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Unrivaled Medicine God

Author:Feng Yise

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A Pill Emperor of his generation was set up by a traitor. Since then, the world lost a Qingyun Zi and gained an invincible silkpants. Once again, walking the Great Dao of Alchemy. How can I defy the heavens . . . with the medicine in my hands! 绝世药神
《Unrivaled Medicine God》 Text
Chapter 1: Can This Thing Even Be Eaten?
Chapter 2: Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art
Chapter 3: Grabbing Medicine
Chapter 4: Questioning
Chapter 5: Vomiting Blood
Chapter 6: Changing the Prescription
Chapter 7: Bleeding from the Seven Orifices
Chapter 8: Courting Death
Chapter 9: It's Impolite Not to Reciprocate
Chapter 10: Giving Him a Dose of His Own Medicine
Chapter 11: Silencing
Chapter 12: Nine Yin Divine Link Meridian
Chapter 13: A Father and Son Talk
Chapter 14: Explosive Yuan Pill
Chapter 15: Discerning Medicine
Chapter 16: Provoking with Words
Chapter 17: Trust and Choice
Chapter 18: Increasing Strength
Chapter 19: Conspiring
Chapter 20: Return Journey
Chapter 21: Bronze Assassin
Chapter 22: Instant Flash
Chapter 23: I Will Only Use One Finger
Chapter 24: Good Dogs Don't Get Underfoot
Chapter 25: Deathmatch
Chapter 26: Grabbing Air
Chapter 27: Stacking Waves Layered Palm
Chapter 28: Each Preparing for Battle
Chapter 29: Wager
Chapter 30: Allow You Three Moves
Chapter 31: Abilities Astounding Everyone
Chapter 32: Violent Beating
Chapter 33: You Really Have Guts
Chapter 34: The Endless Trials
Chapter 35: Six Astral Array
Chapter 36: The Price of Sleeping
Chapter 37: Assistant
Chapter 38: Advancement Test
Chapter 39: Lin Tiancheng
Chapter 40: Entering the Illusionary Spirit Tower
Chapter 41: Gray Dream Tapir
Chapter 42: Another Instant Kill!
Chapter 43: Dream Tapir’s Extra Ingredient
Chapter 44: Black Rank Advancement Test, Passed!
Chapter 45: Scared Me Shitless
Chapter 46: Arranging a Battle
Chapter 47: Incurring Everyone's Wrath
Chapter 48: I Just Want You
Chapter 49: Refining Medicinal Essence
Chapter 50: Drawing a Circle with Left Hand, Drawing a Square with Right Hand
Chapter 51: Feng Zhirou
Chapter 52: Going to Apologize
Chapter 53: The Drunken Star Manor Makes Its Move
Chapter 54: Resolving Concerns for Father
Chapter 55: Shocked Inwardly
Chapter 56: Pitiable Wan Yuan
Chapter 57: Small Talk
Chapter 58: Can I Stand on the Right?
Chapter 59: Test Starts!
Chapter 60: Your Level Is Too Low
Chapter 61: Opponent?
Chapter 62: Important Things Need to Be Said Thrice
Chapter 63: Accidentally Said the Truth
Chapter 64: He Really Knows Alchemy?
Chapter 65: Godlike Technique!
Chapter 66: Miracle, Legendary Realm!
Chapter 67: Testing Medicinal Efficacy!
Chapter 68: Awe from a Single Fist
Chapter 69: Visiting Together!
Chapter 70: Denied Entrance
Chapter 71: A Scheme!
Chapter 72: Lin Tiancheng’s Plan
Chapter 73: Lu-er in Danger!
Chapter 74: Soul Guiding Incense
Chapter 75: Really Want to Kill Someone!
Chapter 76: The Strong Breaks the Rules!
Chapter 77: Have You All Thought Things Through?
Chapter 78: Despicable Lin Tiancheng
Chapter 79: You Don’t Have the Heart of a Powerhouse!
Chapter 80: Battling Lin Tiancheng!
Chapter 81: Unfavorable Situation!
Chapter 82: Appearing to Be Weak!
Chapter 83: Huge Uproar!
Chapter 84: Breakthrough for You to See!
Chapter 85: Sentence You to Death!
Chapter 86: Imminent Danger!
Chapter 87: As If There Was Nobody Present
Chapter 88: Definitely Take Your Head Within a Year!
Chapter 89: Nine Heavens Road
Chapter 90: All for Naught
Chapter 91: Death Zone? Life Land?
Chapter 92: I’m Inferior to Him
Chapter 93: Strong Gale
Chapter 94: Crushing All Resistance
Chapter 95: Long Tang’s Transformation
Chapter 96: Illusionary Realm
Chapter 97: Heart Realm!
Chapter 98: Heart Like Still Water!
Chapter 99: Essence Energy Vortex!
Chapter 100: Peak Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm!
Chapter 101: Former Hall Master, Martial Hall
Chapter 102: All Out Array Formations!
Chapter 103: Sword Intent vs Sword Intent!
Chapter 104: Fusing Sword Intent!
