boy, where is my Ning Family's face going to be put?"

But Ning Siyu said, "I don't care. Either way, I'm not going back."

"You!" Ning Fangrong choked and said angrily, "Going back or not isn't up to you!"

But Ning Siyu glared fiercely and said, "You dare?! If you were to forcefully bring me away, I'll tell father and mother all of your dirty laundry!"

Ning Fangrong was driven utterly crazy. The moment this lass' unruliness flared up, it really gave people a headache.

At this time, Ye Yuan suddenly spoke up, "Leave!"

The moment these words came out, Ning Siyu and Ning Fangrong were both stunned.

Ning Siyu was just about to say something when Ye Yuan continued, "I took you in because I was afraid that you had nowhere to go. Since your family member had come to find you, you go back with him then."

"I don't want to go back!" Ning Siyu simply refused.

"Mn?" Ye Yuan frowned, seemingly the tempo of going to fly off the handle.

Ning Siyu got a shock and pursed her mouth and said unhappily, "Go back then go back, be fierce for what! But you have to promise me, the next time I come, you're not allowed to turn me down!"

Ye Yuan nodded and said, "You can come, but you must obtain the permission of your teacher! Even though you and I aren't master and disciple in name, there is the reality of master and disciple. Me teaching you alchemy goes against the moral principle."

Hearing this, Ning Siyu's initial displeasure turned to joy and said, "This is what you said!"

Ye Yuan nodded his head, considered to have tacitly agreed to it.

Ning Fangrong stared at this scene tongue-tied and his eyes wide, his head not quite wrapping itself around it.

Siyu this lass was actually so submissive toward this boy!

He said a sentence and was rebutted up to the sky. But Ye Yuan said a sentence and she did not even dare to talk back!

Could it really be … one object subduing another?

How could he know that Ning Siyu was afraid that Ye Yuan would get really angry and never teach her alchemy henceforth?

Ning Siyu just recently knew what was called heavens beyond heavens, and there was always someone better after following by Ye Yuan's side these few days.

Her pride was beaten by Ye Yuan until there was not a patch of skin left whole.

Ye Yuan already used his alchemy strength to thoroughly convince Ning Siyu.

At the same time, she discovered the boundless charm of alchemy on Ye Yuan.

Hence, she was very afraid that Ye Yuan would not teach her alchemy.

"Big Brother, Little Huan, let's go! Master Ye, you mustn't act shamelessly! I'll come over and find you in a few days!" Ning Siyu said with a smile.

Ning Fangrong gave Ye Yuan a very profound glance, turned around, and left.

Exiting Cinnamon Street, Ning Siyu suddenly turned around and glared fiercely at Ning Fangrong and said, "Big Brother, don't think that I don't know what you're thinking! If you dare to have designs on Master Ye, I'll ignore you for the rest of my life!"

Ning Fangrong and stunned and laughed in spite of himself and said, "You lass! What the hell kind of bewitching potion did that boy feed you, you're actually so protective of him!"

Ning Siyu smiled and said, "You won't understand! Master Ye's realm is completely not what you can imagine! Even Master, his elderly self, might not be able to compare to Master Ye too[1]!"

[1] Master Ye is calling like Expert Ye, not Master and Disciple.


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