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884 Invitation Coming from the Third Level

"It was just luck! This Ye normally don't have such a high success rate when refining pills. These few days of seclusion, no idea why either, my moral character suddenly erupted, so I refined nine medicinal pills. Even the Seven Aperture Exquisite Pill that I'm normally unable to refine actually succeeded too," Ye Yuan said with a smile.

But Si Yin was speechless when she heard it.

Refining pills this sort of thing could rely on moral character for visiting.

Just briefly skimming over it, Ye Yuan was greatly shocked.

Only then did he know that turns out the Slaughter Concept could actually still be used like this! No wonder Si Yin said that this martial technique could rival the strength of the Ten Great Divine Kings. Looks like what she said was not false.

If this first move was mastered, it was absolutely not beneath the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art's seventh layer martial technique.

Ye Yuan was currently savoring the lingering appeal of the Slaughter Sword Art's first level and was incomparably shocked in his heart. But he did not notice that the astonishment in Si Yin's eyes was even greater than his.

Ye Yuan was not the first person to acquire this martial technique. But when the others sunk their divine sense inside the spirit halo jade, they all became unbelievably savage very quickly. There were even some people who got controlled by the killing intent within and attacked Si Yin violently.

Of course, the final outcome definitely would not be good.

However, Ye Yuan just became absent-minded briefly, then it was controlled by him.

"This Ye Yuan, his mind is unshakable! His heart realm cultivation has reached Heart Like Monolith Realm at least! I really don't know how on earth he cultivates at such a young age!"

Inside this Asura Arena, Si Yin had seen before God knows how many geniuses. But not one could give her such a great shock like Ye Yuan.

Presently, Ye Yuan already withdrew out of the spirit halo jade and gave praise repeatedly, "Not bad! Pretty good!"

Si Yin put away her thoughts and said with a smile, "Does Sir feel that you got more than your money's worth now?"

Ye Yuan nodded and said, "That's right! Buying this martial technique for 500 points, this Ye profited at other people's expense instead."

This level of martial techniques were all priceless treasures and completely had no way of measuring using essence crystals. Although 500 points was an astronomical figure, learning a martial technique like this, it was indeed above its money's worth.

Obtaining such a cultivation method, Ye Yuan could not quite contain his excitement anymore either, planning on going back to enter a retreat and cultivate this cultivation method.

But he had yet to leave when his path was blocked by someone.

The arrival was very polite. Clasping his hands at Ye Yuan, he asked, "May I ask if you're Lord Ye Yuan?"

"Exactly so. What guidance do you have?" Ye Yuan said coolly.

The person said, "This one is Sun Qi, the number one battle general under the third level's Lord Demon King. Lord Demon King heard that Lord Ye Yuan is an outstanding young talent and wants to get acquainted with you, and specially order this lowly one to come here and invite milord up to the third level to have a chat."

There were quite a few people in the outer-pavilion. Seeing Sun Qi, all of them were taken aback.

"It's actually Lord Sun Qi! I heard that he's the number one battle general under the Demon King; an expert ranked 58th on the Earth Carnage Proclamation! He's actually so courteous to Ye Yuan!"

"Looks like Ye Yuan really made a name for himself. He hasn't entered the third level yet, and he won Lord Demon King's recognition, sending Lord Sun Qi personally here to invite. Truly remarkable!"

For a moment, there were many discussions inside the Asura Shop.If it's a joke/wordplay, I don't understand it either.