Chapter 105: First in a Thousand Years!
Chapter 106: A Good Man Does Not Fight with Women
Chapter 107: Wan Yuan Fled!
Chapter 108: Retreating in Fear from a Single Sword
Chapter 109: Who is Su Yishan?
Chapter 110: Investigate Properly
Chapter 111: Come with Me
Chapter 112: Fighting Two Alone
Chapter 113: Shaved
Chapter 114: What Has It Got to Do with you?!
Chapter 115: Refining a Truth Pill
Chapter 116: Testing Medicine
Chapter 117: How Will I Know If You Don’t Talk?
Chapter 118: Su Yubai’s Killing Mechanism!
Chapter 119: Preparing for the Trials
Chapter 120: Who’s Protecting Whom?
Chapter 121: Long Tang Returns!
Chapter 122: Destined Battle!
Chapter 123: Utterly Shameless
Chapter 124: Breath Concealing Pill
Chapter 125: Obtaining Goodwall Flower Using Wit!
Chapter 126: Are You for Real?
Chapter 127: Sowing Discord
Chapter 128: Murder Triggered by a Spirit Artifact
Chapter 129: Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword: Nine Swords Stance!
Chapter 130: I Give Senior Apprentice Sister a Hundred Years of Youth
Chapter 131: Despondent Sieging Team
Chapter 132: Swaggering In!
Chapter 133: Knowledge Is Power
Chapter 134: Goodbye, Ye Yuan!
Chapter 135: Discovered!
Chapter 136: Enigmatic Man!
Chapter 137: Demon Crystal Pill!
Chapter 138: Ignorant Ape!
Chapter 139: The Tides Turn!
Chapter 140: There’s Only This One Chance!
Chapter 141: Spatial Spirit Artifact!
Chapter 142: Chain Assassinations!
Chapter 143: Nine Swords Stance Completed!
Chapter 144: You’re Really a Genius!
Chapter 145: Complete Breakdown
Chapter 146: Feeding Moves
Chapter 147: Commencing Breakthrough!
Chapter 148: Nine Drops of Spirit Liquid!
Chapter 149: Divine Soul Transformation!
Chapter 150: Sudden Change in Situation!
Chapter 151: Divine Text
Chapter 152: A Father’s Love Is Akin to a Mountain
Chapter 153: Medicine God’s Soul Canon!
Chapter 154: How Can You Be so Strong?
Chapter 155: Venting Emotions!
Chapter 156: Divine Soul Mystic Art!
Chapter 157: Demonic Beasts’ Fierce Battle
Chapter 158: Sword Driving Technique!
Chapter 159: Natural Born Sovereign
Chapter 160: Divine Beast Progeny!
Chapter 161: Blood Bodhi!
Chapter 162: Medicinal Pill Dealer
Chapter 163: Not Buying!
Chapter 164: Try Testing a Few Moves
Chapter 165: Expert
Chapter 166: Sea Transformation Realm Expert!
Chapter 167: Essence Fire Born!
Chapter 168: Earth Flame Lizard
Chapter 169: Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus!
Chapter 170: Capital to Negotiate!
Chapter 171: Digging a Pit for You to Jump!
Chapter 172: Black Crow Arrives!
Chapter 173: Last Minute Breakthrough!
Chapter 174: Seven Star Ephemeris Grand Array!
Chapter 175: Awe of Sea Transformation Realm!
Chapter 176: Avatar Body!
Chapter 177: Black Crow Yin Fire
Chapter 178: Flame Explosion!
Chapter 179: Ye Hang Exits Seclusion!
Chapter 180: Nanfeng Yi
Chapter 181: The Teetering Imperial Family
Chapter 182: Gifting Pill
Chapter 183: Even If I’m the One Who Killed, so What?
Chapter 184: Envoy
Chapter 185: Never Met Anyone so Retarded
Chapter 186: Fire Burning Buttocks
Chapter 187: Barely Passable
Chapter 188: Leave It to Me!
Chapter 189: Becoming Beautiful!
Chapter 190: Teaching Father Alchemy
Chapter 191: White Light Evolves!
Chapter 192: Such a Fine Dog!
Chapter 193: Don’t Interfere With My Posturing!
Chapter 194: Inciting Public Sentiment
Chapter 195: Three New Types of Medicinal Pills!
Chapter 196: Unfurling the Map to Reveal the Dagger
Chapter 197: When Watching a Play, Watch the Entire Show
Chapter 198: Ye Hang Makes a Move!
Chapter 199: Medicinal Effect of the Explosive Yuan Pill!
Chapter 200: Explosive Situation!
Chapter 201: Who Dares to Touch My Yuan-Er!
Chapter 202: Essence Energy Ignition!
Chapter 203: Unexpected Interference!
Chapter 204: I’ll Also Disclose a Revelation!
Chapter 205: Fight for Myself!
Chapter 206: Deep Bow!
Chapter 207: Looks Can't Kill People
Chapter 208: Killing to His Face!
Chapter 209: Utter Loss of Face!
Chapter 210: Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Art, Thousand Flowing Petals!
Chapter 211: Mo Yuntian!
Chapter 212: Talk of Destiny
Chapter 213: Might of a Single Finger!
Chapter 214: Leaving Without Saying Goodbye
Chapter 215: Sect Protecting Grand Array
Chapter 216: Put up with It a Little
Chapter 217: The Terrifying Purple Center Soul Incantation
Chapter 218: Sent Flying!
Chapter 219: There’s Someone Delivering a Pillow When Taking a Nap!
Chapter 220: Vying for an A-grade Cultivation Room
Chapter 221: Ye Yuan Is Under My Protection!
Chapter 222: Sect Decree
Chapter 223: The Divine Text Reappears!
Chapter 224: Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm! High-rank Alchemy Master!
Chapter 225: Are You Talking About This?
Chapter 226: I Have a Master
Chapter 227: Challenging the Pill Hall Single-Handedly!
Chapter 228: Attending a Lesson on Alchemy!
Chapter 229: Betting to Acknowledge as Master
Chapter 230: Compensation
Chapter 231: Price
Chapter 232: Distributing Wealth
Chapter 233: Not Lacking Money
Chapter 234: Tri-Origins Samsara Art!
Chapter 235: Dual Breakthroughs!
Chapter 236: Trouble Comes
Chapter 237: Level Nine Mission!
Chapter 238: You Wanted To See It
Chapter 239: Send Him Packing!
Chapter 240: Bad Tempered
Chapter 241: Completing the Pill Formula!
Chapter 242: An Alchemy Emperor’s Guidance
Chapter 243: Selling Pill Formula
Chapter 244: Competing Essence Fires
Chapter 245: Pill Hall Vice Hall Head!
Chapter 246: Unexpected!
Chapter 247: Exchange
Chapter 248: Denied Entry
Chapter 249: A Jade Slip!
Chapter 250: One After Another!
Chapter 251: Sorcerer Ye Yuan
Chapter 252: Sharpening One’s Knife
Chapter 253: Analysis
Chapter 254: There Would Be No Stories Without Coincidences
Chapter 255: No. 52
Chapter 256: Future Strongest Powerhouse
Chapter 257: True Intent!
Chapter 258: Breaking Fantasy
Chapter 259: Instant Victory!
Chapter 260: Unexpected Opponent
Chapter 261: Purple Yang Clear Howl!
Chapter 262: Empty Alleys
Chapter 263: Admitting Defeat
Chapter 264: Dao of Calligraphy!
Chapter 265: Strange Fight
Chapter 266: Mimicking Concept!
Chapter 267: Dragon Among Men
Chapter 268: Battling Tang Yu-er!
Chapter 269: Crossing Swords with Illusions!
Chapter 270: Quietly Changing Hands
Chapter 271: Big Brother Ye Yuan
Chapter 272: Heavenly Sky Sect
Chapter 273: Discarding Sword!
Chapter 274: The Legend Ends?
Chapter 275: Reversal!
Chapter 276: Opportunity!
Chapter 277: Let It Seethe!
Chapter 278: The Rock That Fell!
Chapter 279: Uninvited Guest!
Chapter 280: Cutting In!
Chapter 281: Li Zhangyu’s Strength!
Chapter 282: I’m Very Willful!
Chapter 283: Luo Qingfeng’s Fang!
Chapter 284: Canghua Reborn
Chapter 285: Unknown Mystic Realm
Chapter 286: Opinion
Chapter 287: Skymaple Exits Seclusion!
Chapter 288: Sending Off
Chapter 289: Tier 3 Detoxification Pill
Chapter 290: Humiliation
Chapter 291: Scapegoat
Chapter 292: Diagnosis
Chapter 293: Two Types of Spirit Physique!
Chapter 294: Divine Soul Mystic Art and Tier 8 Pill Formula!
Chapter 295: Slander!
Chapter 296: Senior Mountain Shaker
Chapter 297: Entering the Mystic Realm
Chapter 298: Sea of Flowers
Chapter 299: Reversing the Roles of Host and Guest!
Chapter 300: Harvesting Flowers
Chapter 301: Encounter on a Narrow Path
Chapter 302: Pushing Too Far
Chapter 303: Very Foolish, Very Na?ve?
Chapter 304: Goodbye, Not Seeing You Out!
Chapter 305: Obliterated!
Chapter 306: Colluding
Chapter 307: Bringing Disaster to the Fish in the Moat
Chapter 308: Fierce Fight
Chapter 309: Trouble!
Chapter 310: One Glance!
Chapter 311: Soul Jade!
Chapter 312: Demanding an Exorbitant Price
Chapter 313: Eight Sects Gather
Chapter 314: Changing Countenance!
Chapter 315: Absolute Blaze Barrier
Chapter 316: Entering the Formation
Chapter 317: Incurring Public Wrath
Chapter 318: Sword Puppets!
Chapter 319: Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation!
Chapter 320: Moving in and out Freely!
Chapter 321: Comprehending Formation!
Chapter 322: Remnant Thought Message