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9 IX. Evil Awakened

On the other end of the cave Syun walks like she's feeling the breeze. There were no stench on death or whatever. She takes everything like it was a stroll in the park while keeping an eye out for trouble.

As gets further in she could sense the air getting colder, yet still warm at the same time. She looked around and saw streaks throughout the shadows. She pulled out her an arrow. A goblin lunged at her, she stabbed in on the head. Her adrenaline spiked and her bow was deployed. The number of goblins and slime monsters increased. She recites a silent prayer, her arrows lit up. She plowed through them like grass to a lawn mower.

When all the monsters were defeated Syun pressed on. She reached an area of the cave with seals. She pressed on and cannot enter, there was nothing blocking her view so she peaked onto what is it their preventing anyone to enter. What she witnessed was two caskets. She thinks to herself this might be where they sealed the siblings.

Without any hesitation she undoes to the seal which grants her access. She opened both casket and saw two people sleeping, one was an adult and the other a child. She took a moment and read her phone.

"So basically the younger is the threat." She said as she came to the conclusion that youngest is the end bringer.

Syun took out a small bottle, it was a revival fluid. She poured it carefully on the mouth of the sleeping man. She stepped back a little and drawn out an arrow. In an instance the man stood up. He grinned and saw Syun.

"What do we have here?" The man asked her.

"I woke you up… So you can save the world."

The vampire grinned, he was thinking of something. He looked at the other casket, where the child was sleeping.

"Oh dear sister, why must this happen?" He said in pity. He brought his eyes back to Syun. "Please take care of my sister… I'll leave this to you, I cannot do it on my own" The vampire smiled.

"Your giving me this task?" She asked, her eyes smitten by his presence.

"I have to save this world." after he said this, the vampire was no longer in sight.

Syun took out an arrow and prepared herself to execute the child, although she feels this is wrong but it must be done. She plunged the arrow to the chest, but as if to protect the child monsters appeared.

Syun took on a defensive role and prepared to slay the monsters.

※ ※ ※

I fell down hard, it wasn't a deadly fall. I was on my back while the cat landed perfectly. The cat saw me and meowed, then approached me to rub his cheeks at my shin. He was signalling me to the direction we should go, I carried him and we walk with our guard up.

A considerable distance has passed when we saw two trolls walking to a path deviating from the main route. I slowed my pace and waited for them to walk away, but mittens meowed grabbing their attention. They looked at me both, but before the could react I dashed in and used both my swatter and energy ball killing them. I was ready to move on but mittens called out my attention. I heard a soft moan, it could be a trick. But what if its a damsel in distress? Regardless I charged an energy ball and went with cation.

My expectations were shattered as I witnessed Syun crawling on the ground.

"Great! I thought we won't see each other once were in… but here we are" I said in a loud sarcastic tone. Ignoring the current state she's in, but I honestly am concerned.

Syun looked at me. Her eyes of struggle was long gone, replaced only by fire red anger.

"What the hell are you doing here!" she shouted. Her voice reverberated within the stone walls.

"I told you before, I am here to find a damned cat!" My reply matches her intensity.

"You followed me here, making sure I'm weak so you could have your way with me!"

"I did not! And I don't want anything to do with you!"


She pointed her finger at me just to intensify or something. I honestly don't know where she stored that energy. I mean she could have used that before she was crawling on the ground. We could continue this banter but mittens meowed, which made everyone ease up. I was curious about what happened.

"Can you tell me what happened?" I asked her whilst offering a healing potion.

"I awakened the one that would save us. Then goblins, trolls, and slime appeared" She stood up and consumes the potion. "Now we need to kill this one"

"Wait… You released one of them?" My brain begins to scramble.


"But they're..." It continued to scramble.

The cat jumped out of my grasp and dove into the open casket. Syun wanted to stop the cat but he was faster.

"Get the cat out of there" She ordered me.
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I tried to get the cat but it landed near the vampire's chest. She might have the looks of a kid, but if that prophecy is proven true, then she might be our doom. However the cat did not either know this or doesn't feel threatened by her. Mittens smelled the kid over and over. He then rubbed his face on the girl's cheeks. Me and Syun were dumbfounded by what happened. Mittens meowed again and rubbed his cheeks on the kid for the second time.

"I think we should wake her up." I ordered Syun.

"Are you stupid? She's the one meant to kill us all"

"Fine I'll do it myself" I took a revive potion from bag and poured it on the kid.

Syun's eyes were filled with terror.

"We have to end this now."

She took an arrow and aimed at the kids heart. She plunged it in, but she was stopped midway. The kid opened her eyes, they were filled with innocence. And it doesn't help the fact that she looked like a kid wearing grown up clothes.

"Thank you for waking me up… Well then let's see what I can do with my little brother." The kid said in the cutes voice imaginable.

"Don't be fooled Kouna, she might sound cute but we have no idea of the spell she's casting." Syun told me. Does Syun not understand her. "You might be the end bringer but I'll make sure that you won't get to fulfill that prophecy" She aimed her bow at the kid.

"What do you mean end bringer?! Fool did you release him?" Her voice changed it was no longer a child, but of a grown woman.

I could sense that a fight might happen. I have to intervene.

"Excuse me… but it seems as if my partner did not understand what you're saying… can you-" I asked the vampire.

"Well yes of course… how about this?" She told me in her language and into ours. "I'm sorry for being rude young man. My name is Elizabetha Klausdottir"

"I'm Kouna, and this is Syun… sorry for the misunderstanding."

"She might be using some sort of spells… Kouna look away." Syun pushed my head away from the lady. I shoved her away.

Elizabetha laughed at our banter. She saw mittens and petted him.

"I have two questions. If you don't mind..." I asked.

"Yes, I don't mind"

"One, how old are you. Two, what did you mean about your brother?"

"Well I am about 1300 years old. And as for my brother he is the real end bringer." She giggled.

It really is disturbing to hear a kid with a grown woman's voice. But after hearing her real age it was kinda acceptable. Syun was shocked, but Elizabetha explained everything.

"Apparently there was a mistranslation in the prophecy, the native language was more explicit. I specifically ordered it to be so." Syun was dumbfounded.

"And as the way I looked like a kid, it took a toll on me to keep my brother half dead as well as keeping the monsters in here… I look more hotter than this, if you're curious." Elizabetha continued.

"Well I'd like to see that… but I have a bad feeling about your brother." I told her. All of us are now worried. This is going to be hard.