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10 X. The Final Battle

The three of us were worried of what might happen. If Elizabetha's brother is out there then we have to hurry. The world is at stake here… which I have started to question myself why did I get caught up with this?.

"Elizabetha we have to stop your brother don't we?" I said.

"Yes… Syun dear, do you have any potion I can use to revitalize my health?" She looked at Syun.

Syun gave her a potion. Elizabetha drank it and suddenly she began to shake. Her muscles were trembling, but she wasn't suffering. It was like she was regaining her strength.
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"Syun, does potions normally do that?" I asked her.


Within a few moments Elizabetha was no longer a child, but back to her original form. A very hot, young adult vampire. Which is making me hot and bothered.

"My my… we have to hurry" Elizabetha said.

We rushed out of the cave and saw from afar the town was up on smoke. We all showed a face of horror. I don't know what got into me but I just dashed to it.

Our trio reached the center of town. Elizabetha's brother is here, some adventurers tries to stop him but they all failed.

"Little brother. How dare you hurt this town?" Elizabetha's voice echoed throughout the town.

Her brother looked at her. "Dear sister, how dare you oppose me?". He was quick, he cover a long distance in an instant.

He reached out his hands with claws out to his sister's throat. I was quick to defend Elizabetha. As my swatter and his hand are locked, Elizabetha grabbed her brother and slammed him to the ground. The shock of the impact was massive.

Her little brother was not knocked out unfortunately. He looked pissed.

"I am Klaus II, son of Klaus the Wild. I will not be smack down by a woman"

"I am your sister, you submit to me, little brother" Elizabetha replied as she prepared an energy ball.

She and Klaus II threw energy balls at each other. The force of impact was strong, it knocked out everyone out of our footing. As the dust settles Klaus II floats over everyone, displaying his strength. Elizabetha is barely regaining her strength from her attack, her aura is getting weaker. Syun on the other hand is trying her best to protect the citizens. Some of the adventurer tries to sneak attack Klaus II but it wasn't enough. The evil vampire is stronger.

The village was filled with fire and ashes. Klaus II raised his hands, suddenly the skies darkened. Then the earth rumbled, as creatures emerges from the ground, Klaus II laughed with dominance.

"I will rule this world, and will rise next to the dark lord." His voice echoes throughout the square.

"Kouna, I can't stop yet..." Elizabetha informed me. Her form reverted to a child, while her voice was of an adult.

I just stood there, frozen. Syun tries her best to fight the hoard, as well as Elizabetha. Although they're weak they still try to muster the strength to fight. This is bad, very bad. An entire city square being invaded by what I could say as demons, and I'm just here thinking… this is way out of my league. Everything that the guild lady told me, my anime powers… those borderline bull crap powers. But how do I fight them? I don't think I'm ready for this. I spaced out.

About five meters away, there was a little girl crying. She was being chased by a demon, she tripped. The demon opened its mouth to devour her.

Without seconds to waste, my body like a lightning dashed and carried the girl to safety. The demon was also decapitated. The little girl stopped crying, I smiled at her. Every adventurer paused, even Klaus II.

"Kouna? How did you?" Syun looked shocked, I looked back at her. She blushed.

My brain, for all I know is on autopilot.

"Forgive me master, just this once." I said under my breath. Everyone heard it. What the hell am I talking about.

"You fool… Slicing one of my demons so easily! You think you can defeat me? I am different than the hordes I sent for the lot of you" Klaus II' voice echoed with heavy frustration.

I could feel that I am radiating a different type of aura.

Klaus II raised both his hands. He was preparing for an attack, it was going to be the wind claw attack of his. He struck at me, it was quick. The ground clawed up with the wind blowing everyone off balance. As the dust settles, Klaus II and everyone saw the area of the hit. I wasn't there. Everyone was shocked.

"Nothing personal kid." I said behind him. I am now confused, did I just teleport behind him?

Klaus II gave a hint of fear. Before he could counter, I struck him so hard he hit the ground. I landed safely below, everyone on my temporary party could not believe what they saw. Then I regained consciousness.

"Syun! Tell me, was that real?" I asked Syun.

"Oh you pompous ass… if you want to show-off your powers at least be a little cool about it" She pouted.

Out of nowhere a laughter burst. Klaus II stood up dusting off the rubble in his body. "You damned fool. To think you can lay a finger on me?"

He came at me, with my speed I was able to parry him. We begin to beat each other up, but our skills were mostly evenly matched. It was like watching a high budget action anime. I'm talking fluid fighting choreography. I created an energy ball, I shot at him but he dodged. Our fight progressed to an aggressive energy ball dodgeball game.

Klaus II saw an opening, he decked me with a fistful of energy ball. I was thrown a few meters off. I saw what he did so I tried it as well, I created energy balls and made them as an energy glove. We continued decking each other out. Every punch the earth shakes, out fight is evenly matched. But I was confident in my skills. I saw an opening, I dashed and created the biggest energy ball

"Anime energy ball!" I shouted and threw it at him.

Klaus II caught it like a dodge ball and gave it back at me. I was hit, the damage was strong but not enough to hurt me. I was about to be knocked out.

"This is all you humans can do? Pathetic!" Klaus II begins to monologue.

I have an idea to beat him. But I'm not sure if it'll work, I'll have to bet it all.

I stood up, weakened. Klaus II saw me, he laughed.

"You still stand? Well then I'll finish you off now" Klaus II gathered his strength. The ground cracked, gust of air surrounded him.

I formed an energy ball. I dashed towards him, he looked prepared.

"Anime energy ball!" I approached Klaus II, this time I did not throw the energy ball. Instead I held it.

I was closer to Klaus II. I opened my hand, he was about to grab it, I lowered my hand into his crotch. My energy ball was touching his groin.

"NUT BUSTER" I shouted finishing the move.

For a split second I saw Klaus II' face was filled with pain. Then the impact hit.

A few moments later, Elizabetha was standing over her brother. She slapped him on the head.

"Big sis I'm sorry… I really am" Klus became a cry baby in that instant.

Elizabetha, being pissed at her brother smacked him in the head. "Well why don't you send back your horde and restore this town back to what it was" She added some few choice words and basically scolded her brother.

Klaus II stood up and ordered his horde back to the ground. He then used some of his powers to restore the town, it was like watching a footage being replayed. As soon as the town was restored all the townspeople gathered around us, Klaus II was terrified. He bowed down to everyone while asking for apology.

"I'm really sorry for causing all this trouble. I will withdraw back to my cave and never disturb you all again..." Klaus II said crying.

"And?" Elizabetha wanting more from her brother.

Klaus II stood up and flew away. It took a few minutes until he landed back, this time with a chest full of gold. "As compensation for my inconvenience please one gold bar for each citizen"

The people cheered on and they celebrated the gift they have received. With that scene I could safely say this fight ended in a victory.