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11 XI. Wrapping Things Up

Klaus II finished giving everyone his gold, the citizens were happy and so were we. I was about to walk away but Klaus II called my attention.

"That power you possess. It has the potential. You have the potential to be a hero" Klaus II said.

"Thanks" I replied.

"He'll be back, and I hope you'll be among one of those who could stop him"

"I don't really think of myself as the hero type." I said as I walked out.

Another person stopped me, this time it's Elizabetha. She was exhausted but smiled nonetheless.

"Thank you"

"No problem..." I replied.

"So what are going to do after this?"

"Stay at home, maybe play a few games… then go to work the next day. How about you?"

"Well… I was thinking of maybe helping this town for a little while, then go to the city to check what change while I was out."

"Sounds great… Well anyways, see you."

"Good luck, Kounna"

We then parted ways. I know with this pattern of people I am talking I am bound to talk to her.

"Well thanks for helping out" I called out to Syun. "I mean you kinda started everything but hey, you saved the town." I laughed, she was irritated.
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"Well it wasn't my fault they mistranslated the prophecy… I mean I could've handled it, but thanks to you anyways."

"Right, well I'll be going now." I walked down to where the station is.

Due to the incident that happened earlier people have stayed home and waited for the incident to clear out. And because of that I boarded an almost empty bus. I sat there and the conductor walked through the isle, he walked passed me. He did so about three more times. I called his attention.

"Excuse me" I called. "Can I ask why haven't I been issued a ticket?"

He smiled at me. "You're one of those who saved the city. The least I can do is pay for your ticket"

I don't know what to say. But I just smiled and thanked the conductor.

Within a few minutes the bus started. The trip went a familiar route, that in fact I fell asleep. A few hours had gone by and the conductor woke me up. I got up and walked out of the station. As I reached the exit, a lot of people were looking at me with curiosity. I paid no attention to it.

I hailed a cab and went directly home. As the cab reached my apartment I was back to my normal life. I entered and saw my best friend and her mom waiting for me.

"Thank goodness you're alive." my best friend hugged me.

"Of course I am." I smiled, and we all had a laugh.

For a brief moment I felt like everything was way back before this job of mine started. We had dinner and as usual I helped with the chores. After that I took a shower and changed, I was about to sleep until I saw my PC. Just one game, I said to myself.

Then the one turned to two. Not game but hours. My planned sleep went out the window. But my body forced itself to sleep.

Morning passed and it was like normal, woke up in my keyboard. Eye Drops then showered, then check my phone. This time it shocked me to see the job request. It was all for party not solo. I tried to scroll through the updates page just to check if I was missing something but I wasn't. It was as if all my job request changed overnight.

I wanted to change this mistake so I went to the adventurers guild. While I was on the way there were people looking at me with awe while other dumbfounded. This is new.

Finally I walked in the adventurers guild. It was my surprise to see everyone looking at me with drinks in their hands. They grabbed me, some congratulated me while others rubbed my head.

"Who knew that this guy could save a small town from a minion of the dark lord." One of them said.

The next few people muttered in the same effect. I was really confused until I got to the booth were the guild girl was positioned. I wanted to give her a piece of my mind. But since she was someone I kinda thought was cute, I made it as polite as possible.

"Excuse me. Would you mind telling me why all my job order are for party only… Also why is there an actual party in here?"

"The reason we have a party is because we heard that you and your party members made a minion of the dark lord yield." She explained.

"I didn't have a party when I fought him"

"That's true, your party members told me that. They said you guys were on the process of registering but then the attack happened. Well since it was all over they personally came here and have you registered to a party. Thus completing your pending task" She said with a smile.

"Oh good your party members are here now."

I wanted to explain the whole misunderstanding but before I can utter a word, there were two familiar faces that walked in. Syun and Elizabetha. They looked at me and smiled…

"Thank goodness you're here, we've been waiting for you" Elizabetha said.

"Elizabetha. Why are you guys… why are we a party again?"

"It was Syun's idea" Elizabetha replied.

"Don't get any ideas" Syun sharply remarked.

"Well she told me that party has more chance of getting more gold, more amazing rewards and overall better treatment than solo. And since I have nothing else to do, I decided to be an adventure. Well since I don't know what's changed since I was gone I need people I can trust… And that's you two"

I really don't know what to tell her, but the more I think about it the more she helpful she could be. So I caved in and said I'll join her. For a brief moment she was happy.

Then the guild lady called our attention.

"Excuse me Miss Klausdottir. I have an available job in the parameter that you requested"

"We'll gladly accept." She smiled. The guild lady smiled back.

Elizabetha's phone pings, and so did mine and Syun. I looked at it and it was a kill request. The target, a dragon.

My eyes widen. I wanted to press cancel but Syun grabbed my collar.

"I know what your thinking. For your sake don't" Syun looked at me. I can feel her voice with an insy bit of fear.

"Don't worry Kounna and Syun. If we get this we can use every part of the dragon for items and whatnot."

"I really don't want to-" I tried to protest but she cut me off.

"This dragon's skin is worth millions. And the flesh tastes better than any five star restaurants…"

She listed more things but the moment she said worth millions my ears stopped listening and I only uttered a single word.


With that the three of us headed out. And that dragon will be just one of the many, hopefully, adventurers to come.

To be continued…