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Unrivaled Medicine God

Author:Feng Yise

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A Pill Emperor of his generation was set up by a traitor. Since then, the world lost a Qingyun Zi and gained an invincible silkpants. Once again, walking the Great Dao of Alchemy. How can I defy the heavens . . . with the medicine in my hands! 绝世药神
《Unrivaled Medicine God》 Text
Chapter 1: Can This Thing Even Be Eaten?
Chapter 2: Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art
Chapter 3: Grabbing Medicine
Chapter 4: Questioning
Chapter 5: Vomiting Blood
Chapter 6: Changing the Prescription
Chapter 7: Bleeding from the Seven Orifices
Chapter 8: Courting Death
Chapter 9: It's Impolite Not to Reciprocate
Chapter 10: Giving Him a Dose of His Own Medicine
Chapter 11: Silencing
Chapter 12: Nine Yin Divine Link Meridian
Chapter 13: A Father and Son Talk
Chapter 14: Explosive Yuan Pill
Chapter 15: Discerning Medicine
Chapter 16: Provoking with Words
Chapter 17: Trust and Choice
Chapter 18: Increasing Strength
Chapter 19: Conspiring
Chapter 20: Return Journey
Chapter 21: Bronze Assassin
Chapter 22: Instant Flash
Chapter 23: I Will Only Use One Finger
Chapter 24: Good Dogs Don't Get Underfoot
Chapter 25: Deathmatch
Chapter 26: Grabbing Air
Chapter 27: Stacking Waves Layered Palm
Chapter 28: Each Preparing for Battle
Chapter 29: Wager
Chapter 30: Allow You Three Moves
Chapter 31: Abilities Astounding Everyone
Chapter 32: Violent Beating
Chapter 33: You Really Have Guts
Chapter 34: The Endless Trials
Chapter 35: Six Astral Array
Chapter 36: The Price of Sleeping
Chapter 37: Assistant
Chapter 38: Advancement Test
Chapter 39: Lin Tiancheng
Chapter 40: Entering the Illusionary Spirit Tower
Chapter 41: Gray Dream Tapir
Chapter 42: Another Instant Kill!
Chapter 43: Dream Tapir’s Extra Ingredient
Chapter 44: Black Rank Advancement Test, Passed!
Chapter 45: Scared Me Shitless
Chapter 46: Arranging a Battle
Chapter 47: Incurring Everyone's Wrath
Chapter 48: I Just Want You
Chapter 49: Refining Medicinal Essence
Chapter 50: Drawing a Circle with Left Hand, Drawing a Square with Right Hand
Chapter 51: Feng Zhirou
Chapter 52: Going to Apologize
Chapter 53: The Drunken Star Manor Makes Its Move
Chapter 54: Resolving Concerns for Father
Chapter 55: Shocked Inwardly
Chapter 56: Pitiable Wan Yuan
Chapter 57: Small Talk
Chapter 58: Can I Stand on the Right?
Chapter 59: Test Starts!
Chapter 60: Your Level Is Too Low
Chapter 61: Opponent?
Chapter 62: Important Things Need to Be Said Thrice
Chapter 63: Accidentally Said the Truth
Chapter 64: He Really Knows Alchemy?
Chapter 65: Godlike Technique!
Chapter 66: Miracle, Legendary Realm!
Chapter 67: Testing Medicinal Efficacy!
Chapter 68: Awe from a Single Fist
Chapter 69: Visiting Together!
Chapter 70: Denied Entrance
Chapter 71: A Scheme!
Chapter 72: Lin Tiancheng’s Plan
Chapter 73: Lu-er in Danger!
Chapter 74: Soul Guiding Incense
Chapter 75: Really Want to Kill Someone!
Chapter 76: The Strong Breaks the Rules!
Chapter 77: Have You All Thought Things Through?
Chapter 78: Despicable Lin Tiancheng
Chapter 79: You Don’t Have the Heart of a Powerhouse!
Chapter 80: Battling Lin Tiancheng!
Chapter 81: Unfavorable Situation!
Chapter 82: Appearing to Be Weak!
Chapter 83: Huge Uproar!
Chapter 84: Breakthrough for You to See!
Chapter 85: Sentence You to Death!
Chapter 86: Imminent Danger!
Chapter 87: As If There Was Nobody Present
Chapter 88: Definitely Take Your Head Within a Year!
Chapter 89: Nine Heavens Road
Chapter 90: All for Naught
Chapter 91: Death Zone? Life Land?
Chapter 92: I’m Inferior to Him
Chapter 93: Strong Gale
Chapter 94: Crushing All Resistance
Chapter 95: Long Tang’s Transformation
Chapter 96: Illusionary Realm
Chapter 97: Heart Realm!
Chapter 98: Heart Like Still Water!
Chapter 99: Essence Energy Vortex!
Chapter 100: Peak Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm!
Chapter 101: Former Hall Master, Martial Hall
Chapter 102: All Out Array Formations!
Chapter 103: Sword Intent vs Sword Intent!
Chapter 104: Fusing Sword Intent!
Chapter 105: First in a Thousand Years!
Chapter 106: A Good Man Does Not Fight with Women
Chapter 107: Wan Yuan Fled!
Chapter 108: Retreating in Fear from a Single Sword
Chapter 109: Who is Su Yishan?
Chapter 110: Investigate Properly
Chapter 111: Come with Me
Chapter 112: Fighting Two Alone
Chapter 113: Shaved
Chapter 114: What Has It Got to Do with you?!
Chapter 115: Refining a Truth Pill
Chapter 116: Testing Medicine
Chapter 117: How Will I Know If You Don’t Talk?
Chapter 118: Su Yubai’s Killing Mechanism!
Chapter 119: Preparing for the Trials
Chapter 120: Who’s Protecting Whom?
Chapter 121: Long Tang Returns!
Chapter 122: Destined Battle!
Chapter 123: Utterly Shameless
Chapter 124: Breath Concealing Pill
Chapter 125: Obtaining Goodwall Flower Using Wit!
Chapter 126: Are You for Real?
Chapter 127: Sowing Discord
Chapter 128: Murder Triggered by a Spirit Artifact
Chapter 129: Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword: Nine Swords Stance!
Chapter 130: I Give Senior Apprentice Sister a Hundred Years of Youth
Chapter 131: Despondent Sieging Team
Chapter 132: Swaggering In!
Chapter 133: Knowledge Is Power
Chapter 134: Goodbye, Ye Yuan!
Chapter 135: Discovered!
Chapter 136: Enigmatic Man!
Chapter 137: Demon Crystal Pill!
Chapter 138: Ignorant Ape!
Chapter 139: The Tides Turn!
Chapter 140: There’s Only This One Chance!
Chapter 141: Spatial Spirit Artifact!
Chapter 142: Chain Assassinations!
Chapter 143: Nine Swords Stance Completed!
Chapter 144: You’re Really a Genius!
Chapter 145: Complete Breakdown
Chapter 146: Feeding Moves
Chapter 147: Commencing Breakthrough!
Chapter 148: Nine Drops of Spirit Liquid!
Chapter 149: Divine Soul Transformation!
Chapter 150: Sudden Change in Situation!
Chapter 151: Divine Text
Chapter 152: A Father’s Love Is Akin to a Mountain
Chapter 153: Medicine God’s Soul Canon!
Chapter 154: How Can You Be so Strong?
Chapter 155: Venting Emotions!
Chapter 156: Divine Soul Mystic Art!
Chapter 157: Demonic Beasts’ Fierce Battle
Chapter 158: Sword Driving Technique!
Chapter 159: Natural Born Sovereign
Chapter 160: Divine Beast Progeny!
Chapter 161: Blood Bodhi!
Chapter 162: Medicinal Pill Dealer
Chapter 163: Not Buying!
Chapter 164: Try Testing a Few Moves
Chapter 165: Expert
Chapter 166: Sea Transformation Realm Expert!
Chapter 167: Essence Fire Born!
Chapter 168: Earth Flame Lizard
Chapter 169: Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus!
Chapter 170: Capital to Negotiate!
Chapter 171: Digging a Pit for You to Jump!
Chapter 172: Black Crow Arrives!
Chapter 173: Last Minute Breakthrough!
Chapter 174: Seven Star Ephemeris Grand Array!
Chapter 175: Awe of Sea Transformation Realm!
Chapter 176: Avatar Body!
Chapter 177: Black Crow Yin Fire
Chapter 178: Flame Explosion!
Chapter 179: Ye Hang Exits Seclusion!
Chapter 180: Nanfeng Yi
Chapter 181: The Teetering Imperial Family
Chapter 182: Gifting Pill
Chapter 183: Even If I’m the One Who Killed, so What?
Chapter 184: Envoy
Chapter 185: Never Met Anyone so Retarded
Chapter 186: Fire Burning Buttocks
Chapter 187: Barely Passable
Chapter 188: Leave It to Me!
Chapter 189: Becoming Beautiful!
Chapter 190: Teaching Father Alchemy
Chapter 191: White Light Evolves!
Chapter 192: Such a Fine Dog!
Chapter 193: Don’t Interfere With My Posturing!
Chapter 194: Inciting Public Sentiment
Chapter 195: Three New Types of Medicinal Pills!
Chapter 196: Unfurling the Map to Reveal the Dagger
Chapter 197: When Watching a Play, Watch the Entire Show
Chapter 198: Ye Hang Makes a Move!
Chapter 199: Medicinal Effect of the Explosive Yuan Pill!
Chapter 200: Explosive Situation!
Chapter 201: Who Dares to Touch My Yuan-Er!
Chapter 202: Essence Energy Ignition!
Chapter 203: Unexpected Interference!
Chapter 204: I’ll Also Disclose a Revelation!
Chapter 205: Fight for Myself!
Chapter 206: Deep Bow!
Chapter 207: Looks Can't Kill People
Chapter 208: Killing to His Face!
Chapter 209: Utter Loss of Face!
Chapter 210: Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Art, Thousand Flowing Petals!
Chapter 211: Mo Yuntian!
Chapter 212: Talk of Destiny
Chapter 213: Might of a Single Finger!
Chapter 214: Leaving Without Saying Goodbye
Chapter 215: Sect Protecting Grand Array
Chapter 216: Put up with It a Little
Chapter 217: The Terrifying Purple Center Soul Incantation
Chapter 218: Sent Flying!
Chapter 219: There’s Someone Delivering a Pillow When Taking a Nap!
Chapter 220: Vying for an A-grade Cultivation Room
Chapter 221: Ye Yuan Is Under My Protection!
Chapter 222: Sect Decree
Chapter 223: The Divine Text Reappears!
Chapter 224: Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm! High-rank Alchemy Master!
Chapter 225: Are You Talking About This?
Chapter 226: I Have a Master
Chapter 227: Challenging the Pill Hall Single-Handedly!
Chapter 228: Attending a Lesson on Alchemy!
Chapter 229: Betting to Acknowledge as Master
Chapter 230: Compensation
Chapter 231: Price
Chapter 232: Distributing Wealth
Chapter 233: Not Lacking Money
Chapter 234: Tri-Origins Samsara Art!
Chapter 235: Dual Breakthroughs!
Chapter 236: Trouble Comes
Chapter 237: Level Nine Mission!
Chapter 238: You Wanted To See It
Chapter 239: Send Him Packing!
Chapter 240: Bad Tempered
Chapter 241: Completing the Pill Formula!
Chapter 242: An Alchemy Emperor’s Guidance
Chapter 243: Selling Pill Formula
Chapter 244: Competing Essence Fires
Chapter 245: Pill Hall Vice Hall Head!
Chapter 246: Unexpected!
Chapter 247: Exchange
Chapter 248: Denied Entry
Chapter 249: A Jade Slip!
Chapter 250: One After Another!
Chapter 251: Sorcerer Ye Yuan
Chapter 252: Sharpening One’s Knife
Chapter 253: Analysis
Chapter 254: There Would Be No Stories Without Coincidences
Chapter 255: No. 52
Chapter 256: Future Strongest Powerhouse
Chapter 257: True Intent!
Chapter 258: Breaking Fantasy
Chapter 259: Instant Victory!
Chapter 260: Unexpected Opponent
Chapter 261: Purple Yang Clear Howl!
Chapter 262: Empty Alleys
Chapter 263: Admitting Defeat
Chapter 264: Dao of Calligraphy!
Chapter 265: Strange Fight
Chapter 266: Mimicking Concept!
Chapter 267: Dragon Among Men
Chapter 268: Battling Tang Yu-er!
Chapter 269: Crossing Swords with Illusions!
Chapter 270: Quietly Changing Hands
Chapter 271: Big Brother Ye Yuan
Chapter 272: Heavenly Sky Sect
Chapter 273: Discarding Sword!
Chapter 274: The Legend Ends?
Chapter 275: Reversal!
Chapter 276: Opportunity!
Chapter 277: Let It Seethe!
Chapter 278: The Rock That Fell!
Chapter 279: Uninvited Guest!
Chapter 280: Cutting In!
Chapter 281: Li Zhangyu’s Strength!
Chapter 282: I’m Very Willful!
Chapter 283: Luo Qingfeng’s Fang!
Chapter 284: Canghua Reborn
Chapter 285: Unknown Mystic Realm
Chapter 286: Opinion
Chapter 287: Skymaple Exits Seclusion!
Chapter 288: Sending Off
Chapter 289: Tier 3 Detoxification Pill
Chapter 290: Humiliation
Chapter 291: Scapegoat
Chapter 292: Diagnosis
Chapter 293: Two Types of Spirit Physique!
Chapter 294: Divine Soul Mystic Art and Tier 8 Pill Formula!
Chapter 295: Slander!
Chapter 296: Senior Mountain Shaker
Chapter 297: Entering the Mystic Realm
Chapter 298: Sea of Flowers
Chapter 299: Reversing the Roles of Host and Guest!
Chapter 300: Harvesting Flowers
Chapter 301: Encounter on a Narrow Path
Chapter 302: Pushing Too Far
Chapter 303: Very Foolish, Very Na?ve?
Chapter 304: Goodbye, Not Seeing You Out!
Chapter 305: Obliterated!
Chapter 306: Colluding
Chapter 307: Bringing Disaster to the Fish in the Moat
Chapter 308: Fierce Fight
Chapter 309: Trouble!
Chapter 310: One Glance!
Chapter 311: Soul Jade!
Chapter 312: Demanding an Exorbitant Price
Chapter 313: Eight Sects Gather
Chapter 314: Changing Countenance!
Chapter 315: Absolute Blaze Barrier
Chapter 316: Entering the Formation
Chapter 317: Incurring Public Wrath
Chapter 318: Sword Puppets!
Chapter 319: Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation!
Chapter 320: Moving in and out Freely!
Chapter 321: Comprehending Formation!
Chapter 322: Remnant Thought Message
Chapter 323: Who Is Going to Die Horribly?
Chapter 324: Shocking Change!
325 Convinced Through Fighting!
326 Massive Hemorrhage!
327 Relying on One“s Own Ability
328 Restrictions Compass
329 Tier 5 Medicinal Cauldron!
330 Nameless Black Bead
331 Underground Sudden Change!
332 Fierce Gale World Survivors!
333 Battling Lin Chao!
334 Forcefully Withstanding Four Mighty Sea
335 Unmatched Scheming!
336 To Catch a Turtle in a Jar!
337 Grand Yan Space!
338 The Two Worlds“ Secret!
339 Array Formations Three Volumes
340 Stone Book
341 Being Enlightened
342 Nine-Nine Return to One, Crystal Formation Realm!
343 Thousand Flowing Petals Showing Its Might Again!
344 Infiltrating
345 Back Thrust!
346 Lan Yu
347 Bird Feather
348 Running Frantically!
《Unrivaled Medicine God》 Volume 2
349 Where Did Ye Yuan Go?
350 Comprehending True Intent Again!
351 Wind-Fire Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon!
352 Objective - Central Capital!
352 Objective: Central Capital!
353 Saving People
354 Trouble Comes Knocking!
355 You Can't Accompany Him Even If You Die
356 Eyes Are All Blind
357 Put Them All in a Bad Mood!
358 Giving Advice
359 Paying Back in His Own Coin
360 Lesser Confounding Formation!
361 Martial Competition to Find a Spouse
362 Don’t Reveal One’s Wealth
363 White Light’s Individual Charisma
364 I’m Really an Alchemis
365 All Had Been Said by You People
366 Look at You All Play
367 Work like a Horse
368 This Is Flaunting Skill
369 Xiao Family Guest Retainer
370 Xiao Changfeng
371 Interacting a Little Is Good Too
372 Will It Be a Little Better?
373 You All Are Bullying Me!
374 Being Ignored
375 Tian Ji's Horse Racing Strategy
376 The Forsaken Youth
377 Xiao Ruyan Lost?
378 What He Said Is Right!
379 Ye Yuan’s Hin
380 Counterattack
381 A Terrifying Opponen
382 Who Can’t Laugh?
383 I’m Done
384 Model Answer
385 I’m Done Again
386 Explosive Rising Dragon Pill
387 Legendary Realm Reappears!
388 After Today
389 First-Rate Family
390 Where His Confidence Lies!
391 Hopeless Situation
392 Therefore . . . Sorry
393 That Boy!
394 Shattering Fantasy
395 Conflic
396 He Must Die Today!
397 Scram!
398 Sanctions!
399 Remembered Wrongly
400 Admitting Fault!
401 Carrying a Rod and Asking for Punishmen
402 Losing One’s Wife as Well as One’s Soldiers
403 Divine Art That Made People Depressed
404 Pledging Allegiance to the Death
405 Power of the Square Cauldron!
406 Yuan Fei Breaks Through!
407 It's Because I'm Scared That Foundation Will Be Unstable
408 Xiao Ruyan Met with a Mishap!
409 Ye Yuan Flaring Up
410 Xiao Changfeng’s Scheme
411 Take Me in as a Disciple
412 Return a Favor with a Favor
413 Mounting the Stage in Full Regalia!
414 Heroes Gather!
415 Battle All the Heroes Under the Heavens for You!
416 Shocking All Present!
417 Nobody Dares to Go Up!
418 Worn Out!
419 Absolute Defense!
420 Shameless Non-Stop Battles
421 All Come Up!
422 Gorgeous Blossom
423 Evenly Matched!
424 Too Na?ve!
425 Come Down and Play?
426 Shangguan Lingyun’s Anticipation
427 How Unfortunate; I Know It Too
428 Spear Shadow VS Sword Light!
429 Nine Swords Return to One, Half-Moon Slash!
430 Certain Death?
431 Terrifying Battle!
432 Recruiting Disciple!
433 Identity Exposed!
434 He’s My Little Junior Brother!
435 Ye Yuan’s Charm
436 Wind Emperor Appears!
437 Unprecedented Humiliation!
438 Made You Suffer
439 Instant Karma!
440 Return to the Endless World!
441 Touched!
442 Li-er’s Background
443 Reuniting
444 Sect Upheaval!
445 Allow Me!
446 Southern Domain’s Change
447 Venting Anger
448 Despair!
449 Defending Tranquil Cloud Sect to the Death!
450 Restoring the Grand Array!
451 Power of the Sect Protecting Grand Array!
452 Slaying Soul Sea Realm Martial Artist!
453 Inscribing ‘Sword’ Characters
454 Tier 4 Array Master Taking the Field!
455 Tranquil Cloud Sect Has a Soul!
456 Cheerily Confiden
457 Wretched Pligh
458 Who Is I
459 Paying a Man Back in His Own Coin!
460 Shocked Purple Mansion Sect!
461 Sea Expanding Pill!
462 Shattering Core, Transforming Sea!
463 Double Happiness
464 Profound Ice Flag
465 Tian Yu’s Resolve
466 Obliterated?
467 Unable to Distinguish Real from Fake
468 Empty Fort Strategy!
469 Mysterious Visitor
470 Entire Sect Moving North
471 Arrogant Messengers
472 You’re Not His Match
473 Truth Coming to Ligh
474 Staying Behind to Be a Hostage
475 That Young Man, Isn’t Simple!
476 Unexpected Invitation
477 He’s Called Ye Yuan!
478 Cicada Casting off Its Shell
479 A Hundred Pieces Means A Hundred!
480 250
481 Ancestor of Silkpants
482 Didn't You Say It?
483 Toying With
484 If I Want to Kill Him, You Can't Prevent I
485 Battling Soul Sea!
486 Defea
487 You're Very Strong!
488 Myriad Rain Sword Blades
489 No Greater Merit!
490 This Place Has Been Taken over by Us
491 Your Opponent Is Him
492 Ridding of Evil
493 Let Him Wait!
494 Hero Invitation
495 Those Who Should Be Here Are Here
496 Unrivaled
497 Alchemy Holy Land
498 Beautiful Women Can't Be Offended
499 Too Simple
500 Young Man, Do You Have a Master?
501 Ren Xingchun
502 Finding People
503 Teach Me Alchemy
504 Refining Pills Bare-handedly
505 Thousand Query Wall
506 Afraid That You All Won’t Have Enough to Pay
507 Does This Old Man Have the Qualifications?
508 Cao Fang's Grievance
509 Ye Yuan's Sick Plan!
510 So That's How It Is!
511 All Correct!
512 Alarming Big Shots!
513 Just Want an Apology!
514 Storming out of the Room
515 Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew
516 Not Allowed to Vie for Masters with Me
517 Establishing Rules
518 Meeting Begins
519 Lan Feng's Strength!
520 Fame Spread Far and Wide
521 Old Hai
522 Seeking Counsel
523 Severe Punishments Should Be Dealt in Troubled Times!
524 Endless Alliance
525 Vast Heaven Pagoda Inheritance
526 Ye Hang's Crisis
527 Execution
528 Release
529 Forsaken by Loved Ones and Followers
530 You're Regretting!
531 Hitting the Nail on the Head
532 Lowering One's Head
533 The Cao Family's Distress
534 Announcing to the Entire City
535 Resplendent Jade Pill
536 Congratulatory Gif
537 Opening a Forum and Giving a Sermon
538 Everyone Presen
539 Immense Popularity
540 Unyielding
541 Instructing Secretly
542 Insist on Not Accepting
543 The Road Underfoo
544 Master Ye
545 Alchemy God's Reincarnation
546 Monopoly
547 Vast Heaven Pagoda
548 Not Someone You Can Afford to Offend
549 Prediction
550 The First Level
551 Why Did You Only Just Arrive?
552 Nameless Energy
553 Blunder
554 Instant-Cast Martial Technique!
555 Continue Killing Finish!
556 Indeed Deliberate
557 He's Different from You Guys
558 Different in What Way
559 Vast Heaven Stele
560 Gold-Colored Name!
561 Perfect Completion!
562 Nine Characters True Word Formula
563 Flame Movement Carnage!
564 Illusionary Spirits Killing Array!
565 Cracking the Formation with Migh
566 Fifth Level
567 Really Different!
568 Meet Again in the Next Level
569 Who's Bullying Who?
570 Two Great Concepts of Fire
571 Creating History!
572 True Dragon's Blood!
573 Slaughtering Cities
574 Slaying True Dragon Will!
575 Half-Dragon Physique, Eighth Level Sea Transformation!
576 Endless Benefits
577 Be Proud of Today's Choice
578 Preliminary Peep at the Door
579 Three Palms!
580 Counterattack
581 Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!
582 Ten Day's Time
583 Mobilizing Strength of a True Dragon
584 Advancing a Step, Endless Blue Skies
585 A Genius's Unyielding Pride!
586 Dragon Wave
587 Final Inheritance!
588 Vast Heaven Pagoda's New Owner
589 Four Mighty Followers
590 Utterly Routed
591 Taking the Initiative to Volunteer!
592 Bidding Farewell
593 The First Hand Seal!
594 Slaughter Our Way In!
595 Seeing Shangguan Lingyun Again
596 You're Differen
597 Grant You a Battle
598 Questioning
599 Yet to Go All Ou
600 Preserving Strength
601 Counter-Controlling Array Formation
602 Plucking Heads
603 Distributing Medicinal Pills
604 Special Training
605 Leave Your Back to Us
606 Chu Shi Trio
607 All the Way North
608 Floating Light Blood Shadow Array
609 Dawn
610 One Man Guarding the Pass!
611 Divine Traversing Realm Appears!
612 Keep Cool and Work Things Ou
613 Detonate!
614 Cat and Mouse?
615 Take It Easy, It's Just Starting!
616 Forcefully Withstanding Heavenly Tribulation!
617 Dispersing Tribulation Clouds!
618 Dual-Colored Heavenly Tribulation!
619 A Blow in Anger
620 Great Turnabout